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22 Nov 2005 @ 16:25, by Gavin Bellis

Rainbows have a lot to say about our spiritual existence, and here is how:

Almost a year ago, I was on my way home from the bus. It was the last day of school before the Christmas Vacations...what a strange day, because most of the weather was cold, bitter and hazey. Not this day...It was hazey, but it was somehow, clear. The sun had broken out, but one can look right at it without burning one's eyes.
Crossing the Walkway across a Highway, I had noticed something very strange about how -everything- was coloured. Everything was...purplish. The green go-lights were a very strange blue. It was pleasantly warm, and the breeze was heavenly.
But the most wonderful thing I caught sight of, while still trying to evade all the slush on the sidewalk...were the rainbows. Three of them, all beautifully bright.
Until I got home, i did not realize just how rare that moment was, and just how lucky i was to see it. Few things are more amazing, enigmatic even.

Over the last year since, I have been thinking about Rainbows, Spectrums...and then I started relating it to people, because...we come in every colour.
I also began to think how the colours of the Rainbow are actually resultant of the fragmentation of light.
People are always looking for the light, which ties back into my article on God/Religion/Spirituality (and all those links between).
My conclusion is now, this:
If we are to be true followers of the light, we must love every colour that makes up that light.
This applies to Race. Religion. Culture. Career Path. Every human thing that has a spectrum, must be universally accepted and loved, if Unity, that which we wish to enjoy, can ever be made manifest.
And it is not a matter of taking turns jumping. We must all learn to jump together.
I would love to see to it that we enter a Rainbow Era, or otherwise a global Pax, where opinion matters, and difference of opinion matters not. Where reason meets compassion, where success meets moral, and where man meets God...whichever one, in what I like to call the Global Polytheism we seem to exist in.
7 is a divine number. There are seven visible colours of the Rainbow.
9 is a divine number. There are nine actual colours of the rainbow (Infrared and Ultraviolet at both ends).
Seems that this is the way to go.
Figuratively speaking, perhaps this is how we get the gold at the end of the Rainbow.

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