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23 Dec 2005 @ 16:27, by Enocia Joseph

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." (John 1: 14)

In the UK it is traditional for people to exchange gifts, and to stuff yourself silly with turkey and stuff on Christmas Day. (I prefer chicken myself). There is usually left-over turkey that you can have as turkey salad, turkey sandwich, turkey pies, turkey surprise or treat your pets to turkey.

Christmas Day is also the day Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. While I am not Christian I still believe in the Christ idea, which I consider to be an idea of God in manifestation. What do I mean by "idea"? An idea is an impression or image I have of infinite intelligence, perfection, love and power. I call this idea God or The One. I know this is an idea only and that God is beyond ideas and concepts, but it is a workable idea that gives my life meaning.

I believe that once you have the idea of perfection in mind you have to live as the idea, or let the idea live as you. How? By going cold turkey. What do I mean by this?

When a drug addict, for instance, stops taking drugs without replacing his addiction with another, he is going cold turkey. The idea is the drug addict is surrendering to the state of "no drugs." Similarly, if I am going to let the idea of perfection come to life, I have to let go of all addictions and surrender to my idea of God. What do I mean by addictions? People tend to think one can get addicted to drugs, cigarettes, foods, and alcohol. I am referring to beliefs that make me identify myself as flesh and blood human. I let go of my addiction to human beliefs and surrender to the idea that God is all there is.

Another reason why I believe going cold turkey is very important is because it is an opportunity to trust in what I believe to be true: that the idea of a thing is the thing itself. Let's say I have an idea that "I am Spirit and Spirit cannot be sick." The idea exists and is made manifest of its own accord. But when I try to figure out how this idea works in a human way, I am not trusting in the idea. Put another way, I am trusting in the idea of "trying to figure things out in a human way" and this idea is made manifest in form.

I remember when I had the flu and I went cold turkey. Because I was practising energy healing, I had already stopped taking tablets. This time, I was inspired to do nothing; just let perfection be made manifest. I could feel myself split in two: there was the me that was in complete bliss; and there was another part of me that was going crazy. I was dying to apply the many healing techniques I had collected over the years. I surrendered to the idea of perfection and I was healed.

Once I knew I could go cold turkey with the flu, I was able to go cold turkey next time I was sick, even when I had a migraine. Eventually, I learned not to react to an experience. Even last night I woke up with a sore throat and blocked nose. I went back to sleep. I woke up again and it had completely cleared up.

I have found that it is easy to have an idea but it takes a lot of practice for that idea to be "made flesh." For instance, I stopped wearing a watch over two years ago; but I had a watch in my bag just in case. The easiest part was taking off the watch, but it took me months to break the habit of looking at my wrist. When the battery ran out, I decided not to replace it. This was when I got to test the idea of the One as omniscience. If I needed to be at a place at a certain time, I would put out the intent and I always get there on time. Besides, in London there are clocks everywhere so it's no big deal.

I could write a list as long as my arm about how I've gone cold turkey in various aspects of my life, but I'm not going to. It is Christmas, the season to be jolly.

Let me reiterate that ideas of God are simply that - ideas. I believe that for an idea to be made manifest, I have to go cold turkey. Cold turkey is not to everyone's taste unfortunately; excuse the pun. (grin).

Here's a wonderful idea from Dorothy Rieke which is worth putting to the test:

"Because God is all there is, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about." Wonderful Things are Happening

All the very best.

With love,

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