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29 Jul 2005 @ 00:26, by astrid

All humans are Spirit only visiting this world. All Spirits are Forever Beings. All encounters with other people are experiences and all experiences are forever connections. Real People close the circle of each experience. We do not leave ends frayed as Mutants do. If you walk away with bad feelings in your heart for another person and that circle is not closed, it will be repeated later in your life. You will not suffer once but over and over until you learn. It is good to observe, to learn and become wiser from what has happened. It is good to give thanks, as you say to bless it, and walk away in peace./ Mutant Message

Your planet is in much need of peace and love, and you have within you what it takes to harmonize and create peace in your world by creating peace in your life, in your heart./ Inner Door Volume 2

Quiet the turbulence of your heart and you will be transformed into a state of perfect peace. When you learn to touch this peacefulness, going back to it in meditation every time you have a chance, gradually it will become part of the surface mind. As more and more it is released from the deep well of your soul, you will reach the high level of consciousness where nothing can ruffle the serenity of your being./The Door of Everything

Peace can only be understood and realized within the heart. It lies beneath all the turmoil and clamor of the world, beneath the feeling, beneath the thought. It is found in the deep, deep silence and stillness of the soul. It is Spirit: it is God./The Quiet Mind

One of the most amazing earmarks of religious living is that dynamic and sublime peace, that peace which passes all human understanding, that cosmic poise which betokens the absence of all turmoil and doubt. Such levels of spiritual stability are immune to disappointment.

Peace in this life, survival in death, perfection in the next life, service in eternity - all these are achieved (in the spirit) now when the creature personality consents - chooses to subject the creature will to the Father's will. And already has the Father chosen to make a fragment of himself subject to the will of the creature personality./The Urantia Book

A ray of peace directed from the depths of the soul has a force for healing which no material means can have. The power of the deeper spirit can impose its own harmony on the body and mind and set things right./ All Life Is Yoga

To be constantly in search of Thee in everything, to will to manifest Thee better in every circumstance, in this attitude is to be found supreme peace, perfect serenity, true contentment. In it life blooms, widens, spreads out so magnificently, in such majestic surges that no harm can trouble it./ In the Mother's Light

The still infinity of endless peace surrounds you gently in soft embrace, so strong and quiet, tranquil in the might of its Creator, nothing can intrude upon the sacred son of God within.

I lay before your feet the peace of God, and the power to bring this peace to everyone who wanders this world uncertain, lonely, an in constant fear. For it is given you to join with him, and through the Christ in you unveil his eyes, and let him look upon the Christ in him./A Course in Miracles

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