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7 Jun 2006 @ 12:30, by Enocia Joseph

Last night I watched a documentary on television that cited several major cities under threat of flooding and other "natural disasters" due to "global warming." Scientific experts predicted how long it would take for this to happen.

The knee-jerk reaction is to ask: When are people going to realise that if you project something like a disaster to some future time, you're going to "create" what you expect to happen? Is there any point writing more articles about how thoughts, beliefs and expectations "create" reality, albeit a dream reality? Besides, there are thousands of articles on the Internet already, zillions of books in print and being printed, about the same old stuff. Even if you are open to these ideas, it takes discipline to break out of the habit of focusing your attention away from what you don't want, to being focused on the love that you are.

As I watched the programme, I realised that the world doesn't need new teachings, nor does the world need more love as we're already "swimming" in the stuff. What the world needs is people who are able to activate this love that is already present. In other words, what the world needs is the practise of forgiveness.

When someone has done you an injury and you excuse or pardon the person's behaviour, and love regardless, it is believed you are practising forgiveness. There is another kind of forgiveness that is just as important and badly needed - Grace in action.

Let's say for argument's sake you have the belief that if you put your hand in the fire you're going to get burnt. Imagine you have a young son and you tell him not to put his hand in the fire or on something hot. At first he doesn't listen and rests his fingers on a hot stove. He gets burnt. You give him lots of love and attention and try to soothe the injury as best as you can. You remind him not to put his hand on the stove again.

The next day you keep an eye on your son while you're cooking. As soon as your back is turned he's laid his fingers on the hot stove. Again, you give him lots of love and cuddles and try to soothe his injury.

Imagine that your son keeps repeating the same old mistake. How long are you going to continue to love him without wanting to let his fingers fry just to teach him a lesson?

When you continue to love your son and care for him without blaming him for not listening to your advice, you're practising Grace in action.

The makers of that documentary are like the boy who keeps burning himself. You could argue that they're not aware of how their thoughts and beliefs create dreams of disasters and the likes. Regardless of their beliefs, the last thing anyone needs is judgment. Easier said than done. It's so easy to point a finger of blame on another. Why can't they see what they're doing? Why can't they see things my way? Forgiveness, Grace in action, is about loving no matter what because it is our nature to love. We are Love. We then trust in Love to meet immediate needs and to help people wake up to who they are as Love.

Speaking of Grace in action, yesterday my mother, who I live with, asked me to buy her a lemon from the local shop. She needed it to prepare some lemon and honey cold remedy. Was she expecting a cold? By yesterday evening, she was coughing and looking miserable. Last night she was coughing so hard I was awake half of the night. Now, I could have reminded my mother how she had been expecting to be sick and she got her wish fulfilled. We've had lots of discussions based on ideas from books she's read and her religious beliefs about how you experience what you focus on. However, it takes constant vigilance for these ideas to become part of one's reality. All I can do is to love her. During the night I projected light from my heart to surround her. I then left it up to Love to do the work. This morning she asked me to buy her another lemon so she could make her tried and tested remedy. She also said she intends to prepare some soup which she believes will help her.

Incidentally, in today's front page of the "Daily Mail" is the following headline: "Does Nobody Care Anymore?" The story is about a girl who was injured in a hit-and-run accident.

[["As the car that had hit her sped away, the badly injured little girl tried to crawl towards the safety of the kerb.

"Seconds later another car appeared. But the driver did not stop to help. He simply drove around her.

"Then another. And another. Eight-year-old Cait Atkins was left screaming in the road with a broken leg. Last night, as she lay in hospital, police expressed horrified astonishment that so many drivers had failed to stop." Daily Mail]]

One could blame the drivers for not stopping and leaving the injured girl on the pavement. One could even question the newspaper's agenda. It is not my place to judge people's behaviour. I see this as an opportunity to practise Grace in action.

And while I'm forgiving others, I do not leave myself out. I love myself for who I am now.

The world needs more people who are awake to their nature as infinite Love that love without judgment, and trust in Love to unfold as appropriate. And as we love others they awaken to their nature as love.

I am Love,

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7 Jun 2006 @ 13:01 by swanny : Caring
June 7, 2006

Hi it is annoying to see people and it probably is a lot of people to throw
out generalities for the sake of ?.... but they are not true....
Certainly "some" people don't care... as in this girls case... but obviously
"some do" like the ones that eventually stopped for her and the people at the
hospital albight they are "paid to care" but as well the little girl herself
"cared enough" to pull herself out of harms way. Throwing out false generalities
is well not "constructive" and somewhat "annoying". Sometimes some people don't care but sometimes they care despite being punished severly for it. Whether most people "in general" care more or less "these days" would perhaps be a difficult situation to assess as how could one say, and as I think they perhaps care more about different things than they used to. To speak in general... I don't suspect people care much about most stuff unless it effects them directly because of the media and info blizzard of the modern world. It is most difficult to pick ones battles these days but for myself I try to care about that which truly resonates and is heartful and that I have a pretty good idea and sense of as is "true".


7 Jun 2006 @ 13:26 by swanny : Society
I suppose an interesting question might be: What does society care about these days and is it more or less or different than before? and how and why? Would the answer though be useful? Hmmmmmmmm
Well offhand the world seems to be somewhat different and perhaps more complex and less "general" than it used to be. And it is certainly "effected" by the technology and the systems and orders of the world. But are people different than they used to be? Well I think the speed plays a big factor.... somewhat...
it is one thing to care in a slow context and another in a fast or emergency context... so the acceleration plays into and influences the caring aspect. I think with the increase and acceleration of society it has effected caring and made it somewhat different. More for certain things less for other things.


7 Jun 2006 @ 14:00 by vector8 : Caring and Society
Hi Swanny,

Thank you for your comments.

A headline like "Does Nobody Care Anymore" which was on the actual newspaper is very provocative and emotive. Obviously, you're going to get people pointing fingers, debating what it means to care etc. I've been a witness in a hit and run, well I heard an almighty bang while I was in a local shop. While cars drove by four of us ran up to the woman and did what we could. We didn't stop to think we just did what seemed natural. This was in an area notorious for people being hostile.

My view is to love whether people care or not. And the one that loves is my real self whose nature is love.

Never stop caring.
Love EJ :-)  

7 Jun 2006 @ 15:23 by swan : Well said!
Loving, no matter what, IS Grace in action. Thank you for the article.  

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