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27 Mar 2006 @ 14:13, by N Marion Hage

Within our hearts is a compass, a homing device, searching for meaning and answers. We want to know about eternity and God, and our eyes are drawn to the stars. As a child, there is a “Why?” built into us, and no question is considered sacred, though parents may induce us to suppress our natural curiosity due to their own insecurities.

Where did our “Why?” go?

Some people seem perpetually secular-minded, filled with thoughts of the here and now, countless projects and distractions. But this is not our natural state. Children who know they are loved, enjoy being in the presence of those who accept them. They don’t strive. That strife was set in motion because the world/parents/peers sent us messages that weren’t true, making us feel defective. When someone constantly fills their mind with entertainment and data, it is often because they don’t feel comfortable just existing. This does not mean our curiosity is wrong, but when it leads to no rest or peace, it is coming from the wrong place.

Even the “busy-minded” have to push these questions out of their minds when they lay on their beds. So, they fill their head with a constant barrage of noise and stimulation until they collapse in exhaustion, or those questions will return.

But why would people fill their minds with distractions? Why would people be so preoccupied with here and now? Desire to know is a part of our most innocent state. When we first ask “Why?” our view of ourselves is a reflection of our parent’s responses. They’ll tell us if we are shy, or pretty, or stupid, or useless. Of course, no one is useless, or stupid, but we buy into false messages. In God’s eyes, everyone has intrinsic value (they don’t have to earn it) We are at birth valuable, just like a one of a kind Rembrandt, the only one of “Us” this universe will ever know.

A Rembrandt doesn’t have to prove its worth. It doesn’t have to jump through hoops, or score touchdowns or get good grades. It is valuable just because it exists.

If we pictured that God wanted us, liked us, saw something wonderful in us, we would be more inclined to look for God. However, the reality is that people are generally driven by fears, a sense that if God saw them, he would be angry, disappointed, and wind up rejecting them. And so, they avoid God, and more specifically, “God’s Face”.

People will pray, seeking God’s hand, which means, answers to prayer, because in desperation, people might try anything. A child might seek his parent’s hands, but not their face, “Give me the keys to the car…but don’t expect me to spend time with you, getting to know your likes and dislikes, and who you are.”

We generally avoid seeking people’s faces because we fear displeasure, rejection, anger.
And so, deep within the heart, there is something that causes people to withdraw, and turn away.

Fears and anger rule the world. Most mental health problems are based upon fears or anger. Generally speaking, hurts cause temporary pain, but our anger at being hurt can cause a lifetime of pain.

Here is a secret. Your “Why?” was placed there by God himself. That is God’s Spirit wooing us, because contrary to what our hearts may tell us, he wants us to find him.

Here’s another secret. If you are honestly “seeking him”, he will find you. In this journey towards God, you will come to the end of yourself. Your intellect can only take you so far. But be encouraged, because God already knows who you are, and is simply waiting until your heart is inclined to him, and then he will do the rest, which is to reveal himself.

Another secret. God wants you more than you want him, and if you are seeking him, I guarantee you, he will show himself, and he will not be angry. This does not mean he will love everything we do, but God sees the Rembrandt, the value, the gifts, at all times.

No one that is seeking God will be rejected, because your desire to seek God was put in you by God, and it is the most natural thing we can do. He put the homing device in us, because in reality he is calling us to him. He would not call to you if he did not want you, because that is not within God’s nature.

How then shall we approach God? I’m only going to give you some general tips.

Don’t tell God who he is. Let him reveal himself to you. This is no different than if we meet another human. They don’t like it when we define them, but would rather we listen to what they say, and allow them to define themselves. God desires most that you seek his face (who he is/his nature) than his hand. (favors). And here’s a tip, if you seek his face, you will be granted more favors than you can think to ask for. This doesn’t mean we can’t ask for answers to prayers, but keep the giver before the gift. Our heart should be one of appreciation, not one of selfish demands. And any parent can tell the difference between a child that wants us, or only what’s in our wallets. One gives us joy, the other gives us grief. God feels both emotions- make him happy.

Feel free to tell God what you observe, and ask questions. Remember, our “Why?” was put there by God, and he wants us to learn. Any question asked in earnest, “Not a disrespectful accusation” is okay to ask.

Be humble. Humility is simply our realization of what he’s done (as much as we recognize it). This posture allows us to see things that we would miss. People that assume they “Already know everything” are less inclined to listen to what others have to say.

