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14 Nov 2005 @ 13:58, by Enocia Joseph

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." (Genesis 1: 26)

Science tells us that during pregnancy, while the foetus is developing in the womb it is being nourished by the placenta. Once the baby has been born the placenta is expelled from the womb as the baby no longer needs it.

The human birth story is a symbol of the One who has extended Himself as different points of consciousness in order that S/He can share all that S/He is. Unlike the human birth story, we have never left home. We were never born. We are still in the Cosmic Womb feeding from the Cosmic Placenta, being All that our Mother/Father God is forever more.

The purpose of the human instruments is to act as receivers for the All That Is. What do I mean by this? Imagine you've never seen a television before. When someone turns the television on you are startled to see people moving inside. You check the back of the television but there's no one there. Curious! How did these people end up inside the television? There's only one thing to do, take the television apart. You're shocked to discover there are no people in the box, just wires and stuff. Where did they go? They were never in the box, stupid. The box is simply a receiver of signals. Somewhere out there, there are signals being sent out that your television is picking up, and transmuting those signals into pictures and sounds.

In the same way, human instruments have been created to receive signals from the All That Is. We are the All That Is transmitting pure Light and Love to the human receivers, which are meant to transmute these signals into life experiences of endless joy. We are not meant to fend for ourselves. Everything we’ll ever need has already been provided for as pure essence of Love. We only need to receive the signals and let Love be made manifest as forms.

Have you noticed that as more people are waking up to their identities as the All That Is, there's been a backlash? That’s because the "powers that be" like things the way they are. They can’t afford for us to realise we are One and here to share everything? The "powers that be" have picked up on ideas about "sharing" and distorted them to distract people from the truth of being.

For instance, there is a new brand of reality TV shows about rich people wanting to share their wealth. There is always a big catch, however: the millionaire is only interested in giving some of his wealth to a few people at a time. If you want it you're going to have to compete against others; and the winner takes all.

Last night I watched several episodes of a reality TV show called I Want to be a Hilton. In this show, 14 contestants have been given the opportunity to "live the glamorous lifestyle of high society," which in this case is the life of the Hiltons. Kathy Hilton plays host. She gives the contestants various tasks, eliminates contestants, and decides on the winner.

In one episode one contestant, a former beauty pageant, saw the game as an opportunity to climb up the social ladder and was terribly upset when she was eliminated. Another contestant was accused of not taking the game seriously. She reminded her fellow team members that it was only a game and it wasn't as if she didn't have a life. She was quickly eliminated. What these contestants don't realise is that the life they so crave come with rules of that society: how to talk, walk, dress, work and be. What kind of freedom is that?

The show seems to be saying to viewers: "See, rich people are not just "fat cats" who only care about their own, we are magnanimous too. If you want what we have, you're going to have to play by our rules."

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy and live in opulence but at what cost? To believe that you have to compete with others to enjoy the "good life" is to perpetuate the belief that only a few people are entitled to an opulent lifestyle. You are dreaming that society is unequal, which is simply not true.

Why would anyone want to aspire to be someone else when you can be yourself? All we need to do is remember that we are already the All That Is. We have never left home. We were never born. All human instruments are receivers for the All That Is to transmute the Light into joyful experiences. Whatever one receives is for the good of all humans.

There is no need for any of us to compete with one another, we already have it all. It doesn't stop me enjoying reality TV shows though. Maybe it's the media graduate part of me? Who knows, who cares? I love television.

I have never left Home.
I am All That Is.

Receive this gift with all my love.



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18 Nov 2005 @ 22:42 by maxtobin : Blessed Be (Enjoy the TV stories!!)
The subtlety of the media in maintaining the dis-ease of egoic seperation has for many become completely transparant. This is wonderful, as more awaken then so the critical mass will ensure the realignment of the human experience with the All that Is. This is why we see the wisdom of the Mayan understanding of divine timing as helpful at this time, and Hunab Ku as a symbol/concept of the transforming/transmitting/receiving ability we can embrace through sacred choice.  

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