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2 Feb 2008 @ 13:50, by Enocia Joseph

It's all very well wanting to bless others and be a blessing to the world; I believe that the greatest blessing I can offer to the world is to both bless myself and recognise that I am blessed at all times.

Quite recently as I was lying on the sofa watching television, I felt my right foot seizing up. It felt like I was about to have a cramp not only on my foot but around my calf. I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Then I had an idea: why not simply thank your leg and foot for doing such a grand job? So that's exactly what I did. I thanked my feet and legs for always supporting me. Then I thanked my body for being the perfect tool to express myself. The moment I did the symptom dissolved and there was no cramp.

I believe when I was thanking my foot and leg, what I was doing was blessing myself with more health. My body had no choice but to be in health which was made manifest as relaxation and no cramp. If I had sat there moaning and getting tensed up, I would have been cursing myself; and where there is a curse, there's lots of pain.

The wonderful thing about blessing myself is as I'm blessed others are blessed. How? First, when I know I am blessed and have the equivalent experience, I can share that experience with others like I have done about the cramp, which might bless others. Second, when I'm blessing myself with, say, love people around me are compelled to act with love; and while they are acting with love they are being their true selves, which is the ultimate blessing.

During my bus journey yesterday evening, I sat with my eyes closed enjoying the journey. I was suddenly aware of someone sitting beside me who had a very strong body odour. I opened my eyes and saw it was a young woman then I closed my eyes and retreated into silence and enjoyed being the Joy that I am. After a minute or so the woman moved away and sat somewhere else. She was instantly replaced by another woman who smelled like my favourite flowers, roses. When she got off, she was replaced by another woman who was wearing a lovely perfume. Bliss!

I am blessed with infinite joy.

Speaking of being blessed with infinite joy, as I was typing this piece in the library, I heard a man who was browsing the Internet chatting to himself. He apologised and said he'd been thinking out loud. He said he'd just found an article about a film he and a few friends had made and he was chuffed about it. He shared the link with me:Stories from the City, Stories from the Streets. I was very happy to share in his joy.

I am blessed; I am a blessing.


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2 Feb 2008 @ 14:06 by jmarc : Jmarc 3:16
Bessed are the smelly people, for they save the hot water for me.

Yes thankfulness for everything really does count toward a more blessed life, doesn't it?
I am thankful to be blessed with a strong body, and also am thankful for the blessings to come in the future.

Still love your writing EJ.
Glad that all is blessed in your world too.  

2 Feb 2008 @ 14:30 by vector8 : Thanks jmarc
Bessed are the smelly people, for they shall save the world from certain doom and gloom, as the experts predict. ;-)

[[Yes thankfulness for everything really does count toward a more blessed life, doesn't it?
I am thankful to be blessed with a strong body, and also am thankful for the blessings to come in the future. ]]

Amen to that.

Infinite blessings to you, my friend.

All my love,

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