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8 Dec 2008 @ 14:53, by Enocia Joseph

The other day, my mother went to visit a friend. She said when she got out of the train station, she couldn't remember how to get to the house so she asked for directions. She was given a long-winded direction. She reckoned she walked about 2 miles. Fortunately, she found a quicker route back to the station.

"Two miles, hey? I'm impressed," I said.

"I can't believe I walked that far," she said. "At least it was good exercise."

"Well, remember that was then and this is now," I said. "There's no reason why walking should have any effect on who you are now unless you believe it should."

The next morning, yesterday, I was expecting my mother to be up bright and early in time for church but she got up so late I presumed she wasn't going. She told me she was still going but was catching the tube (underground train) instead of travelling by bus.

"You're cutting it fine, aren't you?" I teased her. "I suppose you're going to run to the tube station as I know how much you enjoy walking these days."

"I doubt it," she chuckled. "My legs are still hurting from yesterday's long walk, that's why I woke up late. I'm still going to persevere though."

"Oh, I see. Mum, did you hear about the lavish party that was held in Dubai recently?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Apparently, there was some kind of hotel launch, which all these celebrities were invited to. The organisers didn't seem to be affected by the credit crunch as they spent an absolute fortune."

"Some people are not affected by the credit crunch," mum said.

"Exactly. Why would they when they are so loaded?" I said. "The reason why I'm asking is because rich people are a bit like the unlimited energy we all have access to. When you're tuned into that energy, it shouldn't make any difference whether you've walked 20 miles the previous day as you always have more to keep you going."

Mum gave me a knowing look and smiled. "Oooh, I don't think that will work for me."

"You have unlimited supply of energy, mum, you just have to know you have."

I believe the reason why my mother doesn't buy into the idea of unlimited energy is because she's not operating in that paradigm. In other words, her model of reality is getting in the way.

What do I mean by paradigm? A paradigm is a way of seeing the world. I believe there are two paradigms/models in the Universe: the debit/credit model; and the "nothing can be added to or taken away from" model. Put another way, there is the cause/effect and the causeless.

In the debit/credit or cause/effect paradigm, I always have to do something to get a result. For instance, if I want to be happy, I have to think happy thoughts, focus on having happy experiences or give happiness to others. In other words, I reap what I sow. Experiences from this paradigm is always up and down depending on how much I have in my cosmic bank account. I have observed that majority of people in the human dream operate in the credit/debit paradigm.

In the causeless paradigm, I am inexhaustible happiness. Therefore, it doesn't matter if I give happiness to others or think happy thoughts, as happiness is my nature. Happiness has no beginning or end, it simply is.

When I first got on the spiritual path, my dominant paradigm was the cause/effect. Thus, it was only natural that I would believe that I had to do something, purify myself, give love in order to receive love, etc in order to express my true self. I also believed I had to eat special foods, abstain from alcohol, stimulants, drugs, etc. While I have never smoked or taken mind altering drugs (apart from when I once got accidentally high on some cold and flu remedy) I was still very much concerned about foods and not consuming any alcohol. When I had the paradigm shift to the causeless, I stopped being concerned about what I eat or drink.

What does the paradigm shift really mean on a practical level?

Well, it doesn't matter what foods I eat or whether I eat what some consider to be "junk food"; I am always sustained as I am inexhaustible energy,

So what if I'm going for a long walk? After my walk has finished, I expect to be as fresh as a daisy as I'm inexhaustible energy.

So what if I'm in pain now? I can always tune into energy to dissolve the pain.

So what If I'm looking tired now? I can always charge myself with energy and be rejuvenated.

Since this energy is the substance of all realities, it is this energy I look to for my constant supply, guidance and inspiration.

The causeless paradigm gives me unlimited freedom to experience different realities without worrying about "effects" or society's judgments. I can then choose which experiences I prefer and what memories I prefer to hang on to. For instance, while I have nothing against people who smoke, I wouldn't want to smoke as it's not for me. I also prefer to be in smoke-free environments. Just as well, smoking has now been banned in all public places in England. While I'm not fussed about diets, I have foods that I prefer. I also enjoy the odd glass of wine and liqueurs. I no longer feel the need to take prescribed drugs as I can always tune into Energy. I still have no desire to take drugs or stimulants.

Back to my mother's comment. Right now, my mother's model of reality is cause/effect i.e. you have to do something to have energy. She also believes that what you do in the past must have an effect on you now; that's why she was tired from her previous day's walk. It's not part of her makeup to think that she already has all the energy in every moment.

I operate in the causeless paradigm. Nothing can be added to or taken away from who I am being.

Just because my mother and I operate on different paradigms doesn't stop me loving her. Love conquers all.


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9 Dec 2008 @ 03:38 by frank4zen : Wonderful
That was awesome and I agree with what you say I was wondering what you feel about affirmations I need a positive reinforcement daily or I forget and start dealing with negative it's like I go back to sleep how about you?  

9 Dec 2008 @ 10:16 by vector8 : Affirmations
Thank you, Frank, for your kind comments.

I love affirmations. My favourite is

"This is my day, everything is going my way."

I see staying awake as a full time job so I'm always inspired. I also know there are no mistakes or obstacles. I believe verything works out for good.

For the last few days, the chorus of two songs have been going round and round in my head:

"Beautiful Day" by U2 and "You Got It" by Roy Orbison.

Enjoy being the wonder that you are.

With love

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