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16 Jul 2007 @ 11:41, by Enocia Joseph

From time to time I have experiences that make me go hmmm. Here's one example.

I'd been thinking of a friend I haven't seen in a while and wondered how he was. I couldn't believe it when I saw him in my local library. What was he doing in this part of London? On closer inspection I realised he wasn't my friend but his double. My friend is getting paranoid about losing his hair and this man's hair was also getting thinner around the same spot. Even their skin tone was similar. It was so uncanny. It's a shame we didn't speak; it would have been interesting to see whether he had an Irish accent.

Years ago while I was temping in this company I stopped to chat to someone at the reception desk. I remember I was discussing something about spirituality, as per usual. I was aware that the other receptionist was staring at me. After a while she apologised. She said that the week before my "double" had been temping at the same company. She said she not only looked and sounded like me, she was interested in what I had been discussing. It's a shame my double left before we could meet face to face.

As a child I lived with my cousins. One cousin had a disability and walked with a limp. A few years ago I saw this woman who was the spitting image of my cousin. If I didn't know my cousin had died ten years before I would have thought it was her. The woman even walked with a limp though hers wasn't as pronounced as my cousin. One day my mother told me she had seen this woman who looked like my cousin. I knew she had to be the same woman. One day I got an opportunity to speak to her. I asked her name and she had the same name as my cousin, though she was from Nigeria while my cousin was from Sierra Leone. Hmmm!

I saw my mother's twin one day when I was on the bus. The woman had a walking stick and she looked so much like my mother I was going to bang on the window to attract her attention. Something told me she wasn't her.

My mother tells me that one day while she was at the supermarket a woman came up to her and hugged her. She asked her where she'd been hiding. Mum told her she'd never met her before. The woman asked her if she was from Barbados and mum said no. The woman was so shocked and told shoppers that my mother was the spitting image of her friend.

Mum also tells me she's seen my older brother's twin though he was younger and slimmer. A few weeks ago she saw a double of mine on the bus but she thought she looked younger.

Have we all got identity twins? If we have physical twins, maybe we have people who think and feel like us. Perhaps it's God's warped way of reminding us that whenever we think of ourselves as unique, we should think again. Nah, I'm unique me, unique I say.

Who am I kidding? I have no answer so all I can say is "hmmm."


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1 comment

16 Jul 2007 @ 12:21 by bimbo : WOW Such fun !!
reminds me of the book Oversoul 7 !!

Thanks for sharing.  

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