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 The Jewel of Immeasurable Worth
picture 10 Jul 2010 @ 22:18, by John Ringland

Let me relate to you a short story as an introduction to the real subject of this article – the mathematical / metaphysical foundations of a unified holistic science.

I was 21, working as a taxi driver and quite deeply 'absorbed' with what one might call the occult, in particular Western Esoteric (Kabbalistic) Ritual High Magick. However from surface appearances I was "just a taxi driver".

During this time somehow the thought entered my awareness that "I will descend into the swamp of modernity wherein I will find and retrieve a 'Jewel of Immeasurable Worth' that lies unnoticed."

I didn't know what it meant - but the idea grew – not just an intellectual idea, but an inspiring force. It hovered just beneath the conscious mind; floating on the 'surface' of the subconscious. Six months or so later another idea surfaced - "I will study physics and computer science at Uni next year." And I did - all up for about 5 years. ########

Throughout that time I was a dedicated and focused student with excellent grades - "just another uni student". I fully lived it and immersed myself in physics, computer science, mathematics and philosophy. To enter the swamp I had to become a part of the swamp - so during that time I became "fully modern". This had dire consequences but I survived and learnt from them as well...

Hence now when I see people who I might have simply judged as a 'computer geek', a 'scientist', a 'philosopher' or whatever, I know that although I don't see them doing yoga or meditating or talking about God etc, even so, it just might be that their focus, drive and commitment are expressions of that same kind of inspiring force that had moved me. Indeed many of the greatest physicists and “natural philosophers” throughout history were also mystics.

So what was the "Jewel of Immeasurable Worth"?

From the integration of innumerable influences it eventually surfaced as an epiphany at the start of 2000. From a deep level I could no longer conceive of reality in terms of phenomena in space and time, these where merely observable features, like images on a computer screen. Instead, with penetrative insight the minds-eye comprehended all 'things' as pure streaming information in complex dynamical patterns. Systems weren't limited by their perceivable form, instead awareness traced along interaction pathways between systems, 'feeling' their interconnectedness. Nothing was separate, everything was metaphorically like a dance of divine light, the light of awareness that pervades and animates the universe. I suspect this may be an aspect of what is meant by the Sanskrit term gnana (Supreme Knowledge). This eventually settled down over several weeks and left me largely speechless about it for many months – it was all entirely new to me and I had no concepts or words by which to describe it – these came much later, first came the mathematics. Over the following 5 years my primary focus was exploring and intuitively “bringing into focus” this abstract 'vision'. The jewel is still 'unpacking' throughout my mind, as well as through the work that I do and the world-experience through which it seems that I move.

The essence of the jewel can be expressed very compactly as:

V = M.V

Where M is a hermitian matrix that encodes connectivity and V is a state vector that represents the state of a virtual universe. There is both a quantum and classical form, which can be transformed into each other by a simple operation.

At the quantum level each iteration implements the flow of probability (the essence of quantum information) from the vector through the multiverse (the state space of all possible universes) along state transition paths encoded by the matrix, where the probability waves build up superpositions that result in a new universal wavefunction, which is just a probability distribution over all possible states of being.

At at classical level with each iteration the state information (signal in space and time) traverses the interaction pathways (causal connectivity between individual systems) encoded by the matrix, whereby it is perceived and transformed from countless perspectives, then merged back into a new state. Thus the state of the virtual universe evolves and the interaction pathways between systems are animated.

Whilst these two perspectives (quantum and classical) give rise to very different virtual phenomena, they are nevertheless mathematically and logically equivalent. This mathematics recreates the streaming information that is the dance of divine light that I mentioned earlier.

Through advanced algebra, group theory, simulation and what some call “type F monist” metaphysics this simple seed unfolds into an understanding of the informatic / systemic / quantum / virtual nature of reality. It seems so simple on the surface, yet like the Mandelbrot set z = z2 + c it opens up a vast universe of forms. In this case they are complex systems interacting in time and space according to the principles of quantum physics and special relativity, which arise naturally from the information theoretic constraints. Furthermore, the Planck constants naturally arise, these define what could be thought of as the “pixel resolution”, “CPU frequency” and so on of the cosmic simulation.

