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10 Dec 2005 @ 16:19, by Enocia Joseph

Last Wednesday, a new reality television show started on Channel 4 called Space Cadets. It's about twelve ordinary members of the public who have been recruited to train as space cadets. A few of them will spend time orbiting space. The cadets are flown to Russia to have their space training.

What the cadets don't realise is they are in a "disused military base" in Suffolk in the UK. The television company has gone to great lengths to make the training ground look and feel like Russia. These cadets seriously believe they are now in Russia and being trained to go to space.

In a twist to the tale, not all the cadets are ignorant of their predicament; three of them are actors.

In last night's programme, their Russian physical instructor, Val, put the cadets through rigorous exercises. A few of the actors came into the diary room to complain that they hadn't expected their jobs to be this hard. One actor got sick after and he was withdrawn from the programme. All that pain for nothing.

They also showed the cadets having lectures about space travel. Part of what they were being taught was fact, the rest was bogus! The students were frantically taking notes while one actor was trying hard not to laugh. The cadets even took part in a communication role play. All for nothing.

The idea is only four of them will be selected to orbit space. The cadets, not in the know, are going to try to do all they can to be selected. All that competitiveness for nothing.

While the game seems like a cruel hoax, I believe it is not that different from our predicament here on Earth. When I think of how much time I've spent learning how to be a human, like what to eat and what not to eat, and it's all been for nothing. Now I'm letting go of everything I thought I knew so I can be empty and be who I really am. How ironic!

I have also realised that though I appear to be on Earth, I have never left my real home in Spirit. I feel like one of the actors in the know pretending to go through the human rituals in order not to give myself away.

I believe Space Cadets is a brilliant Masterclass for the human condition; the art of making something out of nothing.

It's only TV but I love it.


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11 Dec 2005 @ 05:11 by bushman : Hmm, lol
I had read about this last month, and I have to say, theres no way those people will fall for a fake launch, I mean theres just no way to fake that. Although I do know a few people that might fall for it, lol. Like if they said they had some new high tech inertial dampner system, that might be easy to convince some people of, lol. But Id do it just to get the free space training, at least that part is real enough. :}  

11 Dec 2005 @ 10:18 by jazzolog : On The Other Hand
there is no way to avoid the Real Launch...and that trip comes to us all. Better to begin the preparation before one is faced with trembling hands. As Enocia says, best to begin and practice right away!  

11 Dec 2005 @ 15:05 by vector8 : Bushman
You know something bushman, I reckon if I was put in that situation, I'll fall for it hook, line and sinker. Nah, I'm a media graduate for God's sake, I can't be duped by television. :-) Yeah right!

I believe it takes just under 4 hours from London to Russia so it couldn't have been that difficult to convince them they had arrived in Russia. If it were Australia which is about 24 hours travelling time, that would have been very tricky. :-)

The last I heard was some of the cadets are beginning to suspect. One cadet said the weather feels more like being in England than Russia. They must be picking up on the collective thoughts telling them to wake up; that it's not real. Will they wake up? Will they be so duped and buy into the space launch? Hmmm! Remains to be seen.

I love television.


ps: I've amended the figures; there are 12 cadets including 3 actors.  

11 Dec 2005 @ 15:08 by vector8 : The Real Launch
"On The Other Hand there is no way to avoid the Real Launch...and that trip comes to us all."

I love how you put that jazzolog. So true. We can delay it all we like, but we all have to wake up sooner or later.

Love EJ  

11 Dec 2005 @ 16:51 by swanny : 1969...
1969 Moon Landing
speaking on a "global" basis I suspect the whole of humanity
and the world itself is still in a state of quasi-shock and
"stuck" on the moon landing of 1969....
The word or deed only coming into global consciousness now...
forget about the millenium gap and change but that single event
catupled earth into a new reality... or sorts that many if not most
still can't reconciled or process. It , the landing, stands as a
foundation of sorts for something many can not really comprend.
It is a totally new layer on the global onion.  

11 Dec 2005 @ 18:22 by bushman : Well that
and, its pretty rare that Russia would give 20 million bucks for each person that as a space tourist already has to pay to get a 2 week stay on the space station plus the shuttle ride, since they do the tourist thing to help pay for Russia's space program. Just to me maybe the people they picked for the show are people that must not be to informed about the dynamics of going into space. But is true also these days that there are quite a few peple around the world that think the moon shot was all faked by Hollywood. Spose its possable we all got duped back then. lol. Anyway just the money issue is enough to question. And still the dynamics of a launch would be the clincher, I mean, Ive seen plenty of launches of rockets and shuttles, theres just nothing in this world that can fake a rocket ride, lol. They have that rocket chair ride at Magic Mountain in CA, and that only lasts 3 seconds and lets you feel up to like 3.5 G's. But in a rocket launch your going from 0 to 39,000 mph in like 3-5 minets. Then you level off into an orbit and become wieghtless. I think the best depliction of a rocket launch is in that movie Armageton with Bruce Willis, they have to land on this astroid and blow it up. But from all astronaught interviews, they all say, you know you got a great big fire burning under your pants pushing you with 2 million tons of thrust, that in itself is what makes going into space so much fun. I think its like when I kick in the secondaries open on my truck engine, the thrill of knowing I can go 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. With that deafning roar of exploding fuel, theres just nothing like it in the world. Im not even going to try and type the sound, lol. :}  

12 Dec 2005 @ 10:41 by vector8 : Space launch
On the same show, Space Cadet, an expert who is a photographer came in to talk about the moon landing which he said was false. He pointed out various flaws on the moon landing photos, blah blah. Hmmm! Maybe we've all been duped. I mean, we're being duped all the time anyway by the TPTB (The Powers that Be) who tell us what is good for us, right?

As for the cadets, they're been taught that they should expect the launch to be very easy. Their lectures have included new laws of physics that challenges the law of gravity. They've been told that as they are going to be in inner space they will not hit zero gravity. That sounds about right to me; if the crew members on Startrek can walk normally while they are moving at warp speed, it is possible.

I reckon the show is confirming our nature as Spirit; and all things are possible in Spirit.

Anyway, the cadets sat a test which they all passed. They've now selected 4 cadets to go into space: 3 MOTPs (members of the public) and 1 actor. I can't wait till tonight's episode when they are launched into space.


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