New Civilization News: Divinity Rising 11-17-08L Greatest Show on Earth    
 Divinity Rising 11-17-08L Greatest Show on Earth
18 Nov 2008 @ 06:11, by divinityr

A spiritual journey through life is like being in a theater.

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All Part of the Show:

The Descent after Ascent

Last week, I spoke of settling back into me after floating around the last couple years. Remember, as you encounter new things and seek to process them: it's all part of the journey: all part of the show.

A spiritual journey through life is like being in a theater. You sit in the audience watching the players on the stage. You enjoy the show, watching it time and time again. Every time you watch it, something new speaks to you or stands out. You start to hear things that call to you. However, eventually you become bored with the same old show. You start to dream of being one of the players on the stage and what it would be like. You get bored with dreaming and become restless. Some things in the show start to give you the idea that there might be more. Your eyes begin to wander around the room, and you see a curtain you never noticed before. You walk over and pull it to the side, revealing a staircase. You look around the theater, which is all you've ever known. You look at the players on the stage going on with their show. You take a deep breath and leave, following the staircase upward.

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Dream well, dream deep and may all paths lead you back to the heart.

Love, Light and Blessings to send you through your dream,

Divinity Hanael Rose

Spirits in the Inkwell:

(Snippets from journals )

If all that exists is now, then in every moment there is a creation, an exodus, a judgment, an armageddon, a resurrection, and so on and so forth....and we all take turns in which one we are observing.

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The Playbill:

(current news with Divinity)

Hilarious Radio Interview with Divinity Rose – Check out this awesome and fun interview I did with “All that Matters” hosted by Phil Harris, with guest host Marv Wilson! We were cracking up!


Monthly Hoopla at the Speak Easy!! Doomsday Lover, Ron Whitehead, Downtown Lights,

The Louisville Speak Easy Returns with a new home! We took a couple months off as I searched for a new location, but we return with great news! Every Thursday at 8 pm will be an open mic/arts and entertainment networking event at Carly Rae's on the corner of First and Oak st! It's a beautiful spot, with the perfect environment for a Speak Easy. Once a month, we will host a showcase with local art, a featured poet, and a featured music act followed by open stage. The awesome news is that the featured artist, poet AND musician will be paid! HURRAH! One giant leap for the open mic community! The featured artists, etc will be chosen from those that attend the open mic throughout the month.


Compassion in Action! Thank you to Brendans/Flanagan's owner!!!:

Johnny Sands – third degree burns

Troubadours of Divine Bliss this friday!

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Guest Appearance:

Website: Jazz Music and a beautiful writer, Louisville's own yardhog: Danny O Day !

Video: Enrapture

Featured Musician: We're sending photographs from days to come – Olivia Tremor Control

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