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27 Mar 2008 @ 13:49, by Enocia Joseph

So the Voice within said to me this morning: "Get up now, there's something I want to show you!"

"OK, I can't wait!"

I was now very curious about what it was. After I got dressed, I asked my mother if she wanted me to do anything for her before I left. She asked me to pick up a few items at the local shop. Then I went to catch my bus.

At the local bus stop, I saw our elderly neighbour. It's always nice to see him. He stroked my hands, which he thought were cold, and asked how I was. Then he wished me good day. As there wasn't a bus waiting I told him I was going to walk to the bus stop on the main road, where there are more choices, and catch one from there. At the main road I waited and waited and none of the buses showed up. I had a feeling there was a reason why the other buses had been delayed. The Voice within told me my next bus was approaching. Sure enough it was, but it was the local bus, which my neighbour had been waiting for. His grin said it all: "you should have waited." He said that at least I did get some exercise walking to the main road, which has to be a good thing.

I guess this means I'm meant to travel with my neighbour. I sat next to him. I asked him where he was going. He was on the way to the local sports centre to check out the activities. I told him he was only going there to check out the local female talent, which made him laugh. He held my hands, which he said were still cold. He said I would make a good nurse because he finds nurses' hands are always cold.

My friend said he liked being with me because I was always cheerful unlike other young people he sees around. He told me young people have never had it so good. In his day there was the war. He shared his experiences in the Army during the second world war, which he's shared before. He talked about young people carrying guns, which he finds appalling. He said he's seen what guns can do. After the war, he was asked whether he wanted to stay and train new soldiers but he decided he'd had enough so he left. Since then he's never looked at another gun. As I listened to him, I sent him love. He talked about other things on his mind. I continued to send him love. Then we got off at the same stop and wished each other well.

I crossed over the road and waited at the bus stop for my next bus. At this bus stop I have several options: I can catch one that takes me all the way; or others where I have to change. The first one that came was the one where I need to change so I got on. During the bus journey, the Voice within said, "I want to show you something. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me."

It made me think of the magician, David Blaine, who I watched recently on television. In that particular programme, David entertains people he meets in the street. When he approaches someone he would either tell them he wants to show them something or ask if they want to see something. The ones who were curious were always rewarded with the most amazing, mind-boggling, wonder.

I was now very excited. I was also thinking about what it could be. I knew whatever it was had to happen before I reached my destination. I couldn't wait to experience whatever it was.

The next stop was where I needed to get off to catch my final bus. As I was getting off the bus I saw a woman and she called out my name. I couldn't believe my eyes, well actually I could. She's an old school friend I haven't seen in many years. The last time I saw her was probably eight years ago. After that I went through a phase of deep introspection and didn't want to see anyone. I then lost touch with her. Funnily enough, she did cross my mind recently and I wondered how she and her sister were. It was so good to see her.

I told my friend about that I had been expecting something wonderful and I believe she was what I'd been expecting. She said when she arrived at that bus stop, she missed two of the buses she could have caught. Now it made sense why. Those angels must have been working overtime trying to synchronise our movements. I reckon that's why my bus got delayed earlier.

My friend and I exchanged contact details and what we've been up to. She also told me how her sister was doing. She said she's often wondered about me but she knew I was being looked after. It turned out that we were waiting for the same bus. On the bus we shared more life experiences. Before I got off I promised to keep in touch.

What a lovely surprise! Thank you!

The Inner Voice says there's so much more wonder to come. In other words, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

I can't wait to experience what else my Beloved and True Self has in store for me.

I expect wonder in every moment.


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