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1 Dec 2005 @ 21:20, by Gavin Bellis

I've done it! I think I've found how we are alllll linked! How we are all intertwined with each other and with ourselves and with the supreme.

Someone asked me not too long ago to read the book of John from the bible, and to tell her what i thought.
Of course, this was a little after my first thoughts about Global polytheism, and I am beginning to realize something.
Jesus was human. he was godsent but he was human. And yet he did all these wonderful things, like generating enough food for an army out of five loaves of bread and two fish, like generating water which would cause one to cease thirst etc.
but he was Human. Mortal. Do yo uknow what this means?
He also consistently told us that he was within all of us and so we are linked this way. So what does this all c ome down to?
Confidence in self.
To believe in him in spirit and truth is to believe in oneself in spirit and in truth. Vice-versa as well.
This is to say, that we ALL have his capacity. His powers are ours, should we follow the way...
Hey! I know a word, a chinese word that means the way too: Tao!
As well, note what Buddah said, five hundred years before: To beleive in oneself, to acknowledge how life and our spirits are all fluent within and without each other, hence our wonderful system of reincarnation. All of which is consistent with Christ's sayings.
John also constantly reminds us that our disbelief in him is our dooming, but....funny how it's the same thing if we have no self-esteem or confidence? We're just, screwed?
What a it?
No. No coincidences, the world doesn't work that way.
At the same time, one part of John mentions that we must take the straightest path to God.
Tao, as chinese for 'the way' as Bonjour is french for 'good day,' is just that path.
See how for millenia we've all been seeing the same thing just at different viewpoints with different namings (purely based on language) and it's all the same thing? All pieces to the same puzzle? All correct answers to the same question?
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no difference in our beliefs as clearly they all work on the same fundamentals, and they all aim for the same thing: enlightenment.
Now all we need to do is clean up all the man-made loose ends and start to really implement all of this. I think, if my intuitions are correct, we are on the verge of a new era, indeed an era of enlightement.
However I don't think it will see consideration until all that is man-made is rubbled in the End Time coming up. But maybe...I won't exclude the possibility we can see this unified Theology sooner.

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2 Dec 2005 @ 03:06 by sprtskr : hi
I liked what you wrote. Its good to find connections in ALL.  

2 Dec 2005 @ 22:56 by freo7 : Right on!! G>B>
When you are ready to go for this > "one part of John mentions that we must take the straightest path to God" email me here: and I will share how my *straightest path worked* (my age 27)!!

There are no copies though so you will have your own totally unique experience I am sure!

Mah Gii Kah Oui Brother,

Our relationship speaks

Brenda in Idaho USA Earth & Beyond...  

3 Dec 2005 @ 06:52 by oasiian : Hahaha coincidence
I was just reading the book of John, what a coincidence you brought it up! haha! I saw the same quote and connected to that.  

3 Dec 2005 @ 12:09 by Enocia @ : Cool!

I love what you wrote.

This is so cool. It's funny I was thinking of something similar and going to write a similar piece.

Humans are so much more than we think; the Spirit in form. I believe telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis and other psychic abilities are human abilities to help us experience how we are all connected - oneness. Humans are all like Jesus! Imagine what this means when we fully accept this.

When we stop being human, as in being individuals, and merge with the All There Is, there is no need for psychic abilities. All is.

Thanks again. Truly inspiring.  

3 Dec 2005 @ 13:32 by Enocia @ : God in Flesh

I couldn't help but write another piece about this, quoting some of your ideas. It's wonderful isn't it? WE ARE ALL LIKE JESUS AND MORE!

Lots of love,

4 Dec 2005 @ 05:13 by sjgraham : Hey
A simple theory yet it's the only one i've heard that makes sense. I agree with you totalley. Now if only others can see and maybe there would be peace. Good work as always.  

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