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 What We Have Forgotten
picture3 Apr 2007 @ 18:25, by hgoodgame

Even though Mr. Rogers did his best to remind us of this one essential awareness:

“Everything grows together, because we’re all one piece..”

This profound truth seems to still escape us to this day.

What we have now are parts thinking they have separate beingness. Ahd yet, just as the whole body depends on all its parts functioning in a healthy manner, each in their own highest capacity to remain healthy, so can the part understand there is a greater living organism they are supported by and part of. What would happen if for instance, the liver tried to do the work of the kidneys, the brain wanting to take over heart's work. It can’t work that way, each has it’s place and each place is valuable both to itself and to the whole.

From sub-atomic levels spiraling out thru every variance of life thru our grandest conceptions of universes, multiverses, omniverses, whatever you can conceive of is symbiotic – connections within connections ad infinitum.

In this entire system there is neither inside and nor outside. These are only appearances. There is no wall where the universe ends; it spirals out infinitely. And all is subtly connected to everything else. Thus, without inner or outer, without limitation in time and space, only participation is possible.

We give best when we truly express our unique self. What is our unique self? What is it you feel passionately about, what is it you are inclined to do with the skills you have? Can you remember your nature, your native state, before the world started imprinting concepts of good/bad, right/wrong on your clean slate? That’s what you want to recover.

By every part returning to it's true nature, all life can live in harmony. As each unit understands their infinite and eternal connectedness to something far greater than their perception as separate selves, we will naturally act from a viewpoint of integrity, not only for the greater benefit of the ALL but we will see this way of being is to our personal benefit as well. Again, think of the metaphor of the human body and it’s parts.

Thru genuine integrity we will find our true power. Thru continual individual self-responsibility we will free ourselves and thereby thru the power of our interconnectedness, all we come in contact with.

By forgetting this basic truth, we have created every kind of terror and imbalance that exists in our world today. By forgetting that our connection acts as a great circle that brings all we think, believe, act upon and speak about back to us as it's source, we have lost our true power and given it over to shadowy illusions of false power on one side and images of helpless victimization on the other.

What you are experiencing today, seeing in the world around you, are remnants of your past thinking, also including the remnants of past thinking from all other parts of this body we are participants in. Pay attention to what you think, how you respond, what you believe, and you will see how you are even today planting the seeds for your future experiences.

As we awaken to our true identity, our cosmic self, these remnants will fall away like scales from our eyes. Our first step is to take full responsibility for what is coming into our awareness that we feel the need to fight against and in that fighting, what it is we are clinging to. This is our separate self; still thinking something else out there is responsible for our feeling bad. Feel the resistance within yourself and then recognize it is not the outer experience that is making you feel bad, but your own resistance to conditions and situations.

Freedom begins in that one step of recognition.

Image credit to Osho Zen Tarot

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