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 What If God Is Us?
picture4 Apr 2007 @ 19:44, by hgoodgame

The world is a wonderment of complex simplicity.

Every child comes into this world in a native state – mind pure/slate clean.

She also arrives at just that point of coincidence attracted by his past awareness.

As the child develops, demands are placed on her. The native state is corrupted in this process. Seeing the world thru clear eyes of wonderment is replaced by the false lenses of other’s perceptions and illusions.

From an inner native urge to survive, the child adapts and molds himself into what appear to be false valances based on the programming structured into her particular environment.

The insidiousness of this program is that it is already in place and promulgated by those in the environment who are themselves the 'results' of this same process having shaped them and robbed them of their own native state. I look at this repeating condition and think as Christ did, 'Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Now we are come to a time for disclosure, revelation.

Look at each newborn being. In every one is the seed of their future self, as sure as an apple seed produces an apple tree and not some other species; in fact it produces a particular type of apple variety. It’s coded into the seed. And so it is for each of us.

At this point in our evolution, our social, political and home environment neither recognize nor value what can proceed from a pure native state that has not been warped into a semblance of what the outer environs consider acceptable, and what perhaps may be carrying our salvation if we allow the development of it's true nature.

You who are carrying children at this time or who have young ones at home, ask yourself honestly, “Do I want this little one to have the opportunity to fully become what he is intended by the unique seed within or do I want to create another ‘matching member’ of the social order?”

If you choose the former, then understand great reforms (re-forms) are necessary, both within yourselves and the outer social order. For the freedom of self-expression to thrive, encouragement to conformity must die. Think of the implications of that statement – all forms of encouragement or coercion to conformity must die so that freedom of self-expression can thrive.

Let me suggest that newborn being does not have to be a baby; it can be you, it can be the social or political structure, it can be this whole world.

To be newborn one must first ‘die’ to all old beliefs, cherished or otherwise. One must remove every pinion (o-pinion) and stand free of knowing/believing anything and everything. Then the slate is clean again, our original self shines forth.

To stand for a time ‘not knowing anything’ can be terrifying. What cherished beliefs do you cling to? What is your religious, political and social programming? If you start exploring your beliefs, you’ll find you are packed down heavily with all this stuff.

Let them go, one by one. Just drop them. Ideas of right/wrong, good/bad – drop them. Let each one go until you can look at everything and say ‘I don't know.’ That is your rebirth portal, a place where ‘preconceived’ does not exist.

It seems to have taken us a long time to come so far astray from our original nature. It's in the going astray that we have an opportunity to question our concept of reality and thereby to bring forth now all that has long been hidden to our 3D mentality. That's what it cost for us to clearly see our reflection in the mirror of this world and to understand ourselves for what we truly are – creators every one of us; sculptors and weavers of the world we see.

Image credit to Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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