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11 Mar 2008 @ 16:39, by Enocia Joseph

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." -- John 6: 63

Can one live on love?

Well, the sceptics might say love is not enough.

You have to be practical about life, you know.
Love cannot put food on the table.
Love can't make you feel better when you're not feeling well.
Love can't protect you.

Well, I beg to differ.

Every day I hear people wishing each other well:

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night!
Good day!
Have a nice/lovely day!
Take care!
Look after yourself!
Mind how you go!
All the very best!
Take it easy!
Good luck!
Be lucky!
Be happy!
Be kind to yourself!
Salam Alaikum!
God bless you!
Peace be with you!
Hare Krishna
Om Namah Shivaya!
My thoughts are with you!
You're an angel!
You're a star!
You're a joy!
You're beautiful!
Thank you!
I love you!

These are not just nice words intended to make me feel good for a moment. I see these words rather like a product label which claims to do exactly what the label states, if you believe it does. So when someone wishes me a good day, I see that wish as my guardian angel whose purpose is to make me have a good day and take care of my needs.

Even if a wish is simply a smile, then that smile is transformed into an angel whose purpose is to uplift me.

I can always send myself good wishes and they will work just as well.

Every moment of every single day I am living on Love.


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12 Mar 2008 @ 01:23 by a-d : Soooo.....
ALL is WELL!... You hold the Candle, please!.... I KNOW you are right and I do bel8eve in the same manner, but when reality PROVES the opposite,WHAT DO YOU DO THEN -is the Big Question?! Not only do I belove in"love" I believe in LIFE -as in LIVING in Perfect/Divine Joy, Health,Wealth,Beauty, Happiness etc etc LITERALLY Everlasting Life -with NO Death. For Life to be able to be LIFE , it cannot be the SOURCE of death... which then must be a human INVENTION ("Falling Out of Grace")which is what Jesus purported and proved... What is that Gordian Knot that makes Things fail?...or why does the asked for response be so hard and slow in coming to us??? ( and I don't "buy" that the victim is at fault, and Universe, the Omnipotent goes free from the Blame or ITs RESPONSIBILITY/ ACCOUNTABILITY ( that would be asinine! )hmmmm... dear Gal!.... : ) ))
To answer THIS to all your readers would really be the MOST LOVING and KIND and LIFE SUPPORTING Thing you could ever do for humanity!... : )I really look forward to your response. I can't wait to get! Thousand Hugs to you! I wish you were here; in Flesh, as they say. /A-d  

12 Mar 2008 @ 10:24 by vector8 : Yes, all is well
Astrid, I have responded to your private mail but will post part of my response which I believe relates to your comment.

[[Now just because I trust in Love doesn't mean I don't have challenges. In fact just recently I wasn't feeling too well. The strange thing is I was feeling very happy on the one hand yet my body wasn't feeling so good. Why would this happen when I believe in Love? The test came through my mother who kept asking me to take pills and potions, even though she knows I live by faith and I don't do tablets. At one point she even suggested that I go to the hospital. I simply focused on what I believe to be true - Love. I continued to pray and thank Infinite Love for sustaining me. I was shown a vision of myself that is always perfect. I simply needed to focus on that Me that is Love-Light that doesn't experience sickness.

During that time, I NEVER blamed myself or anyone for being in this situation. I continue to love myself and trust in Love, regardless.

Now that is my way and I trust in Love. I DO NOT impose my way on another. I DO NOT project my experience on others. I DO NOT teach how to walk the path or what others should believe. I simply share a way that works for me. ]]

A zillion hugs to you. :-)

All the very best.


12 Mar 2008 @ 19:57 by a-d : Yes, I can see
your point -and in most moments and cases I can stick to that myself. Sometimes I lose that footing -especially when it comes to someone I really care for and have to be (more or less) the only one on whom the care-taking is on.The responsibility becomes overwhelming!.... old garbage left from my --early-- nurse years, which almost killed me by its weight of negativity.

I am working on my recovery and Victor has by having taking so much of that garbage, told me, that I really need to heal, just like he now has to heal from this toxic over load of his little body is carrying around!.... making him unable to eat anything ...lost all but his skin and bones!... so, now I am of course afraid "but what if he doesn't make it,because he can't eat because he feels so nauseus from the toxicity, his kidneys unable to process so much emotional/ spiritually -gone-wrong-stuff... I am doing my best to hang on to the knowing that he will be fully restored as will I, but I still ask YOU to "be my Stand In, so to speak, and hold the ( = MY) Candle of trust FOR me, because I know we can do this for each other! 'See' his kidneys all healed, working perfectly, fully cleared up and all the toxicity gone, gone, gone! Victor; all healthy with -non-picky- appetite chowing down everything on his plate, every time and (thus) regaining musclesagain & much needed body-fat as well ... would you , please?????
Not surpricingly did I run into this website yesterday: [ ]  

13 Mar 2008 @ 12:07 by vector8 : Yes, of course
I am holding the candle for you and Victor, Astrid. I am seeing him perfect and whole.

You might find this article by Joanna Cherry helpful. It's a story of a miracle which I find very inspiring. And I do believe in miracles.

All my love to you both.

13 Mar 2008 @ 14:30 by a-d : Joanna Cherry!
Nov.1989 I left Hawaii, came back to Mainland ; the Bay area and in a week or two I was heading to one of the very first of Joanna's Ascension Retreats that she was having at Scott -or stewart (too long ago, for me to remember!...but I know it was a ) Mineral Springs Place (and that the name started with letter S) just outside (the Town) Mt Shasta. She had just started her Business: Ascension Int. then and I was sooo baffled that someone could make a Business of the ascension-"idea"/Understanding! didn't make sense at all!... Boy, what adventurous weird times those were! Thanks for the link to her site. So cool!
THANKS for holding the Candle, seeing Victor perfect and whole. Makes it all soooo much easier for me to hold hands with you and stand in a union line, with same Idea. We have other loving NCN people joined in this holding-our-hands-in this-'Perfection-for-Victor'-line too!
So many wonderful real and LOVING Life-Troopers here! THANKS Enocia!
w/Gratitude & Love/A-d  

13 Mar 2008 @ 15:02 by vector8 : That's so cool ...
...that you've been on a Joanna Cherry retreat.

My story. One day I was thinking of chatting to St Germain and Babaji. St Germain apparently lived for many years and not growing old; and according to the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" Babaji has been alive for thousands of years and looking the same.

So I sat in meditation intending to speak to both these guys but I couldn't quite focus. I decided to go out instead. I went into town and found myself at the bookshop. I was "led" to a book called "New Cells, New Bodies, New Life" which is an anthology of channelled writings. I picked up the book to have a browse. The first story I read was by Joanna Cherry who had channelled her Divine Self, Babaji and St Germain about the topic I had in thought. I ended up buying the book just for that chapter.

I haven't been to any of Joanna's courses but I'm interested in ascension mastery.

Thanks for sharing, A-d.

Lots of love,

18 Mar 2008 @ 19:39 by celestial : Living on Love.
Not very many people know that it is the streaming word ov God which keeps us alive! In other words, if there is a break in the stream, you die instantly!!!  

27 Mar 2008 @ 14:12 by vector8 : Cheers Celestial...
...well said.

With love,

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