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9 Sep 2008 @ 08:58, by John Grieve

The Other Erwin Schrodinger

I was recently reading a small book by Physicist Erwin Schrodinger, noted for his Nobel prize and contributions to Quantum theory and the paradox of “Schrodinger’s Cat”. What is not well known is his mystical approach to certain things for example his concept of “negative entropy” to explain some unique characteristics of life itself. Writing over 50 years ago he states that classical physics has reached an impasse and has to change its ideas in some ways, in order to be able to advance further. The first way is to adopt what he calls the “Law of Identity”, which he borrows from the Hindu religion. This asserts that we all share in our consciousness in the consciousness of God. Schrodinger sees the question of whether this involves souls as an unnecessary complication, and seems not to believe in them. Linked to his view of consciousness is his profound belief that the split between Subject and Object, central to Classical Science, is an illusion. He believed that it is really a split in our minds, in our consciousness, that creates this illusion of a separation between observer and object. His views were remarkable at that time and are still cutting-edge today. I completely agree with his analysis and add here a few thoughts of my own. Recently I have been thinking and writing about “the Other” and it is clear to me that the split between Self and Other, which is the cause of so much trouble in the world, is a split in consciousness similar to what he describes. Self/Other is a false dichotomy, an illusion, on a par with that between Observer and Observed. It is caused by a split in our consciousness, our way of looking at things, and I will now elaborate why.
Schrodinger’s “Law of Identity” says that we all share, in our individual consciousness, in the consciousness of God. This is the Hindu view and that of many mystics. But most world religions resolutely deny that we are part of the Godhead and consider it blasphemy to say this. Yet it is this very same denial, I believe, that is the cause of this split in our consciousness that leads us to create “the Other” and “the Object”. First we deny that we are like God, then we start to perceive God as the Other, then we perceive parts of ourselves as other, then Nature, Woman, Gays, Blacks, Muslims and so on. This condition is called Alienation. In these circumstances the alienated Self, the Ego, itself splits into countless inner others. To the alienated, everything is other, nothing is self. In reality everything is God, but alienated people cannot see that. One consequence of this estrangement from God, and ourselves, is that we try to destroy everything we see as other. But this is impossible. The other is everywhere. It is like our shadow. In attempting to destroy the other all we do is destroy ourselves. All the environmental problems we have, such as climate change, come from this unconscious desire to destroy the other, and Nature is a huge other. The remedy for this malaise and all such, is to accept that there is no Other; Everything is Self, Everything is God.

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10 Sep 2008 @ 09:15 by athos : On the yin-yang relationship
I totally agree: we all share the consciousness of God and all is one. But I wouldn't be so harsh in denying the separation.
In general, a yang situation is such not because yin doesn't exist, but because they assume the position fit to their nature and are balanced,
The consciousness of God is yang and the perception of separation is yin, and they both exists with their specific different characteristics, in their own different way.
At present we live in a materialistic, dark, yin situation of separation and confusion, and humanity is unable to see that all is one and that we all and everything is really God.
At the opposite, in a yang situation, when yin and yang are balanced, the yin aspect of existence are no longer an obstacle but the very reason for the enjoyment of life, therefore they are not recognized as dark and seem to disappear.  

29 Sep 2008 @ 13:05 by philcc : Religion
It's no wonder we perceive 'God' as 'the other' - most of us are indoctrinated from birth into this belief. The word 'God' is itself problematical for me and I try not to use it as it means so many different things to different people. I tend to use the term 'All That Is'.  

1 Oct 2008 @ 12:51 by jodholmes : I am another you
This is the Mayan 'hello' which is also extended when acknowledging animals, trees, rocks etc; it embodies the understanding that there is no other: "I am another you" !  

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