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7 May 2008 @ 14:12, by Enocia Joseph

My mother's friend passed away recently. When she found out when the funeral was, she wondered how she was going to get to the church and the cemetery.

As I was walking home a few nights ago, a car pulled up beside me and a passenger asked me if I knew where a particular road was. I knew the road was in our neighbourhood but I couldn't remember where exactly. So I apologised and told the man I didn't know where it was. When I arrived home, I asked my mother if she knew where the road was. She said she'd seen it but couldn't remember where.

A few days later, when my mother went to her deceased friend's home, she got chatting to a woman she'd never met before. It turns out the woman lives in the same road the man in the car had asked me about the other day. The woman said her daughter has taken time off work to give her a lift to the funeral (which is today) and she's offered to pick my mother up on the way. So my mother's needs have been met perfectly.

The way my mother's needs was met reminds me of a wedding I was invited to years ago in Edinburgh in Scotland. The only person I knew at the wedding was my friend who was getting married. The wedding ceremony was going to take place at a registry office followed by the wedding breakfast at another venue. In the evening, there was going to be a party at my friend's parent's house. I had no idea how I was going to get to my friend's parent's house.

When I arrived at the registry office it was pretty empty, so I sat in the second row. After a while some of my friend's relatives turned up and I was asked to move as the row I was sitting in was reserved for relatives. I moved to the back. At the time I was feeling like Billy no mates and wishing I knew other people at the wedding. Soon a couple turned up and sat beside me. I said hello and told them I was a friend of the bride. I told them I had come from London and I had no idea how I was going to get to my friend's parents' place later. The couple told me they would give me a lift as they lived next door to my friend's parents. My wish had come true; I now had new friends to hang out with.

After the ceremony, we went by coach to the hotel where the wedding breakfast was being held. When I checked the sitting plan I discovered I was sitting next to the couple. My friend told me later that she had put us on the same table because she thought I would get on with them. We got on so well that they even invited me to their house later where we had some drinks before joining the party next door.

A few months later, I was invited to another friend's wedding in Brighton, This time the ceremony, wedding breakfast and the party were going to be held in the same hotel. All I had to do was show up at the hotel. Again, the only person I knew was the friend getting married. In the room where the ceremony was going to take place, I chose a seat at random. Soon a woman came and sat next to me and we got chatting. After the ceremony my new friend and I went to another room to have drinks before the wedding breakfast. My friend recognised a man and a woman (who were brother and sister) and invited them to join us. I enjoyed chatting with them and even flirted with the young man. Soon it was time to go into the reception. After checking the sitting plan, I was delighted to discover that I would be sitting next to my three new friends. When I spoke to my friend about the synchronicity, she said she'd arranged for us to sit together because she knew we would get on. We certainly did have a lot of fun together.

Everything always works out for the best. All I have to do is put out the intention and trust in the Universe to sort out the details.


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