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7 Feb 2006 @ 13:09, by Enocia Joseph

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (Matthew 4: 4)

"Causal-bodied beings feast only on the ambrosia of eternally new knowledge. They drink from the springs of peace, roam on the trackless soil of perceptions, swim in the ocean-endlessness of bliss." Autobiography of a Yogi

Last night I watched a documentary on television about people who are considered to be "morbidly obese." There was one man they dubbed "half ton man" who weighed over 1000 pounds and ended up losing hundreds of pounds. One man interviewed talked about always thinking about food and needing to eat all the time.

I find it interesting how I can go for a whole day and not have any food, or I can live on one meal a day. Is it because I don't need to eat? Of course not. Everybody needs food it's just that we all need different types of food according to our beliefs.

If you see yourself as your body, or life as material, then your body is an engine that needs fuel in the form of food that is converted into energy.

I see the Universe, including my body, as Spirit. Does this mean I still don't need food? Of course I do, but Spirit food such as ideas of love, joy, peace, and truth. When I go for hours without eating, it is not because I don't need to eat but because I'm being sustained by what I love.

I believe it is not enough to realise that all is Spirit if I still have the belief that my body needs to be sustained by material food. I can't be material and Spirit at the same time. I am either being sustained by Spirit or matter not both. To help me get out of the habit of thinking of food as material, it is imperative that I have a way of reminding myself that I am constantly being sustained by Divine Love, the substance of all there is. How? By putting out an intention that it is so.

I intend that whenever I see, feel, touch, taste and smell something, I am absorbing Divine Love.
I intend that whenever I eat what we define as food, I am absorbing Divine Love.
I intend that whenever I think I am absorbing Divine Love.
I intend that in silence I am absorbing Divine Love.
I intend that at every moment I am absorbing Divine Love.

The wonderful thing about knowing I am being sustained by Divine Love is that it doesn't matter what beliefs and thoughts people have around me about food, the environment, and life in general; I know that Love is all there is.

I love eating, don't you?


All is Light; All is Love

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