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2 Nov 2005 @ 19:55, by Gavin Bellis

Love is a word of great magnitude and power, and can never be worn down.

But it is so powerful we do not know how to wield the word, and so someone always gets hurt.
Understanding the way of the word can prevent this.

Love. Such a...powerful word. It means so many millions of things, varying from person to person. Loving work, loving coffee, or alcohol, or cigarettes. Loving women/men. Loving one woman/man. Loving a plant or animal, a colour, a symbol, a star in the sky that belongs to you and only you. Loving a dream. loving houses, cars, boats. loving space, and the universe. Loving God, or Jesus, or Buddah or Tao or Alah and so on and so forth.

Love has so many associations in this world. It has been taken so many levels by our people...and yet we have forgotten so many of their significances, that is is no wonder we have succumbed to weaponry, designed specifically to blow the head off of the fellow man.

Once, such as in the Feudal Age, we lived in a supply economy. People lived with what they had and were satisfied with it. Money did not exist, and Bartering was the way. When two fell in love, it wasn't because they were exactly what they were looking for. It was because they felt so drawn by an inexplicable force. This often bound them eternally, bringing forth the ritual of Marriage. People lived and died together, unless one died first and the other became a widow.

Now look. We are a Demand Economy. We don't ever want what we have. We have to get something better from far away. Always something better.
Example? I have so many, which will work towards the subject at hand in time.
You have a Ford Tempo. It works, it's alright on Gas.
But you HAVE to have that new Ford MUSTANG!

Similarly, A man meets a woman who is not necessarily beautiful, but they have chemistry, chemistry the woman sees but the man does not. Why not? because someone a million times HOTTER just passed by, and he just has to get into her pants!
It's no wonder you never see long-time married couples anymore. People choose people on looks, on qualities solely, forgetting chemistry, and the things that create true love, which are, as said, chemistry...and that even though the two of you may have totally different view on religion, politics, or even their own existences, they are totally fine with opposing ideals, and are willing to agree to disagree, put it aside and put love back in the light.
And love isn't just about the two way street that a couple follows.
To love anything or anyone is a gift, a blessing. We keep thinking we need to be loved back, or else we don't know what to do.

Even i have fallen into this trap, and very recently too.
Love is something that empowers us, inspires and aspires us, makes us think based on it. It makes us kinder, more selfless. It makes us feel like there's something more out there that shows us we matter, or that at least something matters to you. And as long as something matters to you, you can do anything...I mean protect it or to make it better.
In the case of a man loving a woman, that man should not forget that the woman needs to have a totally unbiased mind about what she loves...and it is not necessarily that man. It could be a way of life, or another man or woman (or two or three, depending). Love is not something you demand. It is a gift, something you give out of your heart, and not out of your wallet. It may never be given back to you, but what are you doing expecting a person to give you back something in the first place? That's trading, not giving. Buying, not offering.
And this is why so many people divorce...because the whole thing is based on demand, not on supply.
My grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversery not long ago. They were not perfectly matched in compliments of skill or ability, but they were in love, till the end.
50 years! How many people can say that they've been married and happy for fifty years?
They based their love on supply, giving rather than demanding the love of the other. And ths works well, because satisfaction, and happiness, can be reached when you go on supply.
When on demand, greed, vanity and possessiveness become apparent.
When on supply, selflessness, pride and liberty become apparent.

I guess the best example I have for this is Romeo and Juliet. Their families hated each other for ages, constantly engaging in skirmishes, people always dying.
And with one look, they just knew, this was what they were meant for.
They lived for that love and died for that love. Though short, they were together for life. They had nothing to relate on, only that they knew they loved each other that much.

Love has a massive influence on language, because it is one of those things that make us that much more unique. We all love many things, some in common with others and others, not so.
If we understand that love is a gift and not something monetary, then we can throttle peace into our language, and it can be visibly seen when people do this.

My master in Tae Kwon Do is a wonderful example of this.
I can see that he loves what he does, even down to the nitty gritty drills, when we have to make hundreds if not thousands of kicks in a session. He loves knowing that one day, we'll be able to do that better, and then after that, better still.
Furthermore, he loves life. I have never seen that man depressed, even when he was ill or otherwise unwell.
He takes great care in everything he says and does.
This is not to say we should all go into martial arts.
This is to say that we should all find a lovelife...and not necessarily one that involves a significant other, because that happens naturally in life.

There is even something to love in death.
Heaven, for example, or some form of afterlife. We assure ourselves that we are going to move onto somewhere where there is no more suffering or pain, no anger, sadness. There is paradise when we die, so we say.
So what I mean to say is that if we embrace death as part of life, and we embrace life with love...then death is nothing bad and evil. It is just the end of the beginning, truly.

This is as far as I will go with the subject, for now, before beating the dog dead, hehe.

--Gavin Bellis--

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3 Nov 2005 @ 14:02 by sprtskr : good article on love
loved your view point on love.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 06:52 by Nilay @ : NsTNwVqEkqRKY
Berenice I am not familiar with the dotrcine of Eternal Recurrence. It seems it would be something to avoid if one were to resign oneself to eternal repetition. Therefore, I can see no reason it would be embraced. (Of course, I am assuming that most religions and philosophical dotrcines are usually embraced for hope rather than despair.). (Of course, too, I am assuming that eternal ecurrence would be eternally BORING .)Rather, I look at this poem and sentiment as having been written by one who is anything BUT boring and would not abide that in herself. She has lived past lives . I believe that or choose to. (I obviously do not know her and you most likely know her.You have the advantage over me; but I am, nonetheless, pleased with this piece of poetry!). I am going to look up your own, too, dear lady.Now, I must haul my bohemian ass off to the farm. There is about four hundred acres more corn which needs shelling (GMO stuff. My cousins and I have pledged to plant at least a hundred acres of non-GMO next year for certified milling for human consumption. I think there is a market demand!)  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:13 by Ben @ : kmPUrUSBaEPFKv
Actually, the poem is not about reincarnation. It aluldes (poetically) to the doctrine of Eternal Recurrence. An idea first suggested in Ancient India, later taken up by the Roman stoics, and finally made much of by Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra'.There are some ideas that are not to be taken seriously but are put forward as theoretical possibilities only. In a poetic what-if' way. Eternal Recurrence is one such idea.Two other such ideas, even more bizarre than the idea of Eternal Recurrence — i.e., the idea that the same life is relived an infinite number of times identically — are Multple Alternative Universes and Time-Running-Backward Universes. These are not to be dismissed as science fiction nonsense. They form part of modern physics. For example, the time running backward thesis, hypothesized with equations, won Feynman the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1967.  

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