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5 Oct 2005 @ 14:13, by Enocia Joseph

Last night on a bus ride home, this woman got on. She was carrying this long and flat package, at least it looked that way to me. The bus driver asked her whether it was a mirror and she said yes. He told her to be careful. She and her friend sat a few seats in front of me. At one point the driver stopped the bus and asked the lady to swap seats. He said "The mirror could fall on someone's head and injure someone." The woman stood for the rest of the journey.

I've heard about being careful but this takes the biscuit. Come on! What are the chances of that mirror bouncing on someone's head? I guess the driver was protecting his livelihood the only way he knew how.

We all have faith. For most people it is faith in fear, the worst that can happen. It's like the bus driver who had faith in someone being injured rather than having faith in his own ability as a safe bus driver, and faith in the woman's ability to carry the package.

We have so much faith in insurance companies, don't we? Hey, have you considered insuring your legs, boobs, belly button, butt, teeth, hair, nose? Why not go for broke and insure all of your body, including your entire life?

Don't forget medical insurance because you never know when you're going to get run over by a bus and need medical assistance. You don't want to depend on the State when you can have the best treatment as a private patient.

You also need insurance for your home as you can't trust people; people want your stuff. When you are deprived of your stuff, we (insurance companies) will help you get them back, provided you can prove you had them in the first place.

Don't forget you need car insurance; you've got to be safe as there are lots of maniacs out there. The car manufacturers may have left out an important facility, you never know about these dimwits.

You're going on holiday? How lovely for you! You'd better take out some travel insurance as you never know what kind of disease you might catch from foreigners; and you can't trust foreign hospitals. At least with insurance, you'll receive the best medical treatment; it will be like home away from home.

And while you're away, have you considered taking insurance against natural disasters as you never know when Mother Nature is going to do her thing.

Incidentally, in the UK, there is this advert on television where they are using a dog as a symbol. Without the dog you are very unlucky. Hmmm! I've heard of "Acts of God" not "Acts of Dog!"

Now that you've got everything covered, you're completely safe...well almost. We also have to keep an eye on you to protect you from harm. According to a documentary I watched on television recently, London is the most watched capital in the world. Boy, oh, boy, did George Orwell get it right about Big Brother watching you? Anyway, the police would argue that they are watching you for your own good, to protect you from harm. This is love, isn't it? Yeah right.

What about people who think of the world as manifestation of Divine Energy? Then again, there's is positive energy and negative energy. There are all these negative thought-forms and elementals just waiting to lodge on to your chakra and make you think bad thoughts and have a sad life. You have to protect yourself against these little bastards, right? So you create energy shields around you to protect yourself. You even pray for protection. More fear to put your faith in. Sigh!

I've done the trusting in insurance companies, the law, having energy shields and even prayed for protection. Where has that got me? Faith in fear? Well I've had it. It's time for a new type of faith. Before I elaborate, I'll like to make the following point.

Now I am very much aware that travel insurance is compulsory. So I won't break any "laws" by not getting travel insurance, but I'll treat it the way I treat a bus ticket, something to help you travel in that reality, not something to protect me against illness.

I believe in insurance, but my insurance is Divine Love. I have every faith in Love.

I trust that Love is all around me and because that is my focus, that is my experience.
I trust that when I travel I am travelling in Love and Love can't hurt me.
I trust that Love is the substance of my being so I expect to be whole.
I trust that Love watches over me and there is nothing to fear.

With Love Insurance, I've got everything covered.

Love and Light,


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7 Oct 2005 @ 18:08 by Nata @ : Reading...
your post I thought that of course love insurance is the better since ist the most expensive and if love is everywhere where the need for travel?. But in love any concept of car travel or home arises so why worry about insurances? perhaps in the car traveling home we fear love...  

11 Oct 2005 @ 11:59 by vector8 : Insurance
Hi Nata,

Yesterday I took a package to the post office on behalf of my mother. The clerk asked me whether the content was valuable and what it was worth. I told her. She suggested I take out insurance, just in case. As my mother doesn't share my belief as in "love is my insurance" I paid extra. Hehehe.

Like I said, I will always take out travel insurance to avoid any hassles NOT to protect myself.


11 Oct 2005 @ 12:43 by scotty : hmmmm
"I trust that Love is all around me and because that is my focus, that is my experience.
I trust that when I travel I am travelling in Love and Love can't hurt me.
I trust that Love is the substance of my being so I expect to be whole.
I trust that Love watches over me and there is nothing to fear. "

Where the focus goes the energy flows !
You're focused on love - that's what you're going to get !!
Best insurance in the world eh !! : )


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