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14 Jan 2008 @ 12:44, by Enocia Joseph

When I didn't hear my mother getting ready for church this morning, I figured she'd changed her mind. When she woke up she told me she had a splitting headache.

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said.


As I know my mother believes in taking tablets I said, "Have you taken anything for the headache?"

"No, I'll take some tablets later," she said. "I'm going back to bed."

"Do you want me to lay my hands on your head to see if that might help?"

"Well, yes please."

"OK, then."

I followed mum to her bedroom. She sat on her bed and I lay my hands on both sides of her head. I closed my eyes and thought "I AM Wholeness; I AM Peace; I AM Perfection; I AM Harmony."

After about a minute I removed my hands. I left her to rest, shut the door, and returned to the living room

About two or three minutes later, mum was back.

"That pounding in my head and in my ear has been lifted."

"Really? That's good!"

"Thank you."

"It's the great I AM you should be thanking, mum. He gets all the glory."

"Well thank you I AM," she said. "If I'd remembered earlier I would have asked you for prayer and then gone to church. It's too late now."

"Never mind. At least now I can write about your experience."

My mother went to the kitchen to prepare some custard which she fancied. Then she proceeded to teach me the finer points of making custard; the last one I made was very lumpy. Cooking is not exactly my forte; maybe I should have asked the I AM for assistance. After she finished her custard she started cooking dinner.

What do I mean by the I AM?

For me, the I AM is the Infinite Love and Intelligence in all. I sometimes refer to the I AM as My Beloved, Love, Spirit, Light or The One in All. When I prayed for my mother, I was simply affirming the truth of the I AM in me that is the same in her; which was translated in her experience as "no headache."

I have now been inspired to give distance healing and blessings via email. Anyone who would like to be added to my list, please email me at Please note I will not be responding to any personal enquiries.

Peace and love to all.


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1 comment

15 Jan 2008 @ 05:03 by freo7 : BLESS YOU Enocia Joseph...
Bless you and keep you YOU magnificent inspiration you.
Bless you and keep you doing what you do and THANK YOU
BELOVED I AM PRESENCE in every atom of all Universe Creations
I SO LOVE YOU and thank you for our life...

P E A C E ~ B E,

Your beloved sister Brenda  

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