New Civilization News: Nothing’s more important than to feel good    
 Nothing’s more important than to feel good
picture 2 Aug 2005 @ 01:28, by astrid

The only way that we have ever seen that any of you can use the Guidance that you were born with is by making this statement and really meaning it and coming to live it: Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Nothing is more important than that I am consciously aware of the vibrational mix of that which I am giving my attention to.

At least I'm done -at least to 99%- looking for all the things that has gone wrong for Humankind, why and by whom's hand etc. Today I understand that there comes a point where I/we go beyond just acknowledging what I/we DON'T WANT in our Life and I/we just continue staring at the S... for some morbid fascination with DRAMA!... thus GIVING EVER MORE OF MY/OUR ENERGY TO CREATE EVEN MORE OF THAT SAME OL'POOP!!!"Ohhhh, for Heavens's sake, THAT never was my intention"... If these would be your words, when recognizing that maybe you too 've been doing a liiiitttle much POOP GAZING too -hehehe- then you might be where I am.... and quite frankly; I believe that a whole BOATLOAD of us have this little confession to do!...AND we most certainly are in need of a NEW focus! That New Focus is ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKES ME/US FEEL GOOD, Loving,Blessing, Allowing, Kind etc.etc.etc: ALL THINGS GOOD!!!

By our Collected Effort now, to focus -only-on the GOOD we see and/or WANT, we will indeed make it grow ever bigger and/or BRING IT ON! This IS the ONLY WAY we can bring ALL THAT GOOD WE DESIRE, like Heaven on Earth into manifestation!
Woooowwww..... That's an eye opener, eh?...
But of course.... It really makes sense, since we can't change anything by staying in(side) the consciousness that brought the s.... on, into manifestation, in the first place!... We HAVE TO RISE ABOVE it to create something above it! Just simple computer "science" Garbage in/Garbage out/ GOOD LIFE in (to our Creative Computer/ will bring forth GOOD LIFE.

So, what about letting the Bad Guys off the hook, as it were, instead of taking them to Court etc? First: the Courts are filled with nothing but the BAD GUYS' HENCHMEN!!!...working FOR the Bad Guys!.... soooo, we'll get nowhere along that road!...
IGNORING THEM is the HARDEST THING/"punishment" that could ever befall them!... THAT -I really think- is Divine Justice in biiig portions. Because their whole Plan was/is to take ALL our abilites to create a good life for us away (with all their gazillion sadistic means) and lo 'n behold: for every person who takes ther own power back and becomes a conscious co-creator WITH Life/God and seace to remain their SLAVE.... ahhhh you know it's gotta be hard on them!...

All text above and below the starline is some channelled "stuff" I received from a friend... I know it's "Abraham stuff", but I don't know what link it's from..."Somebody" help me out here!... heheheh : )

So, Deliberate Creating is not so much about looking out into the world and saying, "Oh, there are things that are good that I want to create or attract into my experience, and there are things that are bad that I don’t want to create or attract into my experience." Deliberate creating is more about deliberate allowing. Deliberate allowing is more like deliberate vibration. Deliberate vibration is more about deliberately feeling good—deliberately feeling good. Feeling good: not because there is a reason to, and not because the president is making the best decision, and not because my body looks exactly how I want it to look, and not because everybody is treating me in the way I think I should be treated—but feeling good because I want so much to feel good, that I look only where I feel good when I look. "I stopped saying to the world, or to my mother, or to my daughter, or to my husband, or to my friend, or to my government, or to anyone, I stopped saying, ‘You need to do something different so that I can feel good,’" which is so disempowering, because you know they’re not going to do what you want them to do! You can’t get big enough; you can’t get enough bombs; you can’t get enough armies; you can’t get enough resources to make them think like you do!

Your only path is to want so much to feel good, that you train yourself, thought by thought, subject by subject, in the direction of what does feel good, so that you allow yourself vibrational alignment with the Source and resources and circumstances, and events, that allow the perfection of your life—by your choice, to unfold.

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