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3 Nov 2005 @ 19:26, by Gavin Bellis

In a dream, once, I had seen the Earth's surface methodically ripped away, and it was then that I had realized the answer to world peace.

I dreamed, once, that I had seen the End Time (Armageddon). Cities turned to rubble by bombardment of nuclear weaponry from the skies.
I then saw myself looking at the planet, Earth, from afar, and seeing many ships coming by me from it. They beared every flag I could think of. They were fleeing....

It was then that i realized, upon awakening, that the answer to world peace would be a war against something else, sad to say.
It is within human nature, screwed into every sinew, that we as a people must find someone to blame for something.
Since we have no known contact with a tangible extra-terrestrial race yet, we fight amongst each other.
Should we be attacked by something from some other planet, you can count on it that mankind would unite and strike back in one larger fist.
So you see, the beginning of world peace would be the beginning of interplanetary war, and not before. Men as most of our national leaders, they need to express that they are proud and free, that they have the biggest guns, the most nukes, and that they will push the button for freedom.
It's a pure cockfight, war. The worse part of it all is, it will be eventually left entirely up to remote-controlled war craft.
This means that we won't even feel it when we lose a sixty-million dollar tank, because it's thousands of kilometers away, and nobody had to put anything but the push of a few buttons into it.
Video Games are harder.
So this will greatly discourage a coming to peace because, hey, none of US are dying, are we?
But someone still is, on the other end of those remote-controlled barrels.
The scariest part of this is, machines like this are based on signals and programs...both of which can be altered, destroyed, diverted etc. by someone possessing the knowledge of how to do so.
It would be all too easy for a hacker to steal a sixty-million dollar tank, from the seat of his home, and then go out on a rampage killing as much as he can before his tank is blown up and the game is over.

We do not have much time before world peace is entirely impossible.
In fact, if I were an inetelligent extra-terrestrial being, I would do this one thing at this point in time:
Watch. Because that's all that needs to be done for humanity to consistently weaken itself in all the worst ways...and then they'd just stroll right in, claim us and we will have lost our rights to home...perhaps even get booted off the planet onto some faraway land where the dangers of dying are much greater in number.
If anyone knows the plot to the 3d strategy game, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, then they would find this quite familiar.
The Hiigarans lived on a beautiful planet, but became greedy and corrupt, much like us. They weakened themselves and the Taiidan Empire strolled in, and booted them to the faraway desert planet Kharak, forbidding them to leave it.

I fear that if there is indeed a chance for world peace, it will have to be before the End Time...because chances are, the End Time is our own doing. It could very well be an exile, too.

So the answer, plainly is this: In our current collective opinion, or, as it stands, the only way Earth and its inhabitants will ever co-exist happily is by having a common enemy, somewhere off world, assuming that the intelligent race was smart enough to get into spacefaring, and stupid enough not to opportune our idiocy and wait out until we've finished ourselves off.
Fat chance we'll get our way on that.

I talk to people, and it is commonly agreed that the End Time is scheduled, according to so-far-right prophecies, to be towards the end of 2012, around the same time of the year as now.
That would mean we have seven (7) years to make preparations for these dark times coming.
Let us hope we will not have to go through this again, thousands of years from now. let us hope that after this time, we will do well to remember what got us into this hole in the first place.

For I have seen the End Time. It is near.
"Bless all forms of Intelligence."
--A quote from the Animatrix--

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4 Nov 2005 @ 10:26 by EJ @ : World Peace
Interesting piece.

There are two realities/games running concurrently: one where people are fighting wars be it human against human, against ET or the battle with one's inner "demons." This reality does not end when you exit this game, it continues in other realities or games. In this game, there can never be peace because its nature is separation and division.

There is Reality where all is One and peaceful. This Reality is available now. All one has to do is tap into Reality now and you can have that state of Mind, the "peace that passes all understanding."

See {link:|Is There a Devil?}  

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29 Jan 2015 @ 15:51 by Adi @ : pGaNPrttzC
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2 Feb 2017 @ 03:14 by binasa PERRY @ :
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