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2 Nov 2007 @ 16:24, by Enocia Joseph

A few days ago I started getting this strong urge to go to the west end. Yesterday evening, I figured that as I hadn't been in a while, it would be fun to head to one of the bookshops in town and have a browse. As I was also dying to have a pee I couldn't wait to get there.

My bus was caught in traffic and the journey was incredibly slow. At this rate I'll have just enough time to have a pee at the bookshop and then head back home. At a certain point the bus driver announced he wasn't going all the way but terminating at the next stop. Brilliant, just brilliant! He said all buses were terminating at that stop. Oh great! I didn't fancy walking the rest of the way, unless I was planning to pee in my pants. I decided to go to the bookshop round the corner.

After using their toilets I was inspired to pick up a book about angels to browse, where people were sharing various encounters with angels. According to this book, angels are: archangels such as Michael, Raphael and Uriel, which every man and his dog are channelling these days; people who have passed on; and light entities. I believe we are all angels and that "all" includes everything.

It was interesting though reading about the various ways people receive guidance and assistance from their "angels." I also believe these stories remind us to cultivate the habit of asking for angelic assistance in all aspects of life.

While I was browsing I was sitting on a sofa that accommodates three people; five if you're my size. I was sitting on the far left and a man at the far right. Another man turned up and he sat between us which made it quite crowded. Well, since angels are so good at finding car parking spaces, they could at least create more space between us. I thought "space." Suddenly, the guy on the right got up and the guy in the middle moved to his space. Wow, that was quick! Alas, my victory was only short-lived because the space in the middle attracted another customer. The good news is I recognised her.

She was a young lady I see from time to time at this particular bookshop. She asked me how I was. She said she'd been wondering about me because she hasn't seen me in months. She even thought I'd died, which made me laugh. I'm an angel but not that kind of angel. I reminded her that I saw her about 2 months back when she was living in Wales and had just met a new guy. I asked her how she'd been keeping. She has been recovering from "anorexia." She said last year she was so thin, she had to be sectioned so they could force feed her through her nostril. She said she was feeling a lot better. I asked her how things were with her new man. Things hadn't worked out. She said he had been physically abusing her. He was even arrested and only recently been released from prison. I held her hand while she talked. She said she was glad to be back in London close to her loved ones. Before we parted, I gave her a hug.

No wonder I had been drawn to that bookshop, even though it wasn't the one I intended to go to. I wonder if that's why another angel friend had sent me an email the other day called What Mona Lisa Does When The Museum Closes, which I've now had a chance to look at. Guess what my friend at the bookshop's name was? Drum roll please....Mona! (OO)

Hmmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Let's look at the evidence: Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci...what does all this remind me of? The Da Vinci Code and conspiracy theories. I'm beginning to think this evening was one big conspiracy. What if my angelic friends had created that traffic jam and made the bus driver terminate early so I could stop off at that particular bookshop and connect with my friend? I guess I don't mind being set up as long as it fits in with what I love doing.

When I left the bookshop I saw a bus I wanted already at the bus stop. I thought I wasn't going to catch it but the bus was just standing there as if the driver knew I wanted it. The angels must have put him up to it. At the next stop a man got on and asked the driver if he was going to a place called Angel. Something smells very fishy here. When I got off that bus, there was another one right behind. You angels are good! The bus was packed full but I managed to get the last seat available. Thanks again, angels.

Conspiracy theories or not, I was glad to be there for my angelic friend.


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1 comment

2 Nov 2007 @ 17:01 by celestial : I enjoyed your post.
I've had similar experiences, too.
It's exciting, being in tune!  

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