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 A search begins
picture 29 Jan 2006 @ 10:29, by teshnair

Why am I here? I am not sure. No one really is sure about why they are anywhere. So long as one is comfortable, it does not matter to them they are there. The why-s of life tend to answer for itself.

Much of the problems I see around me have risen when people move out of this comfort zones. That has been the strength and weakness of the human race. We would not have had much of what we have today, had it not been for a few people who decided to find an answer to the why-s. May it be the internet or the nuclear bomb. May it be the wheel or the shuttle. May it be technology or an ever-growing list of endangered species. We can contribute all the blessings and banes we are carrying with us to a three-letter word that has more often than not change the face of existence - not only human - in this planet. A three-letter word that crops up at every minute, at every corner and in every inch of space. WHY?

We all search for meanings for our existences. Much part of our life is spent in questioning whether our existence has been justified, or whether the purposes of our life has been met. I recall a very famous quote from Richar Bach - "Here is a test to find if your mission on Earth is finished: if you are alive, it isn’t!"

I do not exist, I live. I do not breath, I am alive. So, I do have a mission on Earth. I am yet to find it, perhaps, but I have one. This realisation all the more dawns on me when I remember that God has snatched me away from the jaws of death a few times already. He sure must have had a reason.

I continue on, in search, allowing Time to take another minute away from my life. A search for the answer to WHY.

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