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12 Jan 2006 @ 13:12, by Enocia Joseph

Over the last few days, I've been watching a new reality TV show called Soapstar Superstars, where soap stars compete to become singing superstar champion; and also help raise money for charity, of course.

While there are some talented singers in the show, my favourite is Lee. I like Lee because of his attitude to singing. On one day his voice coach was telling him off for staying out late the previous night but he wasn't bothered. Lee loves to sing and he's doing what comes natural. In other words, singing is not a head trip thing, it comes from the heart.

In last night's episode, the singers had to "go acoustic" as in not having a backing band just the bare minimum. The focus was on the voice. They all performed brilliantly. When Roxy, who was meant to be "nursing a sore throat," was asked how she managed to pull it off, she said the song came from her heart and not from her throat. Well said.

Too many performers think instead of letting the song, music or whatever express through them. All songs exist as essence; all singers and song writers need to do is let it express through them. When this happens the performer is described as having "raw talent" or being a natural.

My mother recently told me that I would be great at singing and modelling. I told her I was already doing what I am great at - writing. (Saying that, I would love to be a nude model. For some reason, this appeals to me).

Writing comes natural because I don't have to think about it. The ideas I receive are always complete. All I have to do is write them down. I know when something is not coming as a pure idea when I start thinking about how to write it. This is when I leave it as a draft. Sometimes I go back to the draft, but if it still feels like too much effort, I let it go as I know it's a head trip thing.

It's easy to do what comes natural. Just let whatever it is you love express through you.

With love,

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