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11 Apr 2007 @ 13:39, by Enocia Joseph

Last night's Horizon documentary was called "Moon for Sale." Experts believe that the moon has tons of energy that man can exploit. Those who can afford it are already staking their claim on the moon. So it's only a matter of time before there will be shuttles to take people to live on the moon. I wonder whether the new inhabitants will consider themselves Mooners. Will they be practising the ancient art of mooning?

Experts have been telling us that we are depleting the earth's natural resources. As a result of this the earth is experiencing global warming. Animals are getting extinct. Even though we are frantically recycling, the energy can only go so far. It's only a matter of time before we run out of energy and have to look elsewhere like the moon.

Yes, the documentary makes so much sense; and I'm the Queen of England.

What do you mean I'm not the Queen of England? Are you telling me I'm dreaming I'm the Queen of England? Is that what you're saying? But my dream was so real!

The notion that the earth is being depleted of its resources is a belief, one of zillions of dreams. This depleted earth dream is part of another dream that many are dreaming that there is a higher power external to the self. In this dream, you're looking to a God outside of yourself. You're looking to a saviour or someone to save you, even though mystical and spiritual teachers keep reminding people that there is only one power which we all have access to.

Each of us is a powerhouse of infinite energy. However, you are not going to have access to this energy when you are dreaming it's outside of you. If you believe you need to go to the ends of the earth, another planet or solar system, then that's what you're going to dream up. While you're trying to raise the funds to build rockets to go where no one has gone before, your real wealth remains hidden.

Going to the moon is not my dream. I much prefer to dream about excavating the energy that is within me and in all things here and now.

For those who are dreaming about their lunar exploration, I wish you bon voyage and a happy landing!


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