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29 Nov 2005 @ 12:06, by Gavin Bellis

One of those interesting pinnacles of my life, where one set of entities running it, phase out, and somehow, there's -always- something waiting to fill the gap....

They tell me that the turning point of adulthood is just about as dynamic as that of teenhood, and I wish I prepared for that much earlier. It seems that good advice is hard to find but even harder to listen to. It's no wonder we're just spinning on into the End Time, because nobody knows when to listen. Even I admit that I can't listen to advice as simple as "prepare for certain personal crisis in your adulthood, everyone goes through it."
Thankfully, it seems as though no matter what happens in life, for me, there's always some other card I can play. People often don't feel that lucky, but I think we should, considering just how many things threaten the planet upon which we live, every day. Because if you count the figures and probabilities of survival on earth, given all the local cosmic events, we shouldn't be this lucky.
Isn't that proof enough that there's something a little bigger than ourselves running the show around here?
Anyway, Life is polar, so it seems. It goes north, and it certainly goes south. It's one thing I use to remind myself, because from day one I've always been fascinated by magnetism.
I meditated for an hour and a half, slept for two and a half, and woke up finally at 5:30 AM, more or less. I never do, and while it wasn't exactly me who woke myself up, I stayed up anyway. I mean, after all, who doesn't thank themselves for having a more full day? I mean, time to have a coffee, stretch out, then go and begin writing your book, or whatever it is you do.
Not that I depend on coffee, I just enjoy it. People too often get addicted to something and become dependant. I just drink it for pleasure, I get no energy out of a coffee, or even an espresso, I just don't work that way.
-sigh- I'm a perfect example when I say that people are too afraid to show their human side...well, actually I'm not -afraid- but simply don't show that side of things, the side of simplicity upon which we all draw the lines that make up our lives and eventually lead to all these opinions and interests which make us who we are.
The world's a beautiful, beaufiul place. A pearl of great value and rarity, and the problem is, we cannot properly appraise it because we cannot all stand back from it and have a real look at it. In fact, I think that all world leaders should see the planet from space, just once, as a prerequisite for being a leader of any one nation (or group of nations), so they can actually appreciate the planet they live on, the enigma of it, and how it is really that much bigger than us. How we must respect it, how we must treat it well. It's the one pearl we have, and pearls, fragile as they are, can be scored to valuelessness. Just another grain of sand on this endless stretch of beach.
I have begun playing Sim-Earth. It's not a wonderfully graphic game, but it really does have a lot of interesting consistencies with the planet we live on, biologically, geologically and atmospherically, and how they are all intertwined and synergetic. Yes, in this game, civilizations can gas themselves out, and the amazing thing is, you can see the grand scale of things...and it shows us just how little of a blink we are to the world, because once we're gone (either gassed out or transcended or anything else) the Earth will just busy itself as before, regulate the CO2 output. Plants will evolve to take in more CO2, animals will evolve to consume less oxygen, likely becoming smaller and faster (as we seem to be going that way already, looking at recent evolution).
Not to say that it doesn't matter what we do, because it does...but even if we were to nuke the planet surface to death...who is to say that, after the fallout of a few decades, Earth won't just clean up? That animals and plants won't have survived and won't have continued on until there was another spark of intelligence?
Nonetheless, we are animals of survival. We have to hold on to what we have, we say, because it's all we're going to get.
Which is kind of funny, because when you look at the life of a single person, you observe and conclude that this is, in fact, not the case at all. Whether we hold onto something or not, it might stay and it might go. Presences in your life are always being swapped, all the time, and even with the most static of people, things will change.
As individuals we can handle this, all of us why are we so spineless as a collective?
"There is nothing wrong with government. There is something wrong with those who claim to govern." I said this about six hours ago to someone I have taken a very large interest in...she knows much about the Masons, which fascinates me, because while my knowledge of the masons is sparse at best, it's still playing at my level. I know a little of their behind society, but not enough, not as much as I now have incentive to learn.
That's the other thing...It's just surprising how you can someone on a bus and almost immediately jump to subjects you both feel very strongly on (in our case, spirituality and politics, as unmatched as they are...). I mean, how does that happen? How do you just...know about something like that, that this is a person who it's totally cool to talk to about this stuff? Because a number of people, though fewer and fewer in existence, do get offended by those who are spiritual but are not churchgoers.
People are waking up and that's good. We are indeed on a path, potentially, to enlightenment. But being awake does not include, at all, being AWARE and ALERT.
Because besides this new comrade and a few others I know, very few people are aware or alert. They might as well go back to sleep, but they might also as well get some sense out of things while they're waking up. Because, humans are the slowest creaatures to wake up.
Have you ever seen an animal wake up all groggy and groany? a little grumpy even?
Animals or either totally sleep, or totally awake, alert, aware. no In-between time.
And it's su funny just how much the heart, while a wonderful concept, can be blinding to your spiritual eyes. A month ago, I would have been ready to abandon my revelation of Global Polytheism and become a pure christian, a Churchgoer and Bible guru, for the girl.
A month has passed and I ran into someone who I can be myself around. After all, isn't that the best way? Isn't it? No, masks, no lies, no confusion, no dishonesties. Just love, you know? You don't want all that false 'yes dear' crap that often tags on. I know I don't.
See...religion as I have begun to perceive, compared to religion as I have begun to concieve, is like a ray compared to a spray. A laser to a flashlight. If you know exactly where that little target (let's say, Truth for those who read my 3D language articles) is, then you can concentrate that light and bullseye it.
Do you know where the truth is? At best, generally, else you'd have transcended.
The flashlight will definately reveal that target for you.
Similarly, religions as percieved are firing blankly in the dark, shooting at a target that moves (as we are creatures of change, our supreme beings must also be so dynamic). Religion as being conceived, lights up the whole area, or at least gives us a better chance of finding that little moving target, and tracking it with a margin, a margin which does not exist in the laser.
A better analogy is looking at a painting up really close. While you can see that one spot really well, you cannot see the whole picture and how it all works out. The closer you get to the big picture of things, the less you see of it and the smaller it becomes.
Stuff like this, the simple stuff we forget to do, like just taking a few steps back and looking at the whole picture which our supreme beings have painted for us...wouldn't be a bad idea, because when one tries to assume that any one part of a picture means the same thing as the whole picture...that is where we are wrong. There is no one correct answer to any question, there are many. In science it depends on units. In life it depends on the person. In art it depends on taste. Even down to how you like your coffee, surely there's more than one way you'll have it (including not at all).
Global Polyhtheist....yeah that's going to raise a lot of eyebrows on the faces of common monotheists, but it's also true that believing any other kind than the christian (for example only) to be a dillusionalist, is really in itself dillusional. Who is to say who is right or wrong?
This is what Global Polytheism's about, I's just putting a name to something that exists already, because...well, just like in the egyptian and roman empires, and the greeks too...they were on and off polytheists, but people often had their one big god/goddess to believe in.
Similarly, I believe in God as we Saxons have named him, but not blindly so. While ignorance can be bliss, it's also very hindering to advancement of any sort. So I believe in god but I also believe in Tao (thus myself), Buddah (thus myself), Alah (little as I know) and so on and so forth.
Well, The day is new. I will start it well.

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29 Nov 2005 @ 21:30 by jmarc : cream and 1 sugar
i enjoyed reading this article and agree that tolerance in religion is a good thing.  

7 Jul 2009 @ 02:29 by wowgold @ : jkdgj  

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