Last, God already knows everything you’ve done, every screw-up, mistake, and downright purposeful action. We don’t have to put up a mask to approach him. In fact, he sees through it, so it only keeps us from seeing clearly, not him. You don’t need to barter or beg for God, though you might feel overwhelming appreciation that he would forgive, and want to tell him that.

Here is word of comfort for you that have lived a horrid life that you are ashamed of. If you say, “I wish God would only forgive me and accept me…” it doesn’t matter if you believe he will, because I guarantee he will.- You cannot even want God if he doesn’t put that desire to come to him within you- that “Want” is his guarantee that he will accept you, and he will not throw your past in your face.

God wants you, and he is waiting.

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27 Mar 2006 @ 15:04 by jstarrs : I guess enlightened beings...
..gods & buddhas are, like the sun is with it's rays of light, undiscriminating with their love.
And even if we're in the cellar, all we have to do is open the shutters...  

27 Mar 2006 @ 16:52 by poetsong : On God's nature
Some wonder if God is indeed indifferent? Does God care what happens to us, or stand on the sidelines without any participation.

First, the study of God transcends the study of books. The entire universe, male and female genders, trees, grass, animals are testiments of God's nature. Animals by nature know which way is home, how to raise and nurture their infants. The same homing device in wild ducks that allows them to navigate, is akin to a spiritual homing device in us that allows us to find our way.

Apart from dogma, what does observation say about this? Is there reason and logic, and boundaries? How does a beast with no education know when it is time to build a nest, how to build a nest, where to build a nest? The study of human, bird, and animal instincts alone can help us see that "nurture" is built into the design. Why, if God is indifferent, would this be so? Study Dolphin and Eagle behavior, and there is much to learn about purpose in the Universe.

From the largest to smallest, this is a Universe governed by Laws. And spiritual laws are no less evident. What religion does not believe in Sowing and Reaping, pantheist or monotheist? Why? Because years of observation tells humankind this is a Law. Why is a law of justice built into creation if God is indifferent?

27 Mar 2006 @ 17:00 by jstarrs : An indifferent God...
..wouldn't have been moved to create.
It's that simple.
But, ultimately, it's our call, with or without a god.
That's the built in law, IMHO.
I'm thinking, also, of the male lion who eats it's young.
Where is the built in 'nurture' there?
All is not rosy in the jungle that is life.
Far from it.  

27 Mar 2006 @ 18:14 by Susie @ : nurture
but WHY does the male lion eat the cub? is it weak, is it a bad time or area for the cub to be raised in? or does it just like cub munchies?! why do some women protect their children with their very life and others drop them in dumpsters? yep, our call, but sometimes  

27 Mar 2006 @ 20:10 by jobrown : Since ALL is PART = included
"within the confines of "GOD" /Universe" , but not ALL of it is IN HARMONY with the highest "God-Ideal" which is "LIFE-THAT-CANNOT-BE- DESTROYED" ; BEYOND any destruction, there are Cosmic LAWS that safeguard that sacredness of Life - as I understand. These are the so called Karmic Laws of Actions/Results, Cause / Effect / Consquence....
Humans going through the "rooms" of Purgatory where we see ALL our Doings from our Earth-time ( regardless of what Planet "we" were on ) and learn from those mistakes; why our choises might have been less than of the highest Life-containing quality... That is a very hard time for the 'Soul' and I can imagine there's a lot of fear that God will not accept us!.... YET when we learn there to accept the LESSONS making the choise to never-ever do those things again, we go the next "room" and the next....
Eventually we come to the vibration where our SOURCE abides and that Source; "GOD" is INDIFFERENT to all those actions we just viewed because we indeed graduated to that vibration thorgh this Purgatory process, by making the NEW -RIGHT- Choise for our new/future Actions! This Source loves ITS OWN CREATION UNCONDITIONALLY!... = ACCEPTS us with NO regard to all these stupid separating ideas about Better Family /"Religion" / "Ethnicity" /Gender and what not! The ONLY Requirement WAS -and will always be- that we have chosen/choose to see our errors and learn from them, thus making it possible for us to grow in Love = Compassion, which we need in order to relate, in order to see and feel and truly LIVE ONE'NESS with ALL! Full circle! : )

The LIFE ORIGINATING SOURCE LOVES/ACCEPTS ALL of ITs own Creation!... ONLY LOW level 'Souls'/humans think that one (human) is more in GOD'S Eyes than the other!... That is indeed a very LOW-level Understanding of "how" LIFE-ENERGY works!.... When such a thinking pattern is taken to its apex we can easily see that it is indeed Life DESTRUCTIVE in nature!... We would NOT EXIST anymore, writing and reading these comments IF that thinking would be The Right One!!!!...

