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9 Jul 2004 @ 02:41, by Robert Oveson

The subject of intuition has cropped up in the blogosphere and I just discovered that our individual survival over the next few years could very well depend on developing this skill. For us men, this might be easier to accept if we thought of our intuition as that sports term of "Being In the Zone", that ability to remain cool, calm and collected, or at least functional, when under exreme pressure. With the exponentially increasing rate of change which we are experiencing we will be encountering extreme pressure, and it will only get more intense in the months and years to come.

The mind has evolved as a tool for our survival but it wasn't built for speed. There is a limit to how fast the mind can process information, and this is well known to people that work in the movie industry and by advertisers, it's called the flicker factor and is about twenty four frames per second. Faster than this and individual picture frames blur into each other creating the illusion of continuous motion, and if individual pictures are inserted they will not be noticed by the conscious mind but will be picked up subliminally. That's because the mind is a tool of the consciousness and although the mind has an upper speed limit the consciousness doesn't, it operates in the continualy present now.

The first defensive level of the mind is stress, stress is the signal for the body to walk away, that's how we have survived. We have had to adapt to accomodate stress because we live in a system that doesn't want us to walk away. The corporate glass ceiling for example is largely determined by how much stress we can handle, by how much crap we'll take before resorting to more serious defense mechanisms.

The second line of defense is the fight or flight response, and the rational mind doesn't have too much to say about this condition because when things have progressed this far it has effectively checked out in favour of adrenalin and reaction. It's a survival thing. But once again we have had to adapt to this in a civilized society because it's just not a good idea to slug your boss or run away when the mind is threatened.

The third line of defense is unconsciousness - kaboom - the final defense, the denial of the experience. This unconscious defense in our culture is the mother of all addictions, and the father of all suicides.

We have reached a period where our defense mechanisms must evolve beyond this. Which is where intuition comes in which is controlled not by the mind, or the nervous system but by the consciousness.

This is where intuition comes into the picture. Intuition is an instant knowing, it is not processed by the consciousness observing the mind, but by the consciousness directly. Intuition is always calm and knowing. It is like that slow motion feeling that often happens when a person is in an accident or life threatening situation when everything has an intense clarity and there is lots of time to do everything that needs to be done even though the reality of the clock might be in fractions of seconds.

This intuitive state of timeless time is also known by professional atheletes when they talk about being in the zone. Even though there can be an opposition crawling all over them and in their face they still have the time to get away the shot without falling apart under the pressure. It is a response to stress that has a level of performance beyond the panic of the flight or fight, or the denial of shutdown. This is a quality we admire in our atheletes and why they get paid the big bucks. When they can no longer stay within the zone they stop getting paid.

Getting into and staying in the zone is going with the flow, and the flow is intuition through the time and place of consciousness. This is where the Mayan concepts of consciousness being the center of time and place, which is defined by how they thought of and used their calender, of how they were centered, and this involves not only the attributes of their personal intent (13 of them) but also the attributes of the universal divine plane (20 of those). The Mayan calender was the tool they used to tune their consciousness for paying attention to the flow of creation.

This article is just a portion from a lecture I attended tonight on the Mayan calander. It was one of the most fascinating talks I've heard and I will write some more articles on it. Until then this necessity of intuition is something to talk about.

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9 Jul 2004 @ 03:15 by shawa : Right On.
Thanks, ov.
It is known that when someone is centered "in the zone", time has a way of "expanding". And this has its very practical use when you are in a situation where it is the split-second decision that counts, the second between life and death, for ex. in a car accident.
Martial arts and the development of "ki" energy go in that direction, too. Samurais were known to test each other when they met. And the first one to realize that the other would NOT waver, would bow and get OUT of a potential fight. People "in the zone" are very sharp, that way.  

9 Jul 2004 @ 05:45 by jazzolog : Thanks Ov
This is very redefining, realigning.  

9 Jul 2004 @ 06:14 by swan : Another good book to read is
"Zen and the Art of Archery". It is about "being in the zone" or being "one with" the arrow, the bow and the target. Being in the zone is our natural state, which is somehow forgotten when we come into human form. The mind was created to store information not to be the director of our life and our decisions. Intuition comes from the heart not from the mind. The heart and mind are a team, they work together if used in the most efficient/effective way.  

9 Jul 2004 @ 06:18 by spiritseek : the mind can remember
some similar time that helps you decide on a course of action, either the same way or a different way,but it is after an intuitive decision either now or in the past.  

9 Jul 2004 @ 10:34 by ov : Intuition & Zone
This bit about the zone gave me a greater appreciation for why atheletes often land up with executive positions once their sports careers have finished. This used to bug me, more than it should have, because I've always been an in my head constantly analyzing everything I did before I did it because you never could tell what would trigger off the psycho eh. Plus I was the pits at sports I was always the last one picked for the sports teams, if I was lucky, often the second last guy would be picked and then the other side would get me by default. Not to mention that the jocks got all the woman. Then getting the executive jobs was like the last straw. Having the knack for being in the zone though, you have to give them credit for that.

The lecture last night on the Mayan calendar was really incredible. Ian went on for three hours and packed a lot of information into that time. I took nine pages of notes and there were still lots that I missed. The entire calendar system is a schedule for the creation of the universe, and it is right on schedule. I asked him if he minded if I posted this stuff on my blog and he said feel free and please do. At the end of his talk he said that all of this wasn't his and that he was hoping that others would be inspired to start going around and giving lectures as well. Just a little over a month ago he took the big leap of faith, spent the last of his money buying an old motor home and fixing it up, and now he's on the road giving these talks and living off of donations. I've just got this strong strong feeling that the universe is behind him on this one and that he is surfing the zone.  

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