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3 Jan 2006 @ 13:32, by Enocia Joseph

Yesterday as the bus I was in drove down Oxford Street, the "heart of London shopping", I watched shoppers moving about. Then I saw beyond their movements. I saw the Intelligence that every one taps into that makes people move; it is the same Intelligence that lights the streets and shops; it is the same Intelligence that powers the various transportations; I was observing Infinite Intelligence in action. But what I was "seeing" was not just the Intelligence but the Intent behind the Intelligence. The Intent is how the Intelligence is meant to be used. More about this later.

Years ago, I had a temporary contract at the head office of a popular store in the UK. I was working in the Confectionery department for four days, and the Cakes and Desserts department on Fridays. At the time I believed my body reflected what I ate, so I was on a strict diet which meant no chocolate. I didn't much care for cakes either. The annoying thing was that the Cakes and Desserts department handed us goodie bags of cakes and desserts for us to test them and give feedbacks. Fortunately for me, I was living with a housemate who was more than willing to test the desserts out for me.

While at that contract, I observed how head office decides on prices and sales strategies. Once they have been decided, these are carried out by the different stores. If a member of staff does not agree with the company’s policy, he simply finds himself another job. I was offered a permanent job at the time but I turned it down; I was way too much of a free spirit.

In another contract, I was a project coordinator at an international food company, which shall remain nameless. In this project, company board directors from across the globe met up about once every two weeks at a secret hideout to restructure the company, and decide on redundancies. My role was to arrange these meetings, take care of the directors’ needs, and to design organisational charts that reflected the new vision. As an outsider, I was very detached from the outcome. My contract ended when the press release went out notifying everyone of the impending redundancies.

Here again, I had the opportunity to observe how a company vision is carried out. The board of directors’ made the decisions and their visions were implemented by heads of departments; at least those who still had jobs. Those who did not like the new vision had a choice to either put up or find themselves suitable jobs.

As I watched shoppers and the world in general on my bus journey, I saw that the Intelligence is infinite resources, energy and ideas in a formless state. The Intelligence has always been and will always be present. This Intelligence also comes with the wisdom, or intent, how to use it. The Intelligence and Intent always arise as one. God is the Intelligence and the Intent. God is unlimited Good.

Unlimited Good/God = Infinite Intelligence and Intent.

If there is an intent does this mean God has rules? Not in a way man can understand. God is all there is: Infinite Intelligence and Intent. So let’s say God says "let the earth be filled with vegetation." Vegetation exists in a formless state. This formless state is infinite Intelligence. The intent is what makes the formless vegetation become manifest in perfect order. How this is achieved is not my concern. I only know that Infinite Intelligence and Intent always arise as one. Once God speaks the Word, it is automatically fulfilled because that’s the way it is.

Similarly, a company is the sum total of the services they provide such as goods, staff, technology, and the vision and ideas to provide the service. The directors’ tend to be the ones who decide what the vision is and the rest of the staff implement the vision. The company needs willing instruments, members of staff, to carry out its vision. If you don’t agree with the company's vision, you might be regarded as being against the company and find yourself out of a job.

For me, trusting in God is not about having blind faith it is about understanding who God is, at least my understanding of God, as Infinite Intelligence and Intent. This makes me trust in how things work. That which appears as the idea has already create the circumstances to make it happen. Unlimited Good is simply seeking willing instruments to express all that He is. It is that simple.

Unlimited Good is all there is. Unlimited Good is the sum total of all the resources that we’ll ever need in the formless state and the intent to bring them into manifestation. It is not my responsibility to figure out how this works; I know that the intent is part of the package. My role is to simply receive what is.

I am a willing instrument to express Unlimited Good.



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