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25 Aug 2007 @ 21:28, by Astrid Ware

and a call to help support a new film "The Shift of the Ages!"
~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

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On July 8th, Grandfather Alejandro came to speak in Sedona, Arizona along with his wife, Grandmother Elizabeth, as well as a young, rising star film maker, Steve Copeland, acting as writer, director and producer. Their path to produce a film has not been easy. It has required hard work on a limited budget, and doing without creature comforts and luxuries while traveling around the world with Grandfather Alejandro.

I was blessed to see Grandfather Alejandro speak with Grandmother Elizabeth as his translator. It was good to see them both doing so well. Grandfather Alejandro has softened with age. I could feel his open heart and could feel that he knew time was short to get his message out. Because of this, he spoke eloquently and to the point. He confirmed many things and also straightened out many misconceptions.

Grandfather Alejandro had a unify message and shared that we are all brother and sisters, and flowers of the Earth. He said that the Maya prophesies are for all people; not just the Maya. They are for everyone everywhere. Even though the flowers of the earth are different, they all bloom for the Creator. The one SUN shines on all equally, and we all drink the same water, and breathe the same air, and live on the same earth . . . and when we die, we all return to her womb.

There is no doubt Grandfather Alejandro is worried about our Earth. We have polluted her, and she is warming up. Many people living on this Earth, with contaminated minds, have built bombs and exploited people. But he also sadly knew that none of these ones were in the room where he was speaking. They would not hear this message. He said no one has the right to hurt another.

Grandfather Alejandro spoke about accelerated weather patterns, animal suffering, animals going extinct and strange illness in humans. He said over and over . . . No more chemicals . . . no more nuclear bombs . . . no more war. I will say this again for him . . . No more chemicals . . . no more nuclear bombs . . . no more war.

He also spoke strongly about not placing blame or judgment on those who have contaminated the Earth because he too is partly responsible for contaminating the Earth. He traveled to Sedona by airplane, and he uses a computer, electricity and a TV. So there can be no judgment to those who contaminate.

Grandfather Alejandro shared that the prophesies of the Maya came from the people from the stars and that we are now in the 12th Bactun - 13 Ahau, and it is a time when these star people will return with their words and wisdom. He simple stated that we need to just ask for strength, to love one another, and wait for the return of the ancestors.

Someone in the audience asked the question that is on a lot of our minds, and I just loved Grandfather Alejandro's answer. Some one asked about 2012 and the end date . . . year Zero. He said that no one really knows the exact end date for many reasons. First, in the year 1524, most of the ones with the wisdom were massacred. The astronomers were killed. Second, Diego de Landa burned all the books, the codices . . . well most of them. Thirdly, just as the Gregorian calendar has shifted over the centuries, so has the Maya calendar! He said that it was going to fast, and they had to slow it down! Because of these three things, there is no clear end date. He said that we are in the 12th Bactun 13 Ahau. The time is close! Now, with this said, I hope that we can finally quit wasting time arguing over who is right and who is wrong and get on with what is most important! After all, the one SUN shines on all equally, and we all drink the same water, and breathe the same air, and live on the same Earth . . . and when we die, we all return to her womb.

Grandfather Alejandro went on to share about what we might experience at year Zero. He spoke about many hours, even days, of darkness and when the sun comes up again, we will not know if it is the same sun or a NEW SUN! But he was very clear to say that we are close to this time. He said that things will change when this night comes. It is a big magnetic space that is dark inside, and the energy will be intense, and there will be a lot of confusion. He strongly said that when this time comes to not be scared. It is a time of the change of the sun. This could happen in 2012 or maybe later, but we are close. In those days of darkness, the Maya will be doing ceremony to end hate and war.

When the new sun rises he said what we might experience is hard to explain . . . but he nearly smiled, and said we might live without borders and laws and travel like a river or fly like a bird. Or float like a cloud. Children of the sun need no passports, and the children of the sun with continue with the cycles and to continue to teach the children the wisdom of the Earth.

The evening shared some film clips . . . (and this is where you can help!!!).

I was blown away by the passion and artistry of young film genius Steve Copland. Steve has undeniably raised the bar on the quality of your typical documentary. This is not a talk . . . talk . . . film. This film is a shamanic experience, and a true recording of a fading Maya tradition. I was taken back by Steve's deep commitment to keeping the truth of the tradition intact even if he had to turn down financial backing that would help him finish the film. It is clear that truth is more important to him than money . . . . yet money is needed to finish this film.

Most in this world will never have the blessing to experience and understand Maya tradition first hand . . . but you will with the completion of this film! I am even more grateful that I have experienced this first hand many times. Today I am reminded how special and rare those experiences are.

So you can HELP. Go to the web site. [link] . . . Watch a trailer [link] ...and send money if you can, and network this call for support to all your networks. Write Steve and ask how you can support this important film. They have 400 hundred hours of film that needs the funds to edit it and get it out into the world.

Steve Copeland The Shift of the Ages.

Light-workers are now unifying, forming alliances and underground networks to assist the mainstream with this momentous transition. DonAlejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a 13th Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest, is a warrior of light par excellence. He is also known as "Wandering Wolf" among the indigenous cultures. Don Alejandro, on behalf of the Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala, commissioned the production of this film in order to reveal sacred visions, concepts, and information. According to Mayan prophecy, we now live in a crucial period of time when it is advisable to release this information to the public.

The Ancient Ones left stories, hieroglyphics and prophecies to be carefully considered by each successive generation. "The Shift of the Ages" gives voice to these Ancient Ones who have prophesied this shift for eons. "Wandering Wolf" and other indigenous elders lovingly share their message with the people of our planet. Hear their words, feel the yearning in their hearts, and see their visions! Positive seeds are already sown for our future. The "Shift of the Ages" warms your heart, inspires your soul and expands your mind. Support the Shift!


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