As far as Lions eating their cubs etc... We Humans, with every Fall Out of Grace lowered the energies on Earth AND we forced the Animals and Plants to either adapt ( the so called Evolution Theory) to these lower levels of vibrations, where destructive things can be possible -or they had to depart from here ( to another -more Loving- Planet/ group of Co-Creative Souls/'humans' )
We humans FORCED Nature into a state they never were meant to be in in the first place!.... and WE are the ones who have to correct this, by becoming ever more loving and by understanding this process back into FULL COMPASSION/RELATEDNESS = ONEness.

This is how I see/understand Life to be. If it rings true to you, then great!... If not, then; just drop it and go on! : )  

27 Mar 2006 @ 23:20 by poetsong : There are so many things to answer
Please be patient, because I feel all of your points are worth addressing. I just may not be able to adequately do so.

Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh my! Your question goes to the heart of the basic question, "Why is there suffering in the world/Universe?" And it is an honest question, one I asked myself. Yet, it is secondary to the overall question, "What is the nature of God?"

Is God indeed beautiful, and loving? It is possible for people to base their worldview on where they happen to be standing at a given moment. Yes,if we are in happy valley, we see God as good. If we are in the pit of sorrows, we question the goodness of God.

But when we do that, it is somewhat like a child's view of his parent's love. "Mommy gives me ice cream...mommy loves me..." "Mommy makes me go to bed when I want to play...mommy hates me..."

Obviously, when we suffer, it is harder to keep a positive perspective, but I say that as someone that has suffered a bit in this life, and spent a great deal of time with people who have suffered more than most could ever imagine. You would be surprised that I find very few cynics amongst the suffering. And although these people may ask, "Why me?" they generally don't have as jaded a view of God as those who live in happy valley.

Everything, including sorrow and suffering must be viewed in an overall context. What are the rules, and what are the exception? When suffering is present, what is the primary cause. Can good come from suffering?

Is nature, as we see it, as God intended it, or is it in fact, corrupted by something outside of God? The rule in creation is nurture. Even Crocs protect their young. If their is an exception, why? Generally speaking, all who study animals find beauty in the species. When you look at animal behavior, when Lions harm other lions, it is generally a fear reaction- fear of replacement. The lion fears the young lion will take over.

In the beginning, I mentioned fear and anger being at the root of most human problems. How was fear and anger introduced into humanity, and the world in the first place? Was God the cause, or did God permit it to happen? There is a reason why there is sadness and sorrow in the world, but most of it can be traced back to mankind's choices.

Well, if God is God, wouldn't God step in and stop it? The question is deeper than this. If indeed, this is God's world, God would have full responsibility, it would seem. However, if in fact, this world was given to man, as "Steward", then what happens to this world, is in fact, our responcibility.

Let's take the angry lion scenario, and look at it close. In the wild, a number of things impact animals, including weather, and availability of food. However, when men act as wise stewards, in jungle preserves, much of the negative animal actions are extinct. In fact, with man as steward, you have had creatures that could not get along in the wild acting like siblings. You can find dogs and cats mingling with lions and bears.

The potential exists for animals to reach their highest point when men act wisely as stewards of the earth. And when we see the proverbial lamb lie with the lion, something in us says, "Yes, this is the way it is supposed to be..." It is the way we want, but like I said, "God put a "Why?" in us. He also put a "Why not!" in us. Why should animals suffer and die? Why shouldn't there be peace? Why can't everyone get along?

Those questions were put in us, so that we would look for answers. We inwardly know that in a perfect world, there is no death. In a perfect creation, loved ones are not separated. Since we have a Universal sense this is true, where did these "beliefs" about what should be, come from? God.

Your questions are indeed there because God does not want you, or me, or anyone here, content with this world, as beautiful as it is. God placed eternity in our hearts, and deep inside we have a hunger and thirst for that garden where animals and humans never kill, harm or cause sorrow. Indeed, the better part of this, is that God wants to bring us there.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 00:57 by iamramtha : The Search For God
I found God. God is me and I am him/her. We are one and the same. The real problem is we search outside ourselves. When in fact God/Goddess is right here inside. Always was,Always will be. As far as sin, there is no such thing to God. Sin is a man made thing to try and keep people in tow to someone elses wishes. We are all one There is enough And theres nothing we have to do.We are divine beings and our quest is to be,not to do anything. Everything that is was and will be is a part of the divine. So search no more but look inside and know that is where you'll find all that is, Isness,oneness. the all in all. The great I am/am not. The alpha The Omega. We have arrived thanks be.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 01:59 by jerryvest : Yes, I feel that all is part of God or
All is God...We are eternal, All is eternal, God is in every thing, We are in Everything.

