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31 Dec 2005 @ 08:51, by Gavin Bellis

Ever wonder what impact we play on the rest of the world? That is, NewCivNet, or any spiritual groups, new and old? Ever wonder where the actions are? Where the reactions are?

I have put myself purposely into a deep thought and have taken greater understandings on things, such as the controversies of a spokesman.
People talk. We are social creatures. Once, we lived and it was that simple. We hunted, foraged, found a mate and continued on.
Now we bathe in every form of communication the planet will ever see. We are so comforted by this that action has become less and less important. We've become more social now than ever, what with the Internet and the Telephone and all...
2005 has come to a close. So much and yet so little has happened this year. Take the numerous disasters, for example.
Take Live 8, for example. What happened there? It all went hush-hush after the people stopped singing...our political heroes just disappeared, why?
The problem is, people just live on with their lives, treating the news like the news, having nothing but opinions on it.
Heroism's too short-term these days. And it's not that people can't keep it up, only that they won't. Just no endurance, no...profit.
Heroism is a seed, and it must be constantly watered. Frankly it takes a long time for heroism to even begin to grow, so people give up watering the seed and it never grows, off to try and water some other seed, like money, which grows easier and thus is a more favorable seed.
However, Heroism when it does grow is something that roots in deep, grows bigger, stronger and is always green, never losing its leaves. It blossoms more miraculously, too.

Perhaps what the problem is patience...people can't wait for something to wonder nothing ever does, because those who can make things happen, lose the support they need due to sheer impatience...truly sad.
I hope people will learn to truly see what needs to be done, and look a little beyond their own welbeings. If we are such social creatures, then we ought to learn to help one another.

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1 Jan 2006 @ 17:50 by dna : Good saying
"If we are such social creatures, then we ought to learn to help one another. "

I think you are refering here mostly to term ALTRUISM as a whole, not a Heroism.
But I can't disagree with your words.

Happy New Year!  

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