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14 Aug 2008 @ 12:04, by Enocia Joseph

"Who are you and why are you hiding?


What if the Aliens are already here,
And walking amongst us
In great numbers?

And have been
For a very long time.

The Pi philosophy has been kept secret from the multitudes for five thousand years. How is that possible? If that could be kept secret, so could the fact that Aliens are secretly amongst us, in great numbers. Maybe there is such a thing as magic. Maybe there are those who can manipulate matter as an act of will… those with their hearts in Atlantis." From Book of Daleth


I hear people talk about ETs and alien contacts. Some even believe these aliens or ETs communicate with us through the many crop circles that keep popping up around the world. Is it true that there are aliens circling the globe in their cloaked space ships, biding their time until the right moment when they will make first contact with humans?

Well, I don't believe in any such aliens. I believe the very "aliens" who can manipulate matter and form intricate patterns that appear as crop circles exist right here and now. We are those ETs and aliens passing ourselves off as humans.

When you realise your identify as Mind, which is infinite, you realise that you have infinite potential. What is true for me is true for all as we are all Infinite Mind.

Right now while I'm focused in this reality and playing the game of being human, I'm working at another level creating mind-boggling wonders which could be interpreted as alien activity. I've even had experiences when I've achieved something but not remembered how I did it. How is that possible? Because I, the doer, exists in all time, all space and in all realities. (See the related articles for some of my experiences).

So I don't buy into the idea of these aliens sending messages of hope through channelled material. I believe these messages are coming through all of us as Mind. It is us as Infinite Mind sending ourselves messages of hope. Put another way, it is us as our future and past selves sending messages to us in the present.

I've got good news for you, ET. There's no need for you to phone home; you are already home.


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