I agree with those of you who addressed fear and anger as being the great inhibitors for freedom. We can also add ignorance, prejudice, hatred, and our other mental disorders that prevent us from being in relationship with All that Is. Hummmm... I really appreciate the Buddhist practices that help me awaken, become aware and transend these inhabitants--beyond words.

This is an interesting discussion. I also agree that The Tarot is a great tool for learning about our fears and our evolution.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 13:45 by poetsong : The grand question
What is the substance of God? Herein lies the question of questions, is God all? Is God in all? Is God distinct from all, and yet exist in all? Does all exist within a distinct God?

There are two major beliefs, and splinter beliefs. The two major beliefs are, 1) God is creator- "All things come from God..." 2)Nature is creator-"God comes from all things" In the first, God is the cause, and therefore supreme. In the second, nature is actually God, and "god" would be the byproduct. And therefore nature is God, and the force is a product, not a cause. It's a rather important issue, because ultimately one or the other is in the driver's seat. And therefore, life is about magic- my use of craft to control- Use the force's neither good or evil, just an energy field you can tap into to make things happen. And in this system, all "gods" are not really gods, but advanced beings that have mastered the energy field.

It's best explained through Obi Wan (the force- Luke) - an indifferent energy that comes from all living things. Then the creation would be the creator, and have no cause. Then the creator (nature) would have no personality or preference, being a mere reflection, and religious observance of any kind, is rather meaningless.- and isn't about the Law of Love, but the art of manipulation and appeasement. My life is about breaking and mastering a Universal code for eternal life, and making things happen that I want to happen.

And again, it makes Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker equals. They are the gods, who choose how to use the power, because the power doesn't really give a hoot what you do. But if this is true, then Kharma, the principle of sowing and reaping is absolutely not fair. And it begs the question, "Why is the Universe ticked off if the Universe has no personality and preference?" And if you start getting into, "You are paying for your past mistakes" then what are "mistakes", and why does the Universe give a hoot if you've made past mistakes, that the Universe would be so brazen as to punish a person, and make them pay over and over again for things they can't remember?

Logic says, "Someone/something- somewhere, cares how we live our lives, and instituted a Law of Sowing and Reaping. So, the "Indifferent Universe" theory doesn't work. Whether you believe in God, or a pantheism of gods, something out their cares. And if something out their cares, it is in fact a source of moral clarity.

Why pay for anything if all actions and thoughts are relative? Forget any books, temples, synagogues, or religions for a moment. Let's just take mankind. Why do men/women, have a Universal responce to many things? We all abhore watching someone being harmed. We should all abhore harming someone, and if you study those who do not abhore harming, generally you will find that environment-abusive/neglectful parents, societal pressures, and desensitization have to be present for someone to not feel bad about hurting another.

We do have Universal Laws of the heart. And as such, where do these come from? We have a sense of good/bad, though the conscience is an inexact tool, it exists. It goes counter to our nature to sit idle while someone whips a boy, or beats another innocent. We are angered and stirred to action, and if we don't act, we feel horrible. Why? The answer is that same thing, "Eternity is written in our hearts" and we instinctively know what is good and bad. If there is no good and bad, why is this so universal? It is no less a marvel than ducks knowing where to migrate, returning to the same nest thousands of miles away, flying over man-altered landscapes with no maps. It is a homing device, built in.

Religion exists from one or two places, but the primary place is man believes it gives him a measure of hope and a measure of control. There is a very different religious perspective, that God is active, has a personality, and is ultimately the one in control, not us. And in the second view, man does not have much power, other than over his choices, and learning how in fact to influence the one that has control.

In the former, you have clashing gods, all trying to make the world in their own image, having different objectives, competing with each other, and no moral directive, which is chaos. Is "Chaos" the Universal Order, or does Chaos go against the Universal Order. The answer is, "Look at the Universe and tell me what you see?" You see from the smallest to the largest, everything works together as one. Atoms, quarks, nuetron's and protons. If through man manipulation, you get them to compete instead of work together, you have hydrogen bombs that blow up the Universe. Likewise, the Universe itself is a series of systems, the solar system, galaxies...etc all work together.

