New Civilization News: Vision Summit- corporate - social - cultural - ecological... RESPONSIBILITY !    
 Vision Summit- corporate - social - cultural - ecological... RESPONSIBILITY !
picture picture picture 3 Nov 2008 @ 22:01, by Heiner Benking

last weekend - exhausting to the very end Berlin groofed around the 2nd VISION SUMMIT at the Berlin Free University.
The theme? Social corporate, corporate environmental, or cultural, economic, historic responsibility,... I lost track. pls. excuse....
Here we report about Mahammed Yunnus, but ALSO Genscher, Geissler, Alt, Spiegel,... (more] ? [link]

What I will remember and take home?:
My brief exchange with our former German Foreign Minister Genscher, who was one of the laudators of the TWO WINGS AWARD. and started German Environmenal Administration on the Federal Level already in 1972 (UBA).
What we spoke about ? Not Mohammed Yunnus, BUT Hans Jonas ! Principle Responsibility. Responsiblilty with Space and Time Horizon !
Our both eyes where sparkeling when we menitoned Hans Jonas, his Wife Elionore, and Helmut Plessner, reaching a little wider than these people - full of good heard and energies, but totally lost between the questions who responsible for what and where, why and how long?
I promised Hans Henscher the Matrix of individual-familiy-group-corporate-social-cultural responsibility as one axis and the reach (proportions & consequences across space and time) and how it links to the art of governance by Ralph Siu (Panetics) and how that bridges to Eberhard Richter 8th birthday synopsis (expanding the realm of compassion) and (Siu) reducing the infliction suffering in the world. (more on request).
Naturally it was a pleasure to greet like every year Mohammed Yunnus who is resourceful and radiating like always, but did not answer the central question at the Press Conference of the Tragendy of the Commons. My question was when everybody drills deeper for water and the water table plummets, not only in India, and Mohammed just referd to the Arsenic Water Polution in the Delta, avoiding to tackle the central questions for shared order or agreed commons as another key-noter:
raised so aptly !
My resume and synopsis of the Vision Summit?
A well organised event for 1000 people with ample space in-between to share and mobilize actions. Thanks to the organizer Peter Spiegel. Peter is a publicist and go-getter who has seen many strands of life and ego. He finally now in Berlin makes his "own" thing GENESIS. Not following the gurus and leaders, the Clubs and Celebrities, but caring fot quality with human dimensions. I wish him all the best.

PLEASE CVOMED BACK LATER - as I intend to include links to JONAS, PLESSNER and other issues relating to responsibiltiy and relevance across scales !

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