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13 Feb 2006 @ 15:16, by Enocia Joseph

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." (Psalm 91: 11-12)

There is an old saying: "practise makes perfect." I believe this is only part of the story. There is another aspect that makes one perfect and it is trust.

Before I learned how to touch-type I was a two-finger typist. I was pretty fast and it got the job done. One day I decided it was time I learned how to touch-type. I borrowed a friend's typing manual and designated the entire afternoon to the process. I figured that by the end of that afternoon I would be a proficient touch-typist. Well, I did achieve my goal in terms of learning where the keys were, but my typing speed was as fast as a snail.

What I had learned about typing was first of all on an intellectual or conscious level. With practise it became habitual or subconscious. When something is subconscious you don't need to think about it, it just happens. I find you can have all the information in the world on a subconscious level but if you don't trust in the information, it's not going to be much use to you. The final and most important stage in attaining mastery in any skill is trust.

A friend recently wrote in his journal about watching an episode of Angel where someone gets a new hand that has been possessed. I thought it was an interesting concept. As I believe God is all there is, I imagined God's Hands appearing in all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible, creating good and wonderful experiences.

I have experienced the invisible Hand at work several times. Once when I was about to be hit by a van I was dragged out of harm's way by an invisible Hand. I have felt an invisible Hand hold me upright when I was about to fall flat on my face. I have felt an invisible Hand protecting my head when I hit it against a wall.

A while back I was on a walk in the forest. After I had been walking for a while, I wondered if there was an exit close by instead of having to retrace my steps. I could see people on the other side but I couldn't see any way out of the barbed wired fence. I decided to rest on a log. Two dogs suddenly appeared. One came over to lick my face while the other stood close by watching me. After I had patted the friendly dog on his head, both dogs bounded off. I watched where they were going and saw them disappear through an opening in the wired fence, so I followed the dogs. The dogs were obviously the Hand leading me out of the forest.

As I pondered over the limitless Hands of God that are always there to assist me when I call, I realised that what I'm doing in my blogs is creating a database of evidence of God’s Hands at work, at least how God is appearing to me. It doesn't matter whether I have only had the experience once, it is still valid. It is the same reason why I love reading other people's experiences so I can have more evidence of how God's Hands work. Instead of trying to figure out how, I simply trust in God's Hands to appear as the experience I already have on my database. At least that's the theory.

The problem is sometimes, because of old habits, I tend to try to figure out how the Hands work instead of trusting in the Hands to do their work.

For instance, sometimes I wake up with intense pain in my hips. When I try to figure out the how, I try to realise Truth principles. A lot of the time this works but this is the hard approach.

On the other hand, excuse the pun, there's another way which is a lot easier. This morning I woke up with similar pain. I thought "God stop the pain now!" That is exactly what happened.

My mother has been trying to make a doctor’s appointment by telephone. She said people have been complaining that the receptionists don’t answer the phone. My mother has found that the phone is either left ringing for ages or it is permanently engaged. When she called three days ago the phone was left ringing. I suggested that, as she believes in God, she could ask God first before trying to make the appointment, then I left her to it. When I returned home I asked her if she had made the appointment. She said they hadn't answered the phone; she was going to visit the surgery this morning to physically make the appointment.

"Did you ask God before making the appointment?" I asked.

She said no.

This morning I spoke to my mother about the concept of God's Many Hands. I said that when you realise God is everything it's a matter of trusting and letting the Hands do their work. My mother picked up the phone to make her doctor's appointment.

"I hope those bounders answer the phone," she said.

"Yeah right, mum," I giggled, "I’m sure they’re really going to answer the phone now that you’ve called them bounders."

The phone was ringing. Then mum said "God, please let these people answer the phone!" Someone answered the phone. Mum made her appointment without having to go to the surgery.

The purpose of sharing insights, realisations and experiences on my blog is to document the many ways God's Hands work. I also realise that it is not enough to have the information, I need to trust in God's Many Hands to make Light work.

With love,
Hand Enocia

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14 Feb 2006 @ 07:54 by bushman : Yep,
Ive expirianced the hand, it is "all" about trust. :}  

16 Feb 2006 @ 09:58 by vector8 : Hi Bushman
Glad to hear you have experienced the hand. Keep trusting in It.

Lots of love,

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