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13 Nov 2008 @ 12:46, by Enocia Joseph

While I was chatting to a friend he asked me if I wanted to see a trick.

"Go on then," I said, "I love tricks!"

He took an elastic band from the desk and then hid his hands under the desk to hide the elastic in one hand. I knew he was expecting me to guess which hand it was in. I was determined to win by influencing my friend's decision. I expected the elastic band to be in his right hand.

My friend showed me both hands and said, "OK, which hand is it in?"

"This one," I pointed to his right hand.

"No," he opened his left hand.

"You want another go?"


My friend hid his hands under the table.

"OK, guess which one?"

I pointed to the right hand.

"Wrong again," my friend smiled and opened his left hand.

"I can't believe this!" I was feeling rather frustrated. "I want another go."

He hid his hands again and asked me to pick and I pointed to the right hand.

"Wrong again," he chuckled.

"That's impossible!" I said. "You can't be that good! OK, let's cancel all the other games and a clean slate, right?"

"OK, clean slate," my friend smiled.

He hid his hands under the table and then asked me to choose.

I decided to change my strategy and go for the left hand. Then again, if I did change, he's bound to double-bluff me. I'm still going to change though. Before I did, my friend gazed into my eyes and said, "I can see you're thinking of changing your mind, aren't you? Don't change!"

I pointed to the left hand.

"Wrong again," my friend chuckled. "I told you not to change your mind."

"This is ridiculous! Hang on a minute, this is a trick. The only way you can keep on winning is if you have two elastic bands. You do, don't you? Go on, show me both hands!"

My friend burst out laughing and opened both hands. Just as I had suspected, he did have two elastic bands.

"You git! That's why you kept on winning," I laughed.

"If you hadn't worked it out," my friend laughed, "we could have been here all night."

"I know!"

"Then you'd start thinking I'm a magician."

"Probably! It's a bit like betting shops, where they use a formula to make sure they never lose."

"Yeah, I've never heard of a broke bookie, have you?"


My friend's trick represents what I believe is the truth of the Universe - there is only One appearing as the many. That One is my True Self. The trick is to remember that life is a game of solitaire with only one player. However, it's very easy to get duped by appearances and believe that there are infinite players when in fact there is only ONE.

No matter how things appear, they are all me. Thus, my thoughts are me, my feelings are me, my body is me, this computer is me, the keyboard is me, the table is me, the chair is me, the clothes I have on are me, this story is me, the Internet is me, this blog is me, the building I'm in is me, my loved ones are me, my friends are me, everyone on earth is me, the weather is me, all birds and animals are me, nature is me, all beings are me, all forms are me, the universe is me... it is all me.

Since the universe is me, then I get to direct the all of me my way. All I have to do is simply experience life with the awareness that "only ONE exists" and observe as life unfolds accordingly, which can seem magical to the unsuspecting eye. For those who are wondering how I can eat toilet paper without having a reaction, it's because I know the toilet paper is me. How can I have a reaction to something that is me?

Just because I can see the game of life for what it is doesn't mean others can too. As long as there are people who don't realise they are that which they are seeking, resisting or fighting, the game continues. Only when everyone becomes aware of the truth of the game is the game over. Similarly, when I saw my friend's trick for what it was, it was over.

Before my friend and I parted company he promised to show me another trick. "This trick involves mind over matter," he grinned.

"I can't wait," I said.

Only ONE exists.


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