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13 Jun 2006 @ 04:43, by Gavin Bellis

A strange day where it's warmer at night...somehow it always goes down this way where i live, the nights are always warm, pleasant...

A routine day at work turns into something more enlightening, as people begin to comment on just how...kind I am, if even only for picking up their dishes for them, or helping an elder to his/her table, or pointing out the best ice cream shop in town.
It's too easy to forget that while the generous millionaire keeps pouring their wealth into charities, it's the simple acts of kindness that truly uplift spirits, albeit on a more local, personal level.
And it seems kindness is constantly rewarded. I arrive at work in the rain, and I leave when it shines.
On my birthday, it was warm, breezy, and dandilion fluff snowed away throughout the town...really something to watch, it was beautiful. My favorite event in the season. it constantly reminds me that while there are millions of places I'd like to at least see...this place is like a vacation every day, for all its beauties year round.
And somehow, it's always warm at night in the summer. I love heat, I never complain, even if the temperatures reach about 45 celsius, or well into the hundreds in farenheit. It's my kind of weather.
But it also seems like a good place to mention if i was somewhere out in the midst of the world, with some friends on other ends of the global map. i can tell them about this place so little it's not on the map, but so beautiful that it's just too much so, for the map. A paradise, privy only to those who knows where it is. The world could end and this town would likely be fine.
Then again, if anyone knows about what happened to Tibet shortly after World War 2 (taken over by the People's Republic of China), then anyone can truly say that this unearthly beauty was made to be enjoyed while it was here, because it wouldn't be, forever...

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13 Jun 2006 @ 19:00 by jobrown : Yuppp, I can relate!.... knowing a Secret Spot of Paradise...far too tiny for the Map -yet "too big in beauty and plain Good Ol' Heavenly'ness for the Map" at the same time! I bet there's thousand -if not millions little Heaven Pockets, that will function as Safe Havens to us!...
Thanks for all your articles!  

13 Jun 2006 @ 20:11 by jstarrs : That's a lovely post to read... seems you're in the right place at the right time, when all things are fine.
Sometimes, rarely, it's like that, isn't it?

14 Jun 2006 @ 20:41 by oasiian : Why did I name it that...
I can't seem to remember why I named this diary piece, 'The Human Condition...'  

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