The mathematical equation V = M.V is not a description of the appearances of phenomena in time and space (like a movie, or a Newtonian equation of motion), rather it implements a “processual happening”, from which phenomena emerge and interact in the present moment (like a program, especially like a VR simulator, also like what is called a “cellular automata”, e.g. the “game of life” and in particular, like the Shrödinger equation - the quantum dynamical equation for the evolution of the wavefunction).

It is many things depending on how one conceptually approaches it. It is in a sense a mathematical algorithm that implements general systems. A general system simulator. A mathematical model of virtual reality simulation. An information systems interpretation of quantum mechanics. A model of the activity of the transcendent process as it animates the systemic 'fabric' of the manifest realm. A dynamic / semantic / systemic interaction space. A processual language, who's expressions are universes of complex dynamical systems. A conceptual lead towards programming languages for quantum computers. And more depending on how one thinks about it...

For example, it also has exact correspondences with core principles of the Perennial Wisdom, the Sanatana Dharma (timeless/eternal law). For example, it is compatible with the core principles of Advaita Vedanta, Daoism, Kabbalah, High Magick, Sufism, Mystic Christianity, and more. As well as information physics, process physics, computational metaphysics, cybernetics, etc.

It also provides a mathematical foundation for information technology, potentially allowing for vastly more complex software to be developed and also some advanced applications in machine learning, machine imagination, etc. It also provides avenues by which to explore many issues that are utterly paradoxical to empirical science, such us why it is that we only ever experience 'now' – i.e. the present moment.

Each system is animated from within by the transcendent reality-generative process, yet at the same time each system has an individual subjective world-experience consisting of distinguishable objects-of-experience that are seemingly situated in some kind of space and time. This is true for systems at all levels of the complexity hierarchy – not just humans and animals – all system interactions are perceptual experiential processes for the systems involved. Their world-experience is a construct of their perceptual / cognitive processes and apparatus, and each occasion-of-experience is generated in the moment (via decoherence of the wavefunction).

Thus there IS an objective reality; the transcendent process, but there is NO objective universe or world. There are just countless subjective 'views' from countless perspectives that have the appearances of a world with objects, people, places and events. Different perceptual processes resolve different system boundaries, so systems can perceive very different worlds. E.g. over 1020 neutrinos will pass through the full stop at the end of this sentence in the time it has taken you to read it. However virtualy every single one of them passes cleanly through the planet without interacting at all. It takes 8 light years of lead to guarantee an interaction with a neutrino. From their perspective the Earth is like an extremely rarefied gas that is almost entirely imperceptible.

I have come to call the mathematics System Matrix Notation (SMN), there are various descriptions, implementations and analyses here And the ebook “System Science of Virtual Reality” ( is a detailed introduction to the mathematics, associated theory and related issues. In particular, the book develops the mathematics and concepts in successive steps, beginning with fundamental principles. This progression eventually results in the re-derivation of the Shrödinger equation from within this information system theoretic paradigm.

It also addresses what is called "the hard problem" of consciousness. This problem could be alluded to by the questions: Why & how is it that there is "something that it is like to be" me? Why & how is it that we have "experiential awareness"? Not just in some abstract theoretical sense - but in a very tangible and immediate sense. This is an issue that is beyond the scope of empirical science due to the very nature of empiricism (hence it is considered 'hard') - however it is central to this new science, which provides avenues for deeper enquiry into the nature of consciousness, both individual, collective and universal.

Given the nature of the work (deeply abstract, highly technical, profoundly new paradigm and requiring great subtlety) it has yet to be peer-reviewed, which will be essential for its further development. I have tested it as best I can for now, both mathematically, conceptually, experientially and also by implementing it in software and using it to create simple virtual systemic universes. The core principles and methods are sound but there will no doubt be errors and omissions because no single mind can create a whole science – it requires a community of minds to rigorously put every aspect to the test from every possible perspective.

I promoted it on the newsletter for the Society for Scientific Exploration of which I was a member, and also in a few other forums and to a few individuals, however no peer-review has been attempted. It will happen when the time is right.

The global situation is rapidly changing and I can 'sense' the approach of a convergence. In terms of the paradigm shift and the “great leap” the focus at present is on building synergy and momentum for “take-off”. However when the 'leap' is under way the time will come when many will turn their minds to preparing for the landing on the other side. Perhaps then this work will be scrutinised and integrated with others so that we may have a safe landing and a firm foundation upon which the next cycle of civilisation may make its stand.

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