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11 Aug 2006 @ 12:21, by Enocia Joseph

Imagine you're watching a film that is supposed to be a thriller and one character is always grinning. In a scene where he's supposed to be angry he says "I hate you!" but he still has the same grin. In another scene the same character is expressing how sad he is but he's still smiling. You're bound to think there's something not quite right about this character. Maybe, the actor can't act or the director hasn't got a clue. What if the character continues to have the same fixed grin no matter what? Will you continue watching the film? I certainly wouldn't.

It is an actor's emotions that bring the character to life and give the words meaning otherwise the film is flat and uninteresting. From time to time I look up film scripts of my favourite films on the Internet. I find reading a script is not as dramatic or funny as watching the film. It's only when I recall actors' performances that the script comes to life.

What has all this got to do with the time machine?

I love the idea of time travel so I can change history. I could travel in a tardis like Doctor Who does who travels back and forth in time and is constantly interfering with the timeline. It would be fantastic to travel in a wormhole like the SG-1 team in the sci-fi television series, Stargate SG-1. The SG-1 team have travelled to many realities including alternative realities.

Of course, the easiest way to time travel is in one's memory. If you've ever experienced what is commonly called astral projection, you find yourself out of your body. When I've had these experiences I've recreated an experience and it has felt so real it was as if I was actually there. While I appeared to be reliving the experience I was not able to change the event.

I believe we all have access to a time machine where you are able to change what we refer to as the past (i.e. memories) and our expectations (i.e. the future). Love is that time machine. Every time I am being and feeling love I am influencing the whole. Love dissolves emotions connected to an experience I've had or going to have.

Let's say whenever you recall an experience or event you always feel fearful. The way to dissolve that emotion is to be love. Love dissolves the fear. You find you can recall the experience without feeling emotional. Where there are no emotions there is no driving force to keep the memory going; and you will find you no longer need to keep reliving the experience, unless you find it to be of some value.

The irony about the love time machine is there is no need to time travel (recall an experience) to dissolve the emotions connected to that experience. I can do it now by being or feeling love. And love dissolves fear for all time. This means all experiences I've had in all time, all space, all realities, all realms, all dimensions, everywhere.

Where love has dissolved all emotions you're like a bad actor with the same fixed grin. An emotionless character is as good as dead.

I am a love time machine.


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