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 How Spirit Becomes Matter
picture3 May 2007 @ 22:29, by hgoodgame

There is essentially no difference between what appears to be two things, the only difference is in it's vibratory rate.

From the smorgasbord that life spreads before us we choose our beliefs and by so doing we choose our reality. We think it into being; we ‘feel’ it into being. We attract what we most focus on, believe in and take for granted.

It doesn’t seem apparent because our choices span lifetimes. We are infinite. Though we are eternal, we haven’t discovered (yet) how to keep the living cells from aging. This is an ingrained part of our belief system too. Though it’s not impossible, it’s very hard to believe based on what we have seen and experienced. This world is not what it seems. We are the designers of our experiences. Since rarely is anyone brought in touch with this basic truth, it seems far-fetched though in truth what is really far-fetched is the creation we have made thru our generations of ignorance.

Step back and look at the world around you, the greater picture first, and then zoom in on your own seemingly small part. Think of how you spend your time.. More precisely, what you give attention to. How much attention do you give the things outside/apart from yourself? Events in the world take up your conscious energy. You feed them with your focus. You have fears based on what these outer forms relay to you. You have hopes for the same reason. And in turn they feed you too. It’s a balanced system and when understood correctly, potentially everything and everyone could win!

You are not your body. You have a body and this is your manifestation in matter, the best you can do for now. It is malleable, far more than you can imagine. Of course it is also destructible if damaged badly enough. Then you have to start over, take form again.

We must begin to use our imagination in new ways, to see our world and ourselves as fluid and flexible thru the powers of thinking and feeling.

Nothing is as real as it seems and at the same time it is far more real than we see it to be now.

Quantum physicists are discovering what mystics have always known directly. There is a living, pulsating vital energy within all things, within ourselves. As we learn to separate the real from the imagined we’ll find our whole world has been imagined into what it is today and can just as easily be imagined into a brighter, healthier outcome than what we currently experience.

Worrying is praying for what you don’t want.

Start with yourself. See if you can re-imagine a happier outcome in your daily experience. Use whatever techniques come to you. Believe ways will make themselves known. Stay open and alert with a spirit of expectancy.

We may need to go back to a more personal time in our lives to work through issues at those stages. We have made up all the parts of our life as we see it. We focus. Many focus on what they don’t want, then add emotional charge to propel the idea faster into manifesting. What we are passionate about, steamed up over, that’s what we manifest quickest.

And this is where the ‘something’ comes out of seemingly ‘nothing’. It can also be something we are vehemently against, upset over, and unfortunately, the energies being neutral, come to that attraction field too.

At every instant we make up our future by holding to beliefs from our past, by judging the situations as they arrive in our lives today and by projecting our fear or joy based imagination into the future. We tend to cling to the familiar even if it obviously isn’t working! Fear of change keeps us stuck in old unskillful patterns. We need to begin clearing out our closet of negative emotions – the ones that hold us back from the happiness we seek.

By focusing on joy and feeling good, we’ll quickly recognize the thoughts that keep us limited, stunted in our evolution toward our true desires. We’ll learn to sweep them away, like crumbs on a table, and draw in all the good that is ours to claim.

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