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picture22 Jun 2005 @ 10:49, by Roan Carratu

I was going to write a little essay on the Oil problem, but, you know, I suddenly realized it was irrelevant. Sure, it will cause all kinds of hassle and probably a lot of death and destruction, and maybe as the level of living drops in 3rd world countries they will swarm up to the places they believe have all the resources, like the USA, and destroy everything in their march path, and the militaries in their way will pull out all their worse weapons to kill them en mass, and yet that won't stop them and eventually humans will be as rare as dodos.

But never less, all of that is still irrelevant. They are all symptoms, not the cause.

Because if it is not the oil, or the global warming, or radioactive pollution, or world wide war, it will be something for sure. And the only solution has nothing to do with any of the threats. The only solution is a change in what is called 'common sense'. A sense which is common. It's almost as rare as dodos, I think, and frankly, what most people call 'common sense' is merely their particular blinders keeping them from paying attention to anything but what they were taught to notice.

But the world is not made up of our 'common sense'. The world is common, but we don't really make any sense out of it. If it was really what we sensed, physically sensed, which is common, and not what we filter our senses with, then we would, en mass, change the world quite quickly. But we are, as a species, very habitual. We have these blinders called 'practicality' and 'rationality' and other variable sense filters which obscure almost everything that would really work.

It's not about thinking outside the box... It's about not seeing the box at all, and going with what we do see... which is undivided and undifferentiated.

I see that there is no separation between Humanity and Nature. I see no separation between people. I see that we are totally interdependent, relying on each other, no matter what we think. I see that we do better when we take care of each other than when we don't. I see that the hassle is in our minds, not in Nature.

We live in Paradise. The only thing wrong with this place, this world, is what people have in their minds. It is said we use only 10% of our brains... but I say we use only 10% of the interdependence which keeps us all alive and flourishing. It is the loss of that 90% of potential interdependence that is destroying the environment, killing people for resources, causing horror upon horror, both personally in people's lives and socially, in the world en mass. That is the cause of the terminal illness.

That common sense, that perception, of interdependence is what is relevant. Only that.

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22 Jun 2005 @ 18:49 by scotty : Yup !
All we have to do is learn to be 'human' again - have respect for all of life and nature recognising the interdependance and value of each person and everything and everyone has their place equally ! Get out of the money game - which is just an illusion anyway !  

25 Jun 2005 @ 04:31 by astrid : Common Sense....
...very UN-common -or at least very un-usual and very Divine!
Very well said, Roan!!!  

4 Jul 2005 @ 18:37 by jstarrs : Yep, interdepence...
....nothing exists without relying on something else for it's existence.  

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