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16 Nov 2005 @ 19:36, by Gavin Bellis

This is an opinion on the conflict of religion, and how it is slowing our evolution down.

First of all, i'm not on the side of either Darwin or God in the case of evolution versus Creation. Rather, I am on both sides, believing that a supreme being created life to evolve.
As in, he intended us to be evolved from simple amino acids.

This is to get out of the way that I am not against any religion when I say what I say.

I think that Religion needs to change, again. Its existence in our society has become as important as money, but the western-civilizations have made very few changes since the crusading days in Europe.
The difference now, is power. The Church has been seperated, partially, from the State.
It's true, about 95% of the world's human population believes in a supreme being of one form or another. I'm included there, from personal experiences that cannot be explained by any form of science and were, indeed, very real.
But what's concerning me is our relation between god and religion...and religion with spirituality.
We are in an information age. Knowledge flies at light speed, and we can easily access it. We can easily speak amongst each other through telephones and internet.
Moreso, people are becoming more aware, on their own, with this supreme being we name God. We feel it around, sometimes. It's often a good feeling, sometimes life changing.
In western civilization, we have mostly moved on from religion, although you get your pious ones here and there, those who cannot accept others. Zealots, basically.
This needs to change if we are to move onto our next grand evolution of mindset. And it will, in the End Time, I think.
Edgar Cayce once said, in his sleeptalks, that Humanity swings on a pendulum. It has swung into something material and greedy, scientific and analytical.
It is about to swing back to the more spiritual and perceptive side. Perhaps the End Time is when this Pendulum is at its apogee, having reached its highet speed, and having gained its highest momentum.
This is good, because this is what we have been crying out for. We've been begging for change, for more connection, more feeling, more love. We've been begging to get back onto a more balanced path, which so few people can percieve or even follow.
We -need- to change. We as a soul are dying inside. Change of the side of the pendulum will see to it that we see this brighter reality.
At least, i hope so.

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16 Nov 2005 @ 19:56 by jerryvest : I hope so as well, Gavin. Seems that
religious organizations are our enemy when they could be our partners. But, as you so wisely note, zealots are stuck in their fears, ignorance and prejudice. They are certainly not open, honest, respectful and accepting. I think that they are creating just the opposite results and calling what they do "love." I hope their sleep cycle completes itself soon. Thanks for your presentation.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 03:04 by danh @ : Time are changing
The Main Question – Search for the Meaning
Kabbalah researches the question of the meaning of life; everything starts from this question. Often a person simply does not realize it, but asks this question unconsciously. This could be a question of where to go, what to read, what to do or whom to marry. These are little meanings, but at the end of the day, all our activity is determined by the higher meaning, which correlates to the understanding of the relationship between a subject, as a spiritual substance, and existence. A person may not even find an answer to this question, but all his activity may constitute a certain form of the expression of this question.
This is a materialistic approach to searching for one's practical application within the framework of the real world. Later, when the level of self-realization increases in a subject, questions of an idealistic nature start to arise. Here a person enters a period of self-realization, of considering oneself as a part of an intelligent spiritual substance.
A person realizes that there is Upper Providence: "God exists, the Creator exits". The only problem is the question of what qualities are inherent in God or the Creator. Kabbalah claims that the Creator is the highest Law of Creation, the most synthesizing, containing all the rest of its particular laws, all of us, and all creations at all its levels and in all the worlds. This universal Law of Creation is called the Creator.
We can say that there is a period in man's activity in this world when he explores out of pure utilitarian interests. Later, when he starts to explore this world from the point of view of science itself, a pure science, then he already works towards the realization of the meaning of existence. This is a period of creation and altruism in the name of the Law of Creation.

Author: Michael Laitman, PhD  

25 Nov 2005 @ 15:49 by oneemotion : Times are a-Changing
Yes, Gavin, I too believe that we need a change. I think that our various religions have let us down as their particular beliefs are not evolving as other disciplines are. As soon as the scientists can make a connection with spiritual thinkers than a shift can take place which actually I feel we are now on the verge of witnessing. A long route ahead though!!!


29 Jan 2015 @ 06:37 by Royal @ : ufhdeGXUxFhA
Netilas Yadayim According to the Zohar by Rav Daniel Travis The Zohar elucidates more on the nautre of the impurity that rests on one’s hands each morning: “The secret of the mitzvah of netilas yadayim is as follows: There isn't a person in this world who does not experience the taste of death each night. While a person is sleeping, his neshamah leaves his body, and a spirit of impurity rests on him. Upon the return of his soul, the impurity leaves his body, but a small amount remains on his hands, making it dangerous to touch one’s eyes or other orifices. When a person washes his hands the impurity departs, and he is considered to be holy” (Zohar Vayeshev 184b as cited in Beis Yosef 4:8-11). We can infer from this Zohar that the essence of netilas yadayim is to remove the spirit of impurity that rests on one’s hands each night. Although the Zohar contains some of the deepest secrets of the Torah, it is not always the final word in halachah. Nonetheless, regarding the mitzvah of netilas yadayim, many of the halachos stem from the Zohar. Due to the implications of the Zohar’s explanation regarding the dangerous impurity that rests on one’s hands, a person should try to remove this spirit as quickly as possible, for the spiritual ramifications of neglecting to remove this impurity are extremely severe. If possible, a person should not even get off his bed before he has washed his hands. For this reason there are those who prepare a bowl and a washing cup filled with water near their beds (negel vasser) each night (Mishnah Berurah 1,2). When washing for bread, if a person pours a revi’is of water on each hand, it is sufficient to wash each hand once. Since many people are unfamiliar with this halachah, and according to the Vilna Gaon one must wash an additional time, many people today have the custom to always wash each hand twice (heard from Rav Moshe Sternbuch). However, when removing impurity, everyone agrees that one must pour water on each hand three times (Shulchan Aruch 4,2), and according to the Gra one must add a fourth (Mishnah Berurah 4:8,10). Based on the Zohar’s teachings concerning the impure spirit on one’s hands, this impurity is transfered to the water, rendering it a spiritually dangerous entity. As a result, a person should not get any benefit from this water. Rather, he should spill it out in a place where people will not come into contact with it (Shulchan Aruch 4:8-9).  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:07 by Thiago @ : bJHMoNkWiReNenSMtj
Hi.I read your pot and its really Aspiring. Personally I like most about tuthghos one in which you have explain that our mind produce around 6000 tuthghos and for ordinary man most are negative so why need to believe on that just forget.It's really Important because tuthghos shapes our life.Than for sharing.Mukesh Amarnani  

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