Why do they work together, and we don't? The answer is that we are the least in harmony with our purpose, or we would be working together. Then, what is the purpose? Obviously, the answer exists outside of mankind, because if everyone "is the purpose" and we all disagree, we wind up looking like the world looks now, nations at war, inequity, people working against each other instead of with each other.

Why then is man the "least" in harmony with God? The question is that we don't want to work together, and why don't we want to work together? because as "gods"- we are selfish gods, rather irresponsible gods- and that was never a part of the design. The rest of God's Universe is in harmony, working together, except us who have free will. For us to be in harmony, we have to come into line with God's will and plan. Are we "God" with a big "G"- then why are we so flawed at the core if in some way we made this all happen?

Look how fast mankind is tearing down the world, making animals and humans miserable. Starts looking like men are more at one with the destroyer than the creator. If "We" with the natures we have now, were a part of the plan from the beginning, unable to get along, divided in purpose, the Universe would have never gotten off the ground.

We can see that it takes love, organization, a purpose, to make things work together, something very lacking in the human race. But where did the love, organization and purpose come from, that made this Universe- if it obviously didn't come from our bickering race, the most intelligent beings we know on earth.

This beautiful God is the God I want to know- more. I say, "more", because I know in part, and have tasted. This God is a good God.


28 Mar 2006 @ 14:02 by jstarrs : I'm not sure....
...I believe God is a concept, not a separate being from ourselves.
I don't believe in a creator God.
There are logical reasons which convince me of this.
A producer or creator depends necessarily on causes since produced things without causes can not logically exist.
Nature is merely a label we have imputed on a multitude of causes.
It is not 'a thing' in the same way that our minds are not 'things' but merely mental activity.
That doesn't stop me feeling the divine in all things.
We have inherently good qualities, like compassion and universal love that are hidden by self-cherishing.
Fear, anger and other negative states of mind are, I believe, like stains.
The ultimate nature of our deepest being is pure, unstained.
That is our real nature.
Whether we wish to chose to call it God or some other label, is another matter, IMHO.
Thanks for an interesting thread...  

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:40 by poetsong : Thanks Jstarrs
First let me say, I'm fond of you and like you very much, and hope this comes across. And I see beauty in things you've done and expressed. So, none of this comes from an adversarial place.

If nothing exists without a cause, then nothing exists. Our minds can't grasp "never was" and "always be", the two furthest extremes. The fact that our mind can't fathom a bounded universe- having an end or an unbounded universe- having no end- it is clear that our minds are finite.

This doesn't mean what we can't perceive can't exist, because logic tells us that the Universe has to either be bounded or unbounded. And if it is bounded,"What is on the other side of the wall?"

I'm going to say something that I hope sheds some light on this. We have tasted eternity. From birth, we all think past death, "What is on the other side?" The question wouldn't even come into our minds, except it is hardwired into us. Why ask what you know not to be true. Something in us tells us it is true, and so, man has pondered "Beyond" since the dawn of the world.

From the beginning, I have conceeded, God has poured something inside us, and "its" purpose is to lead us to God, to help us fathom God, to enter God, and allow God to enter us. It's all rather nobel and beautiful. God never gives himself in measure, and desires to give us "all of what he is", and in fact, to give us his very divine nature to share.

This sense that "I am more than a lump of flesh" is apart of us, but hard for us to define. By instinct we feel we go on forever, and are a part of something greater, but this "want to know" doesn't tell us "What we are looking for", only to look. This is why mankind is inheritantly looking upward, wishing to rise above the stars. And our inclinition is to get there by any means possible. There are two ways to go, to try to make it in our own power, or to allow God to take us there. And so, much of what we do is striving to get "there"- harmony, peace, purpose, a part of the master plan, and to counter something else very much a part of us, "Insecurity, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment."

That longing mixed with that drive pretty much is why people strive to find meaning and purpose. However, the good news is that God made a bypass to striving, and that is his love that wants us- well aware of our faults and imperfections.

The first approach depends upon us, mastering this or that, climbing this or that mountain, and swimming this or that ocean. In fact, it leads to frustration, because there is this sense of forever striving, rather than resting in love. If someone loves me, then I don't have to work to win their affection, I simply have to surrender to their embrace.

