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30 Jan 2006 @ 13:29, by Enocia Joseph

In a bus yesterday evening I looked at my face in the mirror and I didn't like what I saw. My face looked awful. I am a lot better looking than that ugly mug I'm seeing. Then I dismissed the image. How could I possibly expect a two-dimensional thing as a mirror on a bus to represent what I look like?

Come to think of it, most of what we see are distortions anyway. I mean, how many of us can see people for who they really are?

Let's say for argument's sake you have deconstructed notions of identity. You have come to a conclusion that you are not defined by your DNA, race, gender, class, sexuality, qualifications, profession, nationality, culture, religion, politics, thoughts, emotions, past experiences, aura, energy, etc. Then what? I have done the same thing and yet I still see reality in parts. It's so obvious why I do because the human makeup is like the two-dimensional mirror trying to reflect what my face looks like.

We tend to see people in parts either from the back, front or in profile. Hello? I have a multi-dimensional appearance as in top, bottom, left, right, back, front and inside. When you see me from all those dimensions then you're really seeing me. Otherwise, as Paul puts it, you're seeing me "through a glass, darkly." (1 Corinthians 13: 12)

Here's the interesting thing. People are always arguing about the truth as in whose teacher is the most enlightened; whose religion is closer to God; whose perspective of truth is correct. Hello? What would a mind that perceives things in parts know about truth? It's pointless arguing about truth when your whole makeup makes you see things in a distorted manner. So let's all stop this nonsense now about who knows truth, whose teacher is enlightened or awakened, whose religion is the truth. Let the blind stop leading the blind.

I believe the only way you can see people for who they truly are is to see them as who they truly are. When you meet someone, don't think of him as a body part in front of you, imagine you can see all of him at once. Or you could do what I do, see him as a blob of light. At least that's how I see myself; a luminous blob.

If we could see the universe as it really is, we would just see light, nothing but light. Only when we want to get different perspectives do we take forms. And when we take forms, it is part of the package to see through a glass darkly.

When I want to know truth of what I look like, I do not trust in a mirror to tell me what I look like. I already know I am light.

When I want to know the truth of being, I do not debate truth or look to someone who sees things in parts to teach me, I already know that I am light.

Life, as seen through a glass darkly, has a purpose. It's meant to be fun. Why spoil it by bringing truth into it?

I already know that all is light.
I am light.


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