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 What's So Funny About Seeing Someone Fall?5 comments
11 May 2005 @ 09:34, by Enocia Joseph

The other day, on the bus, I saw a man at a bus stop who was so eager to catch the bus I was in, he hit his head against the post. I wondered if the man had seen me snigger because he avoided coming in through the front door, near where I was sitting, and sneaked in through the other door. Hehe!

What is it that makes people laugh when you see another stumble and fall or knock yourself out? Television companies are paying loads for videos featuring other people's mishaps. What's so funny about seeing someone tripping down some stairs or tripping in general? I have observed people are a lot more sympathetic when it is serious.

Reminds me of the first and only time I knocked myself out. A friend was chasing me and I didn't see the lamp post until it was too late. In those days, matter was very much real and hard. I saw stars, my legs buckled and I passed out. I reckon that knock must have been responsible for me going on the spiritual path. My theory is the knock spontaneously opened up my ajna chakra on my forehead, which made me see stars. Yeah right! Anyway, my head was resting on a friend's lap, a guy I happened to fancy but nothing came out of it because he was already seeing someone else. My other friends were killing themselves laughing, as per usual.

In the recent past, when I have had minor mishaps like hitting my head against a brick wall, I've quickly reversed the effect by thinking "That didn't happen"; "Love is all there is"; "I am Spirit" or I have laughed at the absurdity of it all; and the result has been no pain.

Maybe we laugh when someone falls because we find it absurd. How can Spirit beings fall let alone experience a fall? Perhaps, deep inside we are trying to dismiss the mishap as the nothing that it is.

As I was pondering over these ideas on another bus journey, our bus drove by a man at a bus stop. He was so engrossed in his mobile conversation he realised too late that our bus was the one he wanted. The expression on his face as the bus drove by was priceless. Like any silly event, it's funnier when you share it. I looked at the young man sitting beside me to check whether he'd been equally entertained. He had. We burst out laughing.

Humans! When will we ever stop laughing at other people's misfortunes.

I like to think as there is only One of us, I'm only laughing at myself. Someone has to.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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11 May 2005 @ 12:24 by jstarrs : There but for the grace...
...of mindfulness, go I!!!  

11 May 2005 @ 15:33 by bushman : hmm, lol.
Well, I'm thinking that, we have been watching too much TV as kids, like the stooges, cartoons, etc... It's an inigma maybe, cause theres nothing funnier than a paper boy on a bike hitting a parked car. I usualy laugh because it's happened to me before, I mean sometimes the glass door is so clean, it's open, so you would think. lol.  

13 May 2005 @ 12:23 by vector8 @ : Glass Door
I've walked into glass doors a few times thinking the doors were open. Thank God for knowing all is Spirit. Hahaha!

Two days ago, I walked into the Ladies (public lavatory) in a building I was in and thought to myself, "have they refurbished the Ladies since last week? It looks different." Then I realised I was in the Gents. I sneaked out without any guy seeing me but there were two girls standing outside. Too late, they had spotted my error. I fled into the ladies. Why can't they have unisex loos like they do in the legal drama, Ally McBeal? Would make life a lot simpler. lol.

Watch where you're going, you guys!  

12 Aug 2005 @ 02:51 by Daniels Debockerys @ : poem of life
The poet whith his pen the peasant with his plow it makes know differance who you are were all the same some how? The king upon his throne,The gester at his feet,A shop girl an actress a man on the street. It"s a life of smiles! and a life of tears! it"s a life of hopes ! And a life of fears! It's a BLINDING CURRENT OF RAIN! AND A BRILLIANT BURST OF SUN! IT'S A BITEING TEARING PAIN!AND BUBBLEING SPARKLEING FUN!So no matter what you have dont Envy those you !Meet For it"s all in lifes game of the bitter and the sweet!SO if things dont look to cherefull,JUST SHOW A LITTLE FIGHT!!! For every bit of darkness THERES A LITTLE BIT OF LIGHT!!! FOR EVERY BIT OF HATRADE! THERES A LITTIE BIT OF LOVE!!!!!!!!FOR EVERY CLOUDY MORING! THERES A MIDNIGHT MOON ABOVE.!!!!!!!!ENOCIA JOSEPH!ALLWAYS HOPE! IN LOVE AND YOU SHALL SPRING ETERNELL!!!!!!!!! Agift from your new found freind Daniel H. B.Debockerys.!P.S. if you have a moment email me and let me know if you enjoyed the poem?  

16 Oct 2005 @ 21:57 by melztripp : a fart is always funny!!!
certain things are just funny no matter what...doesn't matter how old ya are, you have to agree that a fart is just always funny...i like to think that God has a goofy, child like sense of humor, it's funny as long as no one gets hurt!!! the thought of a god that never laughed is kinda depressing. but i don't think that if someone broke their leg, that there would be a whole lot of humor in that. it's just seems pretty logical to laugh at a "wipeout" ,is logical laughter an oxymoronic thing to say???? he ha he, i stupid!!  

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