All regligious striving is based upon fear and insecurity, and therefore my effort. And those who strive are often masking terribe fears and insecurity and doubts. They build edifaces, and flagelate themselves, and the whole thing makes life a struggling weight.

God's love is weightless, because it comes from his nature, not my effort. All the same, it may seem like I am disagreeing, but honestly, I feel like I'm amidst some of the sweetest well-meaning people on earth here. I see so much love and goodwill, and a desire for peace.

You are so right about "Fear, anger...staining us"- but it stains us in making us religious- in the sense of us striving to prove our worth. God is unstained, pure, and your desire for "self-cherishing" is not wrong, because he cherishes you.

We don't make very good gods, but have within us the potential to be pure reflections of God. However, as humanity is, can you imagine if we tried to create a Universe? We'd be tied up in committees, arguing whether grass should be green or scarlet, or if there should be grass at all. The mind that created the Universe is "One", which is so unlike our minds (at this point)- but not as we were intended to be, and have the potential to be.

The substance of God cannot be grasped," only the nature of God. We can only understand God as much as God chooses to reveal himself, and he does want to reveal himself, because he has a purpose- us- humans who are transformed completely, perfected, his lovers for eternity.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:40 by martha : I agree
with all the observations made below.

28 Mar 2006 @ 00:57 by iamramtha : The Search For God
I found God. God is me and I am him/her. We are one and the same.

28 Mar 2006 @ 01:59 by jerryvest : Yes, I feel that all is part of God or
All is God...We are eternal, All is eternal, God is in every thing, We are in Everything.

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:02 by jstarrs : I'm not sure....
...I believe God is a concept, not a separate being from ourselves.
I don't believe in a creator God.

And" How then shall we approach God?" With an open loving energy.

I don't think god chooses what to reveal to us. I think we choose to have god reveal to us.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 17:17 by poetsong : One-God, God is one
Thoughts to ponder.

God is all about "oneness" It is an eternal purpose, and purhaps it is this sense that causes us to long for "Oneness". In common vernacular it means being on the same page, having the same purpose...

However, it is clear that we humans are not "one", but divided, having varying agendas. Self-centered and selfless are not twin sisters. One is giving, the other is taking, and humanity is very much filled with both.

If God is divided, then the beautiful Universe we see could not exist. The amount of energy/strength paired with purpose, to create a Universe, cannot be accomplished by a "divided composite". Division tears apart. It can't purpose to finish a house, let alone a solar system.

And yet, we are aware that love is the purpose. Why? Why isn't Darth Vadar and the Sith right? Why isn't the highest purpose dominating power impossing its will upon a weaker kind? We know that's wrong, but why?

And so, humans are divided, and if we are divided, then why if we are a reflection of God, isn't the whole Universe divided? The Universe cannot exist divided. Imagine the minds of computer hackers and virus creators with power to manipulate the power of the Universe. They'd rip the whole thing apart if they could.

Evil cannot do that, because there is a higher power. Certainly there have been enough malicious minds who would love to tap into "Higher Power". Hitler was of that mindset. Evil can only exist in measure, because a greater will not allow it to dominate and rule. And so, in our hearts, we believe in a happy ending, that indeed, evil is not supposed to rule and dominate, and that Darth Vadar's purpose to control with raw demonstrations of power, cannot be the "Way".

We are distinct from God, yet, because of God's nature, he desires us to be one with each other and one with him. But it is obvious to get there, one's will must be submitted to the purpose. We have to choose love over domination, and selflessness over selfishness, making a distinction that one is good and the other is evil.

We realize that there is a mind far above ours, superior beyond imagination. How many well-intended people have driven civilizations into the ground because they couldn't see a flaw in their thinking, obsessed with their own pride, they've destroyed and ruined? Such minds have destroyed families, and businesses, because they were blinded by pride that they didn't need to listen to anyone else.

When we elevate ourselves, we risk releasing our lowest nature, controlling, domineering, and become like those possessed of Sauron's ring. When we humble ourselves, we become most beautiful, and open to listen.

