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 Here is a legit reasonable personal free offer to everyone in NCN4 comments
picture9 Aug 2005 @ 03:01, by Roan Carratu

I am a SF writer, and I've written and finished six books. The picture is from one of the books: The Journal of John. (I'm also a graphics designer.)

These books are 'packages' for getting out some of the wisdom I have learned over my decades on this planet. Like children often take their medicine better if it is mixed with honey, these are hopefully enjoyable stories with a kernal of concepts which might spark some new ways of thinking in those who read them. To save the planet, what is termed 'common sense', or the data we all tend to take for granted which define our actions, must change, and only when we are exposed to new concepts that might work better do we make our 'common sense' conscious and change it.

My books are all about 'thinking saner'.

I am giving them away to anyone who wants to read them.

SO, I will give a free copy to everyone who wants one. I WILL NOT GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES TO ANYONE NOR SPAM YOU MYSELF. I retain copyright, but it is within copyright to give copies away. If I post the books on the Internet, I lose copyright because by defination, the Internet is public domain.

I will email you the book in one of three formats as you choose, Windows, (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Adobe (.PDF) as an email attachment as quickly as possible.

Check out my Sample Chapters:
The Journal of John (Rated R) Sociological SF
The Rebirth of Sindaku (Rated PG-13) Adventure SF
Kathlane of Whirlwind Station(Rated PG-13) Adventure SF
Magic Universe -The Story of Tempar (Rated PG-13) Magic & Fantisy
Five Facets of the Sun (Rated PG-13) Sociological SF
Frozen in Time(Rated PG-13) Sociological/Romance SF

If you want a copy of any of these, just email me at Roan Carratu.

These books are fully copyrighted and putting out the ebooks for profit or changing them in any way is forbidden. However, you may copy any of my books as much as you want and give them to anyone you want. I have taken my book out of the Kindle ebook system because of problems getting the money, (my problems with paypal, not theirs) and will distribute them myself through email. My book are free, although they are definitely not popular. lol. Que sera, sera.

Peace and Good Health,

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14 Aug 2005 @ 12:27 by fleer : Free ebook
Cool, can I get a copy of the journal of john in pdf format ?

Great idea.
I hope you will be able to sell a great number of books. Perhaps you can find something like (Global Ideas bank store) to publish them. Just an idea. :)  

27 Jun 2009 @ 15:41 by scotty : Good for you Roan
{ }

I'm with you all the way
I hope all your hard work pays off
for you personally as well as for everyone !  

29 Jan 2015 @ 07:35 by Dsflkj @ : HnZtNjyhwqMwaxpdR
hello there =) I just adopted my first and only freret so far last month. She had passed away yesterday from juvenile lymphoma. Unfortunately, we only had her for not even 2 weeks. I fell in love. I knew frerets were so energetic and fun. I loved coming home and seeing her perk up when I'd call her name and wait for me to let her out. She was a champagne point female about 5 months old. Do you have any similar? I'm HIGHLY interested and cannot stand not having mommy's baby around but I don't wanna rush into anything and get the wrong freret. It took us quit a while to find my angel, Sassy.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 15:11 by Nesrin @ : AMynmKLnhBLbGT
Barb, I have a 7 month old Ferret named Pippin. She is a playful entgreeic little sweetie. My husband and I are going on vacation for a week in August and I was wondering if you were able to board her for us while we are away? She is currently an only ferret though we do have a 9 yr old daughter and several cats that she likes to terrorize lol. We would like to use the boarding as an opportunity to see how she behaves with other ferrets and perhaps adopt a friend for her when we get back.Please let me know if you can help with this, your fees, and anything else I would need or need to know. Thank you so much.Shannon  

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