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18 Dec 2005 @ 16:27, by Enocia Joseph

Last night I watched the film, Good Will Hunting on television. I have seen it before but I thought it would be fun to watch it again.

Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, is a janitor at MIT university, but secretly he is a mathematical genius. The film is about how Will copes with his talent, and his relationships with his family, friends, girl friend and psychotherapist.

There were two scenes that caught my attention, which I want to write about here. In one scene, Will is having a row with his girlfriend, Skylar, whom he met at MIT. Will can't cope with Skylar's love. His mentality is: how can anyone love me when I've been through hell?

You don't want to hear that I got cigarettes put out on me when I was a little kid. That this isn't surgery.

Will lifts his shirt, revealing a six inch SCAR on his torso.

WILL (cont'd)
You don't want to hear that. Don't tell me you want to hear that shit!!

Yes I do. Did you ever think that maybe I could help you? That maybe that's the point, that we're a team?

What, you want to come in here and save me? Is that what you want to do? Do I have a sign that says "save me" on my back?

I don't want to "save" you. I just want to be with you. I love you. I love you!

Will, full of self-loathing, raises his hand to strike her.

Don't bullshit me! Don't fuckin' bullshit me!

(standing up to him)
You know what I want to hear? I want to hear that you don't love me. If you tell me that, then I'll leave you alone. I won't ask any questions and I won't be in your life.

A beat. Will looks Skylar dead in the eye. Lowers his hand.

I don't love you. Good Will Hunting]]

In another scene, Will is having a discussion with his therapist, Sean, played by Robin Williams.

Do you have a soul-mate?

Define that.

Someone who challenges you in every way. Who takes you places, opens things up for you. A soul-mate.


Sean waits.

WILL (cont'd)
Shakespeare, Neitzche, Frost, O'Connor, Chaucer, Pope, Kant--

They're all dead.

Not to me, they're not.

But you can't give back to them, Will.

Not without a heater and some serious smelling salts, no...

That's what I'm saying, Will. You'll never have that kind of relationship in a world where you're afraid to take the first step because all you're seeing are the negative things that might happen ten miles down the road. Good Will Hunting]]

Is there such a thing as a soul-mate? And does a soul-mate challenge you?

I believe in only one Soul, that which is the creative intelligence in all that is always expressing through all. Each of us is the Soul. The Soul doesn't challenge anyone? There is nothing to challenge the Soul either. Why would the Soul be challenged when it is invulnerable? Soul has everything He needs to express life. Challenges are at the human personality level.

One living at the human personality level finds the Soul to be a challenge because the personality doesn't understand the Soul's nature of giving without conditions or expectations. The personality cannot accept that he can be loved just because...and will put obstacles in the way to prevent himself receiving that love. Like Will, the personality has to remind you of what an awful person he is and that he doesn't deserve love. The Soul doesn't do history and behaviour, He loves because it is His nature to love.

Like Will, I was in therapy briefly to deal with sexual abuse. One day I woke up to the truth that I was neither a victim nor a survivor. At that moment I stopped therapy. Realising you don't need therapy is one thing, but what if you have to face the "perpetrator" again? I had been avoiding speaking to my cousin whom I thought had hurt me for years. One day he telephoned and I had a long conversation with him. I realised I felt nothing but love for him.

Another time, my mother's friend came to visit. This woman's son had also "abused" me as a child. At that time I used to practise energy healing. The woman asked me for healing. At first I felt reluctance, then I pushed through the reluctance and I gave the woman healing. Did I feel as if I was healing myself? No, actually I felt nothing but love for the woman.

In both examples I realised that I was expressing myself as Soul. I felt no hurt or pain because Soul has never gone through hurt, pain or suffering. Soul is invulnerable. Soul can only love. Healing energy is just another way of expressing love.

Suffering occurs only at the personality level, NEVER at the Soul. Soul was never born. Soul has never been hurt. Soul has never died. Soul does not go through reincarnations.

The personality believes life is a struggle and you have to learn lessons every step of the way. The Soul already is everything, why would She need to learn anything?
The personality believes that life is a process of expansion through life experiences. The Soul is already perfect and whole and needs nothing to make it more perfect. The Soul is not a result of experiences; He is despite one's experiences.

In truth, there is no personality; there is only the Soul. The personality is simply a shift in perspective. When you are coming from a place of love, giving without expectations, and pure infinite being, you are being the Soul. When you see the world as competitive, a struggle, fearful, or you see yourself as this or that, you are acting out; you are a personality.

If the Soul was never born, how come we appear to go through human birth? At the level of the senses, of course we do go through birth, but what is being born is the Soul being expressed through a human form, just like the one Soul is expressed through a tree, a work of art, a building, new planets etc. In this respect there is always a new birth and ending on the one hand. On the other hand, the Soul is always the same Soul expressing through infinite ideas.

Back to the subject in hand. What is a soul-mate? The purpose of life is to realise that there is only the Soul and to live as Soul. Soul's nature is self-expression, not to add to Self, but to express Self. A soul-mate is, therefore, any opportunity that enables the Soul to express or be self. This means that soul-mates come in all shapes and sizes: humanoids, animals, nature, buildings, art, planets, stars, universes, anything and everything.

Let's say all 6 billion people here on earth were living as the Soul, would that make them all act the same? The One Soul is blissful in nature on the one hand; on the other hand, the one Soul has unlimited ways of expression. This is what makes us all unique.

Soul knows that "the only way is up." In other words, you can't avoid being the Soul forever. If not now, there will always be another now. The Soul never imposes His idea of being on another. If one is not open to be a soul mate, Soul accepts the situation as it is. In the film, Skylar withdraws from Will's life though she continues to love him from afar. After Will has sorted his head out, he goes in search of Skylar.

As I see it, we all have infinite soul mates. There are some soul mates we associate with on a daily basis and others we don't. My closest soul mates right now are my mother, the Internet, my blogs, buses and people I meet on my travels.

All my love to all my soul mates.



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19 Dec 2005 @ 18:41 by name @ : comment
Your email is quite interesting. True, we all have many soul mates but we all [each of us] only have one Soul. This is one and one and three. One Soul.  

21 Dec 2005 @ 10:23 by jmarc : We're all genius janitors,
our souls surreptitiously sneaking into classrooms late at night to solve complex spiritual equations, whilst pretending we are just mopping the hallway floors in this mundane earth life. That movie is a good portrayal of the clash of cultures that exists in southie and the wider world in general, and as you've pointed out, the world inside of us all.  

22 Dec 2005 @ 14:39 by Enocia @ : One Soul
I''m reminded of Bob Marley's "One love! one heart! Let’s get together and feel all right." Love to you.  

22 Dec 2005 @ 14:43 by Enocia @ : Genius janitors
[[We're all genius janitors, our souls surreptitiously sneaking into classrooms late at night to solve complex spiritual equations, whilst pretending we are just mopping the hallway floors in this mundane earth life.]]

Yes! I love this metaphor jmarc, very apt.

Psst. Don't tell anyone I told you this, but I am a secret genius passing myself off as an ordinary Joe-Blog genius. Hehehe

Love to you.

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