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13 Sep 2005 @ 12:54, by Enocia Joseph

A few days ago on a bus ride, I noticed a passenger with polka dots on his jacket. Then I saw several passengers with polka dot jackets. What's going on? Is polka dot back in fashion? I had another look and realised I had been watching passengers through a polka dot glass panel. It made for a fun bus journey.

Now, that polka dot glass panel is the equivalent of one's way of perceiving the world, where one's experiences are filtered through one's spiritual, philosophical, political or religious beliefs, culture, race, gender, sexuality, family heritage, education, class, profession, peers, emotions, thoughts and other human beliefs. Is it any wonder we sometimes have difficulties seeing eye to eye, what with our different filters? On the other hand, maybe we should congratulate ourselves for getting on so well, considering our different filters.

Spiritual ideas such as love, joy, truth, and peace are also filters, but we tend to be more in harmony when we use these filters than when we focus on the human filters.

Just because someone has a different filter compared to mine doesn't make him right or wrong. We all have our preferred filters. It is our filters that make each of us unique in the way we experience life.

What if I wanted to get a clearer picture of the world? What if I wanted to see the world without polka dots? I would have to see through a clear glass panel, or course. In other words, I would either have to let go of my filters or being fully conscious of having filters.

Being conscious gives me a choice when to use a filter and when not to. I can analyse what a filter means for me, not what others believe it should be. For instance, to be visible to others I have a human body, which is nothing but a filter. Yet, I do not take on board the many beliefs about what it means to be human. I know I am only playing a game while knowing full well I am not a filter.

On another bus ride recently through the inner city of London, I put out an intent that I only wanted to see beauty, at least my notion of beauty. The second I put out the intent I started noticing hanging baskets on buildings with beautiful flower arrangements. My attention was also drawn to statues I hadn't noticed before. I was bedazzled by the beauty around me. Wow! Later that evening, I watched the film, A Beautiful Mind on television, about the mathematician, John Nash. It was wonderful to see it again.

When I participate on discussion forums on the Internet, I choose what filters to use. If I want my post to be humourous, I use the humour filter; ditto love and playfulness. I know when I am using the truth filter when I am completely detached and see everyone the same way. I prefer the joy filter any time.

Is it possible to see the world through the One? Of course but I am also aware that the One is unconditioned meaning beyond definitions. One aspect of the One is Divine Love. So through the eyes of Love, I feel Love for all, as Divine Love is impartial. As Love, I am simply beaming out Love at no one in particular. The thing about being Love, I find, is I don't have the desire to do much. What's the use when I am Love? I also don't have the desire to connect with people. Why should I contact anyone when I am everywhere present? In order to operate in the world, I see the world through Divine Love while choosing other filters, as the need arises. Without a filter I simply have a body of Light.

Seeing the world through a polka dot is a useful tool I have to experience this reality. At least I can choose when to see through a polka dot and when not to.

Life is beautiful.

Love and Light,


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