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 Message from Mayan Elders
22 Oct 2004 @ 12:33, by redstar

Recently, I have been becoming very aware of changes in the energy fields at large and the impressions from this, I feel to be some kind of warning.
I am posting the following article that contains some information from the Mayan Elders and what they are trying to tell us!!
Think Plan B

Brief Summary of Last Night’s Interview with Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder
by Mitch Battros – ECTV

Carlos did in fact tell us this would be the last communication of prophecy from the Elders for some time. The reason he gave was that of internal conflict within the Elder community. It appears some Mayan Elders believe their attempt to warn the world has fallen on deaf ears, and it is best to maintain their bond to Earth (Gaia) within their own community. Yet others, such as Carlos believe it is far better to not give up and to continue informing the ‘unwilling’ public of the devastation that is at hand, and is most imminent.

There will be some who were disappointed in the lack of detailed information released last night. Some will say it was simply more of the same. A good argument can be made, and of which I did apply in last night’s interview to a lesser degree than in our last meeting in June. The argument is the premise suggesting in order for Americans, and other western nations to “really” get involved, significant earth changing events will need to occur. It is not likely Carlos will get the attention of many, until something so significant occurs, people will be hungry for information and knowledge.

To put another way, I believe a level of “critical mass” will need to be the precursor to change on a significant or even world level. Until then, most humans are simply too conditioned, too busy, too pre-occupied with just surviving our 21st Century style and pace of life. So with this understanding as a foundation, I would suggest the upcoming natural and human made devastation, is part of the bigger whole. It is perhaps the only way “critical mass” will be met, and the true shift or “transition” will be manifest.

Here is another take on last nights interview as witnessed by an ECTV member

Carlos and Adam (Adam as interpreter) repeating the statements of the Mayan Elders simply are reiterating that they have given all the advice they can and SOME KIND OF ACTION towards repair and reconciliation with our environment must happen with real urgency.

Political changes must occur, removing the focus from corporate plundering to a population-based compatibility on a spiritual level in synch with the world. This is the distinct message of the Native American and Western Hemisphere descendants of the Mayans and Inca ancestors that we have been hearing for some time. HOWEVER two factors are emphasized: There must be ACTION immediately and most important our civilization is not "getting it" and that there will soon be dues to pay. Soon.

Carlos also touched on the injustice of the economic system he and his countrymen live under - the fairness of pricing of goods like computers for instance. Not so much that he is striving for more profit but that he is pressing for a fairer deal for the less wealthy. This is a difficult ideal to convey but essentially outlines the principles of The Great Economic Deception.

Mitch Battros wrapped up the interview with a recap of the importance of the Mayan Calendar and the end of history in 2012. Psychic phenomena was discussed and an increase of such activity in these times was part of Carlos' closing remarks.

SUMMARY: We are not listening, we are not making immediate and necessary changes regarding our relationship with the Earth and the time is getting short where nature is going to do what is necessary to put things into correct balance - in spite of and because of - us.

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