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19 Feb 2008 @ 13:20, by Enocia Joseph

As more and more people are realising their spiritual nature, there are all these fine and wonderful ideas being shared in books, on the Internet, and floating in the ether. How come people are still experiencing fear? Is it possible the ideas are stuck in the ether i.e. subconscious and not being released into the conscious mind?

As I see it, as long as life seems to be working perfectly, there's no incentive to live out these principles; until there is an emergency situation when you really get to demonstrate whether you are truly a spiritual being or blowing hot air.

My mother shared the following story she'd read from Praying and Getting Results by Bob Gass. This woman was about to be mugged by a gang and she was terrified. She tried to recall a Bible passage to help her, but the only word that came to mind was "feathers." So she started yelling "Feathers!" The men ran away from her because they thought she was mad.

The actual line the woman had been trying to recall was:

"He [God] shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler." -- Psalm 91: 4

I wasn't surprised that word worked for the woman; the fact that she remembered the word activated the power of that prayer, which was able to ward off the attack.

A few years back I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a hand around my throat. Although there was no one physically present, the hand felt very real and was trying to throttle me. For an instant I went into a panic and fought off the "attacker" but I wasn't strong enough, then I remembered the following words:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." -- Psalm 23: 4

The moment I thought those words, the hand left my throat and I could breathe easily again. Before I went to sleep I recited the whole prayer as protection; I didn't want my friendly strangler finishing what he'd started.

Even though I no longer follow any religious or spiritual disciplines, prayer is still a very important aspect of my life. I don't use prayers as protection but as constant reminders that, despite appearances to the contrary, love is all there is. Then I expect to experience life as light as a feather.


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19 Feb 2008 @ 22:34 by b : prayer works
Light as a feather

I once knew a girl named Heather the Feather. But not in the biblical sense.  

21 Feb 2008 @ 10:54 by vector8 : Yes, B, prayer does work
What happened to Heather the Feather? Did she fly away? :-)

By the way, I got my mother to dig out the book so I could confirm the details.
I've edited the story to include this.

With love,

23 Feb 2008 @ 19:45 by celestial : Enocia,
I just read about your experience of an unseen hand choking you to death! I had a similar experience about 1979-1980.

I arose one morning and suddenly an unseen hand was choking me to the point I could not breathe. I thought to get dressed quickly and drive myself to the hospital but realized there just wasn't enough time so I picked up the phone to call for help. But alas, I could not breathe in, OR out, and realized that I couldn't speak, either. My ears began to ring and my vision began to fade and I fell onto the bed. Just before I died, I yelled out (in my mind since I couldn't speak) the word "Lord." It was as though I said "Uncle" and immediately the hand let go and I was able to breathe!

The Creator can, and does, listen to your thoughts! Learn to carry on a conversation with YOUR CREATOR and you'll have the ultimate relationship you could ever hope to have!

Wait till you experience that unseen hand reach deep into your chest and massage your liver! WOW; nothing tops GOD!

Keep it up and one day you'll feel His Seal lower over your forehead and emboss His LOGO in your skull! YOU BELONG TO YOUR CREATOR!!!!!!  

25 Feb 2008 @ 14:54 by vector8 : Celestial
Thanks for sharing your experience of the hand. It does make me wonder about people who die in their sleep whether it is the hand's handiwork. :-) Medicine is not going to find the cause because no instrument can measure that hand.

On the other hand, (no pun intended, honest) I have experienced the Hand where I was about to be run over when the Hand pulled me out of harm's way by the scruff of my neck. The Hand has kept me upright when I was about to fall flat on my face. So I know that Hand very well.


Lots of love,

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