All the same, ultimately, I say this, God will reveal himself, but will not impose himself against our wills. In this, we have quite a measure of control. We are not robots, but beings with immense potential. - yet, apart from God we wallow, and never reach that potential. We have no sense of destiny, how we fit in the whole.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 18:39 by swan : The God of my understanding,
isn't a he or she and has nothing to do with religion, which to me are man made beliefs that rose out of fear and a need for control. I don't have to do anything to prove myself because I am a creation of the energy of God which is perfection. My life task has been about removing the veils that lead me to believe that I am imperfect and unworthy that came from my religious upbring so that I can now see my self as a pure and divine being. I also agree with the following:

28 Mar 2006 @ 00:57 by iamramtha : The Search For God
I found God. God is me and I am him/her. We are one and the same.

28 Mar 2006 @ 01:59 by jerryvest : Yes, I feel that all is part of God or
All is God...We are eternal, All is eternal, God is in every thing, We are in Everything.

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:02 by jstarrs : I'm not sure....
...I believe God is a concept, not a separate being from ourselves.

The God of my understanding is about Love and a heart centered approach to life and the world.  

29 Mar 2006 @ 03:43 by martha : Amen Swan

29 Mar 2006 @ 12:18 by nraye @ : Poetsong, bringing
together here, so much! While seeing some and agreeing with others, the difficulty of one formerly church bound is that a majority view ascribes that person with a group view, not as the individual who is only themselves responsible for their connection to God, nobody else. Each one can only discuss their own position, and never the one of the other, and each one is extremely welcomed/loved by Him surely? regardless

The first school question is: Who is God? Answer: God is Love. Second question: Who made the World? Answer: God made the world. This for some children is their first notion of Love, it cannot unfortunately be accepted that most children learn natural love..

However, all's well that ends well - neither is this in anyway adversarial, but continued admiration, Poetsong.  

29 Mar 2006 @ 12:46 by swan : Thanks nraye,
for the comment. I am not being adversarial either but just stating my own opinion which has formed out of years of self exploration and thinking about this issue.  

29 Mar 2006 @ 13:34 by poetsong : I appreciate what you are saying
"isn't a he or she and has nothing to do with religion, which to me are man made beliefs that rose out of fear and a need for control. I don't have to do anything to prove myself because I am a creation of the energy of God which is perfection. My life task has been about removing the veils that lead me to believe that I am imperfect and unworthy that came from my religious upbring so that I can now see my self as a pure and divine being. I also agree with the following:"

"The first school question is: Who is God? Answer: God is Love. Second question: Who made the World? Answer: God made the world. This for some children is their first notion of Love, it cannot unfortunately be accepted that most children learn natural love.."

All of these comments are coming from a good place. I'll explain more about why I'm saying what I'm saying shortly. But I want to comment on these excellent points.

First on the "he/she" and religion.- I think insinctively, you see the "strength/tenderness" aspects of God, which I think is why you bring up "Gender".

Of course, God is beyond Gender, and expresses himself in masculine and feminine. God is spirit. We are divided into two strengths (male and female), God has both strengths in their entirety. So God does not behaive in an entirely masculine way, or feminine way. In fact, if you take the best of both, God transcends them all.

Why do I use the "He"? Does it matter. I think what matters most is understanding the nature of God, which is if you take the best of both masculine and feminie, and remove the fallen aspects of both, which is selfish orientation rather than selfless orientation, then we have a picture of God. Uncompromising strength mixed with uncompromising tenderness.

And I applaud you on recognizing that "Religion" is primarily man's acting upon his insecurity. In paradise, we do not fear being naked before God, and we have nothing to hide. The first religious act was grabing a leaf, because we felt inadequate, and feared being who we are just wasn't good enough.

I think it is just as important to distinguish the flaws of "Religion" as much as it is to learn the aspects of God. Real religion is being without pretense, no hiding, no striving to prove I have worth. Religion that is pure is simple, without dogmas, and thousands of hoops. It is neither a place, or posture of the body. The sanctuary is in our heart and the posture of our heart is all that matters.

Still responding to Swan- Your life task is impressive, and very close to what I'm getting at. Religion is often one of the greatest "Veils" between us and God, because of all the manmade layers placed there, and guilt trips, and hoops they say you need to jump through. Pure religion is recognizing how God sees us, which brings me to my point. You indicated the Veils are points of view, and I think you have great insight. "I am imperfect and unworthy", becomes a moot point if God loves us.

When we come to the point where we realize God sees our nakedness, and loves us for who we are, without our striving to prove something, we are free to lay down our pretentions, and masks. The "layers" of religion tell us we aren't loved until we climb some mountain, and that we have no reconciliation unless we swim some sea. Strip that away. This discounts one important fact, we have eternal value to God, and he wants us. I won't go so far to say I am "perfect" or "worthy". If he loves me, and wants me, I don't have to be perfect. And if he is willing to see past my faults, I don't have to strive to be worthy, I just accept his love.

nraye- Much of what you say is insightful, and your comment " cannot unfortunately be accepted that most children learn natural love..." is the point of why I write. If I know God loves people, they may not know. If God's heart towards them is tender, they still might not recognize that.

Our experiences in this world can cloud our understanding, and in fact, become the filter through which we see all life. I have no doubt of God's love. But this didn't come to me naturally. I felt very unloved growing up, terribly wounded and rejected. But now that I know God's love, I realize we live in a generation of people that feel alienated from God, that if he did exist, he wouldn't like them. In effect, the world has become cruel, harsh, demanding, and loving relationships are like hen's teeth-scarce.

God is nurturing, and attentive, and knows everyone intimately. He is not like people who would rather spend time on the computer shoping than talking to his children. Yet, this doesn't mean people will see that. And sadly, religious people are some of the furthest from understanding the love of God, having believed that they have to strive and work for what is a gift. God's nature is to love, and forgive, and desire reconciliation, and to want us more than we want him. This view of God has been obscured and lost.

I'm not here seeing flawed people, wanting to change them. I'm here seeing beautiful people, wanting them to realize God loves them.

I didn't know that. I feared God, and for a time didn't believe he existed. Still, it wasn't because I doubted scarlet sunsets, or blue dolphins, or majestic eagles, or a baby's smile. What I was focused upon was man's inhumanity, injustice, poor wealth distributions, why evil people could get away with murder, and good people suffer. I didn't avoid those questions, I embraced them, and was jaded, and said, "What's the use of trying to be one believes in me anyway...people don't really love, they just use each other..."

I don't imagine God, I know God, and feel compelled to tell the world he isn't this Ogre they imagine him to be, but genuinely likes people, sees all the beauty in them, the beauty the rest of the world can't even recognize, and he wants them. He isn't some angry principal with a mean ruler waiting to thwack people for skipping class. It's very freeing to know God, because then strife ceases. I stop trying to "prove something" or put on a face I think people will like.

Thanks so much for your comments, because I think it does people a world of good to see what you think. You speak for countless people who are reading this.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 06:55 by Rima @ : mQKyxjFBtUd
我的想法跟彭主播的看法不太ㄧ樣1. 我們對台灣社會的 科學 素養祈求太高了 台灣其實只有 科技 technology 教育 沒有 科學 sencice 教育的落實 氣候變遷所以涉及的範疇都是 自然科學 的部份 凡舉大氣 海洋 地質 地理 物理 化學 生態與生物多樣性等 都是和氣候變遷有關係的科學 很可惜在台灣 這些學科都是被歸於冷門的科系 因此自自然然的整個社會對於 科學 的認知是很淺碟的 就以 氣象 和 氣候 這兩個就搞死人 不是嗎 2. 高爾不ㄧ樣 高爾要面對的是ㄧ個科學相當發答的國家 雖然民眾的素養可能也不高 但是整體而言 還是比起台灣來得好 可是 他還是ㄧ樣被批的滿頭包 不是嗎 3. 因此 我不是參與製作的人 但是我很佩服參與的汪中和老師 因為科學人與媒體人之間的落差之大 除非你是有交手經驗的人之外 很少人會了解 這也是很多研究人員 多躲的遠遠的 我自己和媒體朋友合作過很多議題 有太多的經驗告訴我因為整體 科學 素養的差異 常常發生出錯的狀況 汪老師能夠這樣撩下去 很不容易 只希望他不要被嚇到 科學家要勇敢的走出來 告訴民眾 4.所以 沒錯所有的批評 指正甚至是無理性的臆測都是這部片子應該接受的 只是 我在想 這不就ㄧ個沒有辦法作 對照組 的實驗嗎 我是說 換成你或是我 我們有多少的機會在同樣的時間之內 做出這樣的 實驗組 呢 5.至少到目前為止 我還沒看到主流媒體上有skeptical 懷疑的 的論調出現 不像在澳洲 光跟這些媒體搞 就累死科學家了 所以 我原本就沒有什麼期待 因此還蠻正面的 重點是 工作才要開始...Let's doing it. Dr. of Earth....  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:14 by Samson @ : mpKhHjLXYoyCPuZC
This event on the sun is a reminder of God's sngreeivoty, even as Sandy the storm, Benghazi, the eruption of war in the Middle East, votes on gay marriage (v. traditional marriage) all seem to indicate that God is moving toward judgment